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Random Seeded Pairs

Andy Milner and Derrick Hickson

Pat and Nigel Haslam

Sheila Henry and Chris Douglas

Barry and Les Leverett

Dave and Sally Williams

Kate and Dick Earley

Dave Lucas and Ann Ford

Pete and Corinne Cole

Monica Atkinson and John Else

Liz Ball and Judy Thorpe

Salma Pierson and Jean Bentley

Jim Wallace and David Baker

Julia Wallace and Helen Flarry

Lynda Foster and Charles Day

Fred Myers and Jayne Barrett

Sandra and Tina Braithwaite

Debbie Locker and Veronika Robinson

Fiona Wright and John Collins

Pat Lucas and Shirley Holmes

Sandra Powell and Ann Smart

Tony and Jean Tyler

Jean and Anthony Lyndon-Smith


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Roy Hughes  1933 – 2019

Roy was this club's founding father. Roy not only started the club in 2000 but he was chairman up until his death and a major force in running the club. 

He really enjoyed playing bridge and his enthusiasm has helped make our club what it is today. He encouraged the fun side of the club as well. He even took part in a game of bridge at half time in a league match in the middle of the Sincil Bank pitch!

He is greatly missed and it will take some time as we come to terms with the amount of work Roy did for our club.