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2023/2024 Winter Bridge starts Monday 25th September at 7.30 sharp







Welcome to Banagher Bridge Club
Season 2023/2024
Season 2023/2024
Last updated : 19th Sep 2023 19:21 BST
Web Site
Web Site


When you log onto website check box headed "Recent Updates".

By looking at the date and time you will quickly realise if any info or updates have taken place.

Each box will also show when it was last changed

Last updated : 19th Nov 2021 18:38 GMT
Important Information
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For returning members please note:

Face masks must be worn for the whole of night.

Hand sanitisers are available for use by members.






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Last updated : 30th Mar 2022 10:44 BST
Special Message
Special Message


Last updated : 17th Nov 2021 11:22 GMT
Presidents Prize 2nd Session
Presidents Prize
Presidents Prize - Combined Sessions