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Rubber Bridge

Club for the time being will continue Rubber Bridge at the Sussex on

Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 2 - 6.30 pm.

This is a 50p Chicago game hosted by Amanda Bolton.  

Table money is £4 per session

All members are welcome and you can just turn up, or email  to register your interest.


Avenue/Lewes online morning duplicate
Director: Julian Mitchell
Monday Evening Pairs
Director: Julian
Avenue/Lewes online afternoon duplicate
Director: Andy Osborn
Thursday evening pairs
Director: Andy O
Avenue/Lewes online evening pairs
Director: Julian
Director: Julian
Avenue League
Director: Julian
Avenue/Lewes online morning duplicate
Director: Julian Mitchell
Payment details
Payment details

All members now have their own personal Accounts on the ABC website.

From now on, you will use your account for all payments to the club regarding playing sessions   (*except for BBO sessions).

Future annual subscription payments can also be paid into the club account by Bank Transfer.

* Please note that for BBO sessions you should continue to pay in BB$ on the BBO website as usual. Your BBO account is quite separate from your ABC personal account, and unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer funds between them.

Please credit your account with bank transfer payment in advance of playing as described below. For your convenience, it is suggested that you pay in a lump sum from which your match fees will be deducted. You will only pay for sessions in which you actually play. Obviously this wont be possible at the beginning as the bank account has only just been set up but a record will be kept of how much is owed in terms of table monies.

You will be sent a regular account statement by email, and you can also view your balance at any time by logging in to the Members Area and selecting the 'Payments' tab. Please note that there may be a short delay of a day or so  before your payments appear in your ABC website account. The intention is to update payments after a Thursday and before the following Monday.

If you have any query about your Members Account, please contact us.

How to Pay the Club

Please pay by bank transfer as follows (except for BBO sessions).

Bank Transfer (preferred)

Payee (business account)


Sort Code 20-88-13. Account Number 93986020


*REFERENCE is TM and your EBU number and your initials (with spaces between)

e.g. TM 123456 PB.

If your EBU number is 5 digits then for table money please prefix with a leading zero.

e.g. TM 012345 OP


Please always use the correct Reference. Not doing so, makes a lot of hard work for the treasurer!! You can easily look up your reference number in the look up list. A link to the look up list is  on the left hand side of the website if you dont know your EBU number.

To Pay for your Partner

If one person of a partnership wishes to pay for his or her partner, then this would need to be two separate bank transfers, one with your Reference, and the other with your partner's Reference. If you pay with a single bank transfer, we will credit the reference you supply with the full amount - we cannot know that part of the payment is intended for another player's account.

For husband and wife partnerships, please contact us first if you wish to make a special fixed arrangement for one of you to pay for both.

Ask a Friend or Relative

Whoever pays, must use your Reference so that we know who to credit.

A friend or relative can make a bank transfer payment for you using your Reference.

Pay by Cheque (non-preferred)

As a last resort, post a cheque to the Club, with a covering note giving your Reference.