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Due to the high rate of Covid in the community bridge has been cancelled until the New Year .


Welcome to Banagher Bridge Club
Season 2021/22
Season 2021/22
Last updated : 23rd Nov 2021 18:57 GMT
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Web Site


When you log onto website check box headed "Recent Updates".

By looking at the date and time you will quickly realise if any info or updates have taken place.

Each box will also show when it was last changed

Last updated : 19th Nov 2021 18:38 GMT
Important Information
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For returning members please note:

On your first night back proof of vaccination is required.

Face masks must be worn for the whole of night.

Hand sanitisers are supplied on all tables. ..........

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Last updated : 19th Nov 2021 18:33 GMT
Special Message
Special Message


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Another Message


The next 3 entries from the Calendar will  automatically show below once you have entered some. Then you can use this box as a second message.

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