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If you are interested in joining us, would like to discuss teaching or have any other questions please contact our Club Chairman, at

13th April 2024
Improvers Course
Maydene 9.30am
Director: John Fairhurst
15th April 2024
Virtual Club Pairs
RealBridge 7.15pm
Director: David Lewis
Scorer: David L
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15th April 2024
F2F Club Pairs
Maydene 7.15pm
Director: Steve Woodward
Scorer: Steve
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Teaching at Basingstoke Bridge Club
Teaching at Basingstoke Bridge Club


Bridge has often been described as a mind sport with the benefit of enhancing mental health.  More importantly, it is a game that can be enjoyed at many levels – socially amongst friends, in a club environment with like-minded people or as a competitive game.  The Basingstoke Bridge Club courses are primarily aimed at players who want to play bridge in a club environment but they will also be a good grounding for any environment in which you want to play bridge.  All courses are taught by experienced Basingstoke Bridge Club members.


Feedback from some of our students:

- Very good value and the huge amount of time you all put into it is very appreciated.

- I’d been playing bridge on and off for a number of years but this past 10 weeks has corrected a number of bad habits and mis-conceptions I had previously.
A thank you to all at the Basingstoke Bridge Club for the manner in which this course was put together and presented and thank you for their forbearance as well !

- I think it is a fabulous course and hugely beneficial. 

At Basingstoke Bridge Club we have the following teaching options available:



Fast Track Weekend

Further information

Not currently available

£90 per weekend including lunch and refreshments

Beginners Course - Term 1

Further information

New course  Saturday 21st September 2024 at 9.30am

£85 to include course material

Beginners Course - Term 2

Further information

Follows on from Term 1 £60

Beginners Course - Term 3

Further information

Follows on from Term 2 £60

Improvers Course - Terms 1-3

Further information

Date of next course not yet available

Current students Term 3 starts 13th April

Term 1 - £85 to include course material

Term 2 & 3 - £60 each


Supervised Play Sessions

Further information

Continues fortnightly on Wednesday evenings.

Please see calendar event for more details. 

£4 per player per session
Taster Sessions none running at present Free

Boost your Bridge - Play and Learn Sessions

Further Information

Alternate Monday evenings at the clubhouse - see calendar for dates

£2 per player per session


Please click here to register interest in any of the above courses