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Our Face to Face bridge will be closed on Thursday 22nd and 29th December and replaced by an online session through BBO so have your dollars at the ready!



70% Roll of Honour
   Well it's two 70%s in a month! Betty and Barbara did brilliantly on Thursday March 5th gaining just short of 72%. A win with clear blue water between them and the next pair. It's pretty good at 89!!  Congratulations to Margaret and Steve who became the first members of the 70% club. They were both walking on water on Thursday 13th February and came away with more than 15% above the rest of the field and a free week’s table money as well!

Well done Nigel and Simon new members of the 70% club gaining 71.43% on 11.11.21 which was nearly 10% higher than their nearest rival!

Well done John and Josie for their 70% on the last session of 2021.

Well done Andy and George who saw June out in style with a 70% plus on June 30th 2022

Well done Belinda and Betty for their 70+% on November 17th 2022