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No Weekly Bridge - October Bank Holiday Monday

Welcome to Ballineaspaig Bridge Club
Web Site

Welcome to Ballineaspaig Bridge Club Cork, Website. We hold our weekly Bridge events Online (BBO) Monday evenings from September to May. New members welcome (all grades from Novices to Seniors). Contact our Club Secretary Tim McCarthy at


Online Bridge 2021-22

Club Reopening

Reminder that the Club will be reopening on the 20th of September.

Play will commence at 7:15 as last season.

New Members are welcome.

A decision on when we will return to face-to-face Bridge will be made asap and members will be informed.

We are still looking for assistance in running the Monday will be given.

If you feel that you can help contact Joe..or Tim 

CBAI Newsletter September 2021

Weekly Bridge Updates
Date Pairing Placing Pairing Placing
20/09/2021 Noelle Twomey and Mary Shanahan 1st Maeve and Tim McCarthy 2nd
27/09/2021 Eileen O'Sullivan and Mairin Heffernan 1st Ann Flynn and Imelda Murphy 2nd
04/10/2021 Anne Kingston and Eileen Cahill 1st N/S Eileen O'Sullivan and Mairin Heffernan 1st E/W
11/10/2021 Mary Thullier and Mary Twomey Ist Patsy Fitzgerald and Anne Kingston 2nd
18/10/2021 Mary Thullier and Mary Twomey Ist Joan O'Donoghue and Marian White 2nd

Notes ; 1. Please be sure to be connected to BBO at Start Time.

             2. Frozen Screen - log off/on again. If you need the Tournament Dir, click on Blue Box with 3 white lines.

            3. Login and stay online - so that you do not experiencee congestion.

I would ask you all to encourage those members who have as yet failed to play online to do. 

Regards and Stay Safe,

Your committee


Bridge Base Online

Communication from CBAI on CHEATING Online

Because of the prevalence of unethical and dishonest behaviour by a small minority of online bridge players, the CBAI has asked the club to remind you about requirements for ethical behaviour at all times. There are daily reports of people perceived to be deliberately CHEATING when playing online. All members should be in no doubt that the CBAI is taking this issue extremely seriously and there will be consequences for anyone found to be cheating.
Club TDs or Online Managers should endeavour to ensure that all players are aware of what actions as acceptable and which are definitely not – e.g. providing explanations in the chat area for partner to see as well as opponents is NOT acceptable, the ALERT area in the bidding screen only should be used
Clubs playing on the CBAI platform are required to note the following:
1. All players must enter their real names in their user profile. Preferably enter both names but a First name
only is acceptable
2. If visitors are playing in a club the club must have the visitors’ CBAI affiliation number
3. No unaffiliated players may play on the CBAI BBO platform
4. Local Master Points will be awarded in accordance with the CBAI Master Point Scheme for all events.
The following instructions to be issued to all people playing on the BBO CBAI platform -
Whether you are playing in your local friendly club or you are representing your country you must adhere to the international rules of bridge.
All those wishing to play on the CBAI BBO platform must
a) Confirm to their club that they have read this document.
b) Ensure that the club has their CBAI NBID number
c) Enter their REAL NAME in their bridge profile on BBO – First name is acceptable if you don’t want to give your
full name.
d) Ensure that they always play according to the rules of our game
Those who have concerns about the actions of another CBAI member should raise them with your TD or Online Club Manager and should not make public accusations or insinuations on social media.
A. Self-Kibitzing THIS IS CHEATING
B. Having another person kibitz and pass on
information to you THIS IS CHEATING
C. Phoning/contacting partner during play THIS IS CHEATING
D. Communicating with partner when playing in the same house/room. Showing your hand,
asking for a lead, suggesting bids THIS IS CHEATING
 The Tournament Director or BBO Online Club Manager is required to forward details
of any unethical behaviour to CBAI Head Office, who will undertake a full investigation
of any alleged wrongdoing.
If Unethical behaviour is proven, the players will face suspension or expulsion from CBAI and notification
of same to International Bridge Organisations



Bridge Base Online.

Hi Everyone,

Our Season has now successfully re-commenced and bridge will feature online each Monday Night as listed on our season calender. Fee of 3BBO$  per member will apply 

BBO$ can be purchase from the BBO Website (not from the App). The cost for 20 BBO$ is €17.65 on the Website as against €31 from the BBO App. So be aware of this and inform others of the distinction. 


Please follow the below guidelines, register early...If the game is due to start at 7:30 then please be online by 7:15.

This is the cut off time to allow us to decide on format.

Last week we had to adjust the time because some people were cut off...this should be the only reason for adjusting the time allowed.

Again we would ask everyone to to be mindful of the time allotted as slow play requires intervention of the Tournament Director,

 Depending on numbers there may have to be adjustments made .



Weekly Results

Results are available by clicking the relevant date on the Results Column to the right.




How to register on BBO


Hi Everyone,

Please follow these instructions to play on our BBO site each Monday.

Log into BBO with your User name & password

  1.  Click  on Virtual Clubs, then  Click  on CBAI-NIBU Ireland

  2.  Type Ballineaspaig in the search box up on the right hand side of the screen, or alternatively scroll down to find "Ballineaspaig Bridge Club".

  3. Click Entries, Type in your Partners User name as requested, click invite. Your Partner must be on line to accept your invitation.

  4. Now you will be told you have registered to play in the tournament.

  5. Keep your device logged in on line until it is time to start. 

  6. From now on you will be charged 3 BBO$ per game. These can be purchased using your credit card or Paypal.

  7. If you have no partner you can go into the Partnership Desk or use Whats App, which most of the membership are using.

  8. Be vigilant about the time.....7 mins per board is recommended.

  9. Finally I think you should put your Full Name in your can do this in your account.

Please pass on info to other members who may not have access to this message and encourage those who may not be using BBO to do so.

Again thank you all again 

Happy Bridging.





Michael O'Shea Cup Winners 2020
Michael O'Shea Cup Winners 2020

Patsy Fitzgerald and Brid O'Brien being presented with the Cup by Berna O'Shea, also in the picture is Joe Lane, President     


Berna's husband Michael was a founder member of the club and joined with us tonight for the Presentation of the cup in his name. She was partnered by another welcome visitor Theresa O'Connor who along with her husband Declan virtually ran the club for many years. Declan was also our longstanding Tournament Director. We wish to thank them both for their company tonight and wish them all the very best for the future.







25th Oct 2021
No Weekly Bridge tonight
Bridge Base Online 7.30pm
1st Nov 2021
Weekly Bridge
Bridge Base Online 7.15pm
8th Nov 2021
Weekly Bridge
Bridge Base Online 7.15pm
Weekly Bridge
Director: Joe Lane
Scorer: Tim McCarthy
Weekly Bridge
Director: Tim McCarthy
Scorer: Tim McCarthy
Weekly Bridge
Director: Joe Lane
Scorer: Tim
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