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Rubber Bridge

Rubber bridge suspended due to the pandemic.

The Club will normally be open in the afternoon for Rubber Bridge every day except Sunday and Monday

Director: Oliver Powell
Avenue/Lewes online evening pairs
Director: Julian Mitchell
Avenue/Lewes online morning duplicate
Director: Julian Mitchell
Nine high on line game
Director: Julian Mitchell
Monday Evening Pairs
Director: Oliver Powell
Avenue/Lewes online afternoon duplicate
Director: Julian Mitchell
Thursday Evening Simple System
Director: Julian
Director: Julian
Chess News
Woodpushers Chess Club has been a fixture in Division II (of IV) of the Mid-Sussex Chess League for the last few years, playing its home matches at the Avenue BC. They do not have a club night at the club (although quite a few of them play poker), but are rag-bag of chess drifters, all of whom played better twenty years ago and are trying to ward off the inevitable decline into Patzer-dom with just one more unsound sacrifice. They are always on the look out for the unwary who might like to play for them. If this sounds like you, contact Julian Mitchell on 01273 775752 or email
Woodpushers sometimes have evening specials when they play against each other - or some other team -  and someone gets to drink out of a tankard at the end of the evening. It might happen soon, but don't hold your breath.