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Welcome to Basingstoke Bridge Club
Russell Mather Trophy

♠   Russell Mather Charity Pairs - 5th Oct 2022  ♣ 

This is a duplicate pairs event in memory of Russell Mather who was a member for many years including secretary and treasurer. The proceeds will go to the Basingstoke Samaritans Charity.

Cost is £5 for members and £5.50 for non members.  Payment will be taken at the club as this is F2F.  There will be cake!

Please register your intention to attend here. 

Last updated : 27th Sep 2022 16:38 BST
NGS Scores

♠   ♣  NGS Scores ♠   ♣

Who has increased their NGS score the most in September ?  The top 5 people this month are:

Tony Turner

Malcolm Green

Mary Ferguson

Andrew Ferguson

Judi Coady

Well done everyone!

Last updated : 1st Oct 2022 10:16 BST
Want to play Social Teams on RealBridge?

♠   ♣  Want to play Social Teams on RealBridge? ♠   ♣ 

Have you struggled to play teams in the Social Lounge on RealBridge?   A new product is available for purchase in the shop.  It is to buy a Teams Social Session on Realbridge which has already been setup for you.  The product is for 2 rounds of 8 boards. You purchase the session for £5 members, £10 non members then tell us what date you would like it and we will send you a link to a RealBridge session which has already been configured for you to play teams with 7 others.  Please give us a few days notice so we can do the admin work to set this up for you.  You will then be sent the link to be distributed to other team members with instructions on how to run the session.

To purchase this product, go to the Shop and log in.  Click on Shop (not Book Sessions), then choose Social Teams from the drop down menu.  You will then see the product.  Purchase as normal.

As always we welcome feedback on any of our new initiatives.

Last updated : 8th Aug 2022 19:23 BST
New Teaching Programme at Basingstoke Bridge Club

♠   ♣  New Teaching Programme for 2022/23 ♠   ♣


The new Bridge Teaching Programme for 2022/23 has now been published including a

new Fast Track Weekend course

Please click here for flyer

Please click here for further information

Last updated : 25th Sep 2022 19:56 BST
Bridge Changes

♠   ♣  Changes to Friday Relaxed Sessions and Supervised Play ♠   ♣ 

The club recently carried out a survey of club member's views regarding the Friday morning Relaxed sessions.

As a result Friday Relaxed Sessions will move to F2F only from Friday 8th July and will be available every FridayThere will be no online option. The charge will remain at £2 which will be payable at the club.
Please register your intention to attend on the calendar event.   People needing partners should either make a comment on the form, use the WhatsApp group or contact Sam Golding. It is hoped that this will be relaxed with a short break during the play for social interaction and hopefully some nibbles!

In addition Supervised Play will finish on 1st July - at least until the end of the summer. 

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey.

Last updated : 15th Jul 2022 12:28 BST
New Venture with Milton Keynes Bridge Club

♠   ♣  New Virtual Pairs Venture with Milton Keynes starting 8th April 2022 ♠   ♣

New joint Friday night venture with Milton Keynes Bridge Club.

As always please register your intention to play on the calendar entry, then go to the shop to pay for the session which will be on RealBridge (£2 per member £2.50 for non member)A link to the session will be provided with your ticket.

Click here for the shop. 


Last updated : 12th Jun 2022 09:06 BST

♠   ♣  WhatsApp ♠   ♣ 

Did you know that the club has its own WhatsApp Chat group?  WhatsApp is a free messaging and video calling app that works on most phones. If you are interested in joining the group please email John Fairhurst on, providing details of your mobile number. 

Last updated : 6th Apr 2022 23:15 BST
Covid Update


As from Weds 23rd February all Wednesday and Thursday sessions will move back to F2F at the clubhouse unless otherwise specified. As from Friday 8th July the Friday Relaxed Session will move to F2F.

All other sessions will continue to be online for the moment.

Please read the appropriate requirements for playing F2F (shown on the Home Page).

Last updated : 25th Jul 2022 16:03 BST
New Tuesday Eve '9 High' Weekly Session

♠   ♣ '9 High' Session ♠   ♣ 

Following the success of the first 9 HIGH TEAM EVENT this will continue every month.  See Calendar for further details.

The 9-high session is aimed at less experienced players and shortly we will be using this session to introduce those currently in the beginner classes to duplicate bridge.  Consequently, the session will be run with Simple Systems only - that is basic ACOL bidding. This permits all the standard ACOL strong and weak 2 openings.  You can make any conventional bids after the first round of bidding has completed.  It specifically excludes the use of Multi-2D openings and the Multi-Landy defence to 1NT as these are first round bids that can have multiple meanings and do not define at least 1 specific suit.  

We are going to retain the 'mature' 9-high criteria for taking part as this is being set as a standard across many counties for this type of session.  Whilst not making it a formal constraint on attendance we suggest that this session is best suited for those who are up to and including 'Master' in the Master Point rankings, to emphasise the focus on the expected level of experience.

Last updated : 1st Feb 2022 00:00 GMT
Online Sessions

♠   ♣  Online sessions ♠   ♣ 

These sessions will be run mainly on RealBridge.   There are 5 types of sessions:

  • Club pairs - running on Monday and Friday evenings on RealBridge
  • Club teams - running on the last Monday of the month on RealBridge/
  • 9-High pairs - most Tuesday evenings on RealBridge
  • 9-High teams - once a month on a Tuesday evening on RealBridge
  • Club Social Lounge - every day from 9.30am to 9.30pm.

More details about each of these sessions can be found using the menu on the left of this page.

Check the calendar for details of dates and times

Last updated : 25th Jun 2022 12:49 BST
Supervised Play

Supervised play sessions are aimed at helping players to develop their confidence with bidding and playing.  These sessions are not a replacement for lessons and it is not intended that new conventions are taught.  The supervisors will help participants get the best out of the systems that each participant plays.  Each session offers the opportunity to play up to 12 pre-dealt hands with a supervisor giving advice on each of the hands.  

Supervised Play will finish for the summer on 1st July 2022


Last updated : 1st Oct 2022 13:19 BST

Bridge for all players

Basingstoke Bridge Club is the largest club in Hampshire and 48th in England (by player sessions) and welcomes all bridge players, from complete beginner to expert. It runs an active teaching and development programme as well as sessions aimed at different levels of bridge.  More information is available through the 'Teaching at Basingstoke Bridge Club' section on the left hand menu.

The Club is currently operating a mixture of Face to Face and online sessions - check the calendar for details.

If you would like to know more about our club, please ring me on 01962 882715 or email me -

John Fairhurst - Chairman

The Basingstoke Chess Club use the premises when open. For information please phone John Shaddick on 01256 469749. There is also a link to their web site -

Last updated : 1st Oct 2022 13:19 BST
Bridge against a club in Portugal

♠  Bridge against a club in Portugal ♣ 

Thank you if you have already registered interest for these sessions. 

The first session with be Monday 24th October at 3pm on RealBridge.

Please put in your diaries!

Last updated : 1st Oct 2022 15:53 BST
AGM 2022

♠   AGM 2022 - Committee Nominations  ♣ 

The 2022 AGM will take place on November 28th 2022 at Maydene or via Zoom.  A Committee nomination form is available to view showing the nominations so far.  Please click here for the form. 

We welcome more nominations so if you would like to propose someone or second a person already nominated then please let Heather know.  Click here to email Heather.

It is also possible to add your nominations to the form in the club house.

Last updated : 1st Oct 2022 13:18 BST

♠   ♣  How well are we doing with bidding and making Slams? ♠   ♣

In September we bid 74 Slams and made 59% of them which is a lower average then normal.

Top scorers for this month are below.    Well done everyone!

Name No of points
John Glasscock 4
Sam Golding 4
Brian Knight 3
Jill Vaughan 3
John Glasscock Sam Golding
Last updated : 1st Oct 2022 13:22 BST
Friday Morning Sessions

♠   ♣  Friday Morning Sessions ♠   ♣ 

Stan and Jean will try to direct and score as many Friday mornings as possible.
The club have never played morning sessions on a regular basis.
We would appreciate your support and attendance, please.
It starts at 10:00 and ends around 12:30 on Fridays
The main themes are to attend, play, win, have fun, enjoy, go home, and of course, relax.

Last updated : 14th Aug 2022 16:45 BST
Club Weekend Away

♠   ♣  Club Weekend Away ♠   ♣

October 21st to 24th - FULL


Friday - 2pm Welcome Pairs, 7.30pm Championship Pairs

Saturday - 9.30am Teams, 7.30pm Handicap Pairs

Sunday 10am Swiss Pairs, 7.30pm Relaxed Pairs


Last updated : 1st Sep 2022 07:32 BST
New Social Lounge Sessions

♠   ♣  Social Lounge Sessions Every Day with Extended Hours ♠   ♣ 

Following feedback, from Saturday 17th July 2021 the club will be offering Social Lounge Sessions on RealBridge every day from 9.30 am to 9.30 pm.  Up to 20 boards.  £2 for members and £3 for non members per table.  The person who pays for the table needs to forward the RealBridge link to the other players.

The sessions will not be on the calendar but you can book a session as usual through the shop by clicking here.  You can purchase a session up to 7pm on the same day as the session. 


Last updated : 28th Sep 2022 20:06 BST
Face to Face Sessions

♠   ♣  Face to Face Sessions    ♣ 

We have decided that we will set the following guidance for playing at the club:

  • Do not attend the club if you feel unwell with any symptom including, but not limited to, upper respiratory, headache, fatigue and muscle weakness.
  • If you are a person who has regular social interactions (for example with school aged children, other groups, wider family members etc) then before attending please take a lateral flow test on the same day as the session" (we gather these will no longer be free after end of Feb 2022)

    We will continue to employ reasonable safety measures during the sessions. 

As we start going back to playing Face to Face, we have created some reminders for us all of what we need to do.

Click here to access the document.

Go to appropriate date in calendar to book a session. 

Last updated : 8th Aug 2022 19:20 BST
Basingstoke Bridge Club Shop

 ♠   ♣  Club Shop  ♠   ♣ 

You can use the shop to do any of the following:

  • Pay table money for sessions on RealBridge or special charity events on RealBridge or BBO. 
  • Apply for new Membership of the club or renew your membership.
  • Book training sessions.

More information on how the shop operates can be seen from the 'Shop' tab on the left of this page.  When using the shop, the first point of entry should be the Home Page - where you register or log in to your account.  Click here to access the shop.

We would like to encourage members using the site to purchase an Account Top-Up providing funds that can be used to buy sessions or other products from the shop.

Last updated : 28th Sep 2022 20:06 BST
RealBridge Support

♠   ♣  Having problems with RealBridge? ♠   ♣ 

If you have difficulties with RealBridge you can phone their support line which is 0794 232 2209.  Support is available from 7am to 11pm.

If you use an IPad please ensure that you read and follow the advice issued by RealBridge even if you are currently not experiencing any difficulties with your Ipad.  Please click here to see the document.

A further update in June 2022 has been received from RealBridge in connection with Microsoft Edge and IPads.  Click here to see the document.

Last updated : 12th Jun 2022 09:09 BST
Practice Hands

♠   ♣  Topic Based Practice Hands ♠   ♣ 
Sometimes it can be helpful to just play a few hands and chat with your partner about a specific topic that you are either learning or revising.  Using the RealBridge platform we have created a facility which allows you to pick your own time to play practice hands focussed on specific topics as either a group of 4 or 8 players.  Here’s how it works:

·       Go to the Practice hands section of the club shop (click here) where you can see the topics available and buy the desired product stating the date that you would like to play.  (One person buys the product – 1 or 2 tables)
·       Within a couple of days, you will be sent guidance on how to run the session, notes on the topic that you can look at before playing and a handout which you can circulate after the session has been played.

·       The coordinator will circulate the links for the session and run the session on the day
·       You will play 16 hands and after each hand guidance notes will appear on the table which you can all discuss before moving to the next hand.
·       There is no time limit on the session, but expect it to last about 2.5 hours

Currently available are: Declarer Play Strategy, Splinters, Transfers, Law of Total Tricks, Roman Key Card Blackwood, Checkback Stayman, Dealing with Pre-empts and Fourth Round Forcing.

We also have a presentation explaining how the sessions are created.  Click here if you are interested to learn more about the setup of Topic Based Hands.

Last updated : 12th Jun 2022 09:10 BST