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Auch 2021 zunächst kein Bridge

Nachdem bereits das Jahr 2020 weitestgehend im Zeichen von Corona stand und "Präsenz-Bridge" nahezu unmöglich war, geht es im Jahr 2021 leider nahtlos so weiter. Im BC Bad Hersfeld kann genauso wenig Bridge gespielt werden wie im Bezirk. Nächster vormerkenswerter Termin ist daher die Jahreshauptversammlung des Bridge-Verbandes Nordhessen, die am Samstag, 27. März 2021 wieder virtuell via Zoom stattfinden soll.

(16. Februar 2021)

Was zum Schmunzeln....
Was zum Schmunzeln.... diesem Sinne: Bleibt gesund! wink

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  Objects (Sample)
The objects of "The Club" shall be to provide facilities for the playing of Contract Bridge.
  General Rules (Sample)
Competitions shall be held at such times and under such conditions as the general committee or any sub-committee shall determine.

Any suggestions or complaints regarding the arrangements of "The Club" shall be submitted in writing and handed to the secretary or any member of the general committee and shall be considered at the next committee meeting.

"The Club" accepts no responsibility whatever for the property or belongings of any member or visitor whilst on the premises of "The Club".

Any matter not provided for in these regulations and all questions arising regarding their construction or implication shall be decided by the general committee.

The Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and members of the general committee shall not be responsible, either individually or jointly, for any liabilities incurred by "The Club". All members shall be equally responsible for any liabilities incurred during their time of membership.

Alterations, additions or amendments to these regulations and constitution cannot be made except by a resolution at a general meeting.

These regulations and constitution were adopted at the Annual General Meeting held on 1st of January 2000.