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13th Apr 2023 09:05 BST
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Welcome to Barnet U3A Bridge Groups


While meeting face to face was not possible during the Covid 19 outbreak, all Barnet U3A Bridge Groups got together using the online software  ♠ RealBridge ♣ 

This combines the benefits of playing bridge online (such as BBO and other systems) with the social interaction you would get from a Zoom meeting. So you can chat to the others round the table while you play in the same way you would normally.  It's also very good for teaching purposes as the leader can join a table and provide help when requested, and it allows us to play Teams competitions.


Our RealBridge groups currently meet on: 

      Tuesday Group  9.45 am til 12pm   RealBridge Duplicate  focussing on Beginners to Intermediates                          John

♠      Friday Group    9.45 am til 12pm   RealBridge Duplicate  an EBU affiliated group for Intermediates                       David & Marisa

     Teams Group   2.45 pm on first Sunday of the month                                                                                                                 Marisa


If you are interested you are welcome to give it a try on a Tuesday or Friday morning, please contact/click on Marisa Nicholes.


The following groups have returned to Face to Face play:

♠    Tuesday morning Beginners          10am                                                                                                                    Sue, Jurek
♣    Friday afternoon Intermediates     1.45pm                                                                                                                 Vic 

Web Site

Membership of Barnet U3A is due for renewal by 1st December.2022.  Please refer to website for details.

Important Information

Please sign up for ♠ RealBridge ♣  via the following links:

Friday RealBridge 

Tuesday RealBridge

Teams RealBridge 



Inter U3A RealBridge Teams Event            

9th June 2023
RealBridge Duplicate EBU
online 9.45am
Director: David Clarke
13th June 2023
RealBridge Duplicate Relaxed
online 9.45
Director: Marisa Nicholes
16th June 2023
RealBridge Duplicate EBU
online 9.45am
Director: David Clarke
RealBridge Duplicate Relaxed
Director: Marisa Nicholes
RealBridge Duplicate EBU
Director: David Clarke
RealBridge Duplicate Relaxed
Director: John Price