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Welcome to Austenwood Bridge Club
Virtual Club!

We are running online sessions on a Wednesday evening at 7pm. It is being hosted by one of our Directors, Keith Jones. If you would like to play please contact him with your BBO user name and EBU number. His email address is The sessions are being shared with Chalfont and Great Missenden.

Results can be found at

The Club
The Club

The club, which meets in the Tony Graham Room at the Community Centre in Chalfont St Peter, normally has pairs events each Monday except for the SECOND Monday, in the month when a multiple teams event is held. Please visit the calendar page for any exceptions and details of the Club's special competitions.  Visitors are welcome and your first visit is free. If you would like to come but need a partner please phone Dory Thompson on 01494 433841. The table money is £2.00  per session for members and £3.00  for visitors.

The hands are pre-dealt and hand copies are provided, showing makeable contracts. The results are normally available at the Club at the end of play and on this site soon after.


NEW NUMBER! To ensure we are able to start play not later than 7.30 pm players are asked to be seated by 7.20 pm. If you are delayed please phone 07805 201 265 or 07999 935 859 before 7.20 pm to ensure to be included. Any pair arriving after 7.20 pm without having phoned will be included only if the director is able to do so without disturbing the movement.

Club Closure until further notice

Following the revised advice from the EBU the club will be closed until further notice.


Those of us who want to continue to play bridge will have to do so on their computer. Some club members (for example Ed Scerri) are members of BridgeClubLive which has a main DIDO (Drop in Drop out) tournament room which provides a fully automated movement to any partnership with a minimum commitment to 4 boards at each sitting, and a minimum of 16 boards during a day to be listed on the Leader Board - all boards played can be replayed at any time and compared with all others who have played the same board. We have registered Austenwood as a club, which I understand means you can see other members results as well as your own in the form of a Ladder. Full membership is £72 pa, but you can play initially for free as a guest.

Anders Wallen

It is with great sadness that we announce that Anders Wallen, our Chief Director, an inspiring captain of our LO8 A team for many years, and really good friend to many of us, passed away peacefully on 5th March. Our thoughts are with his wife, Eva, and their family. 


Waller Bowl

The Waller Bowl final has been cancelled

Committee Cup

The Committee Cup final has been cancelled.

Lof8 Latest Update

Both the A and B teams have elected not to play their outstanding matches because of the Coronavirus restrictions. We understand the results of these matches will be calculated using the formula referred to in the Rules. As a result the A team will finish mid-table in Division 2, and we calculate that the B team will finish first in Division 4 by 1VP (!) over Chalfont B on the assumption that Chalfont B are unable to play their last match - if they do then obviously it will depend on what result they get in that match.

Austenwood B lost to Chalfont B by 12-8, the reverse of our first match against them. However their imp difference was less than we enjoyed in the first match, so if we were to tie with them on VPs at the end of the seson we would be placed ahead of them in the final table.

Austenwood A had an absolutely horrible evening when playing against Maidenhead A. We lost 0 - 20. What more to be said?

Austenwood B lost their first match of the season against Hazlemere A, 4 - 16, but are still top in the 4th division. The next match against the current runner-up, Chalfont B, on 20th February, is a crucial game for deciding the outcome of the division.

Austenwood A played Bourne End Friday 24th January and managed to win 17-3, after a fantastic first half. We have now moved to the top half of the division 2 table.

Austenwood B won their fourth consecutive Lof8 match, this time against the runners up, Chalfont B, with 12 - 8, and can look ahead to four interesting matches next year.

Austenwood A narrowly beat Chalfont A in the fifth match for the season, just 11 - 9. That is a good result against a good opponent above us in the league table.

Austenwood A lost the fourth match against a strong Burnham B team, and the final result was 3 - 17.  All our pairs had negative Butler scores.

Austenwood A played its third Lof8 match for the season and lost heavily to Bradshaws A, 4 - 16. No pairs performed particularly well, and our best pair only managed a small positive Butler scoring result. This outcome means that we will most likely not be promoted to the first division next year, which is the positive outcome of the evening.

Austenwood B played its third Lof8 match 8th November and won against Hazlemere A, 12-8. Austenwood A is narrowly still top of the table at the moment, but far ahead of the third team in division 4, just ahead of  Chalfont A. It will be an interesting match 12th December between these two top teams.

After a good start of the season, the second matches for both teams were even more successful.

The A team managed to beat Stoke Mandeville A with 16 - 4 and the B team had a huge evening winning 19 - 1 over Tessa Templeton Bridge School B.

Keep going!

New Laptop

After more than 10 years of reliable duty, our old laptop has now retired. It's been replaced by a new laptop, which had its first competetive session at the Club Teams Final. It worked very well, and much quicker, so it has from now on replaced the old one. The first Pairs event to score will be Monday 6th January 2020.

New EBU Board Member

Congratulations to Bev Purvis on being elected to the EBU Board!  smiley

Mixed Pairs Trophy & The Flitch 2019

Monday 21st October 2019 there was a competition for the Mixed Pairs Trophy and The Flitch, (Married Pairs) in the normal Pairs session. The winners of the Brenda Bolton Cup, (Mixed Pairs), was won by Tony & Amanda Hawthorn and the Flitch by Judy & David Cadwallader. Well done all four.

As a matter of fact, Graham Lynch and Chris Moir was the non-same-sex pair with the highest score, but the trophies can only be won by club members. So, well done all six!

League of 8 2019-2020

Austenwood will field two teams in BBCBA Lof8 this season.

The A team, playing in the second divison, (thus not relegated), will consist of Althea Batten & Ros Warren; Judy & David Cadwallader; Ed Brennan & John Marr; Keith Simpson & Neil Drapkin and Richard Donnelly & Anders Wallen (captain).

The B team, will be playing in the fourth division, and will consist of Amanda & Tony Hawthorn; Diana (captain) & Alan Longshaw; Dory Thompson & Richard Bridgen; Colin Taylor & David Coles; Michael Baxendine & Nigel Thompson and Peter Matthews & Tim Lawrence.

Good Luck!

NB! Mixed Pairs Trophy and the Flitch NB!

Please note you can compete for Mixed Pairs Trophy, (Brenda Bolton), as well as Married Pairs, (the Flitch), Monday 21st October. It will be a normal Pairs evening with everyone playing in the same session. The best ranked mixed pair wins the Mixed Pairs Trophy and the best placed married pair, (unless winning the Mixed Pairs Trophy). wins the Flitch title/trophy.

Butler Scoring Trophy 2019
Butler Scoring Trophy 2019

The annual Butler Scored Pair with a trophy to win, was played Monday 5th August 2019. The oustanding winners with a cracking score of +65 were Richard Cranston and Charles Colton. Very very well done!

The trophy is presented by the chairwoman Diana Longshaw.

Charles is to the left and Richard on the right. (Diana is the one in the middle.)

Austenwood have a new Chair(wo)man

After 16 successful years as Chairman of Austenwood BC, involving a lot of hard work, Nigel Thompson, and Dory, retired at the AGM. Nigel was thanked for his committment by being elected as President of the club.

The club has got its first Chairwoman. Thanks for taking the task on board Diana Longshaw! We are all happy to support you.

All the other committee members were re-elected.

Corwen Trophy 2019

Ed Scerri and Dick Davey managed to finish in an outstanding second place of 94 participating pairs in the Corwen Trophy. Steve Lynch, partnering Paul Dolphin, had two very good days and ended up in 22nd place. Corwen Trophy is a pairs competition between the best pairs from all counties in England. Congratulations and Very Well Done Austenwood boys!

Most Improved Pair 2018/19

One of our our very best pairs have managed to be even better. They are the Most Improved Pair 2018/19. Well done and Congratulations to Richard Holt & Grant Masom!

Club Champions 2018/19

After the last Championship evening for 2018/19 we have a new Championship Pair, Chris Moir & Richard Donnelly. They finished just over 60%, almost 1 % more than the runners up Richard Holt and Grant Masom. The winners have played all 11 Championship evenings, so they really deserve to be our superior pair. Well done!

Number One!

Our Chairman, Nigel Thompson, was the very worthy winner of the Individual Club Championship played 18th March 2019. He scored an excellent 70%, thereby outclassing all other 12 members who took part. Very well played. Congratulations Nigel!

Teams Championship 2018

The Teams Championship Final was played Monday 3rd December 2018. Only four teams competed. 

The worthy winners were Ed Brennan & David Horan and Charles King-Farlow & John Marr

With just 2 VPs less, the silver medals were grabbed by Neil Drapkin & Keith Simpson and Richard Gore & Richard Bridgen

Married Pairs and Mixed Pairs 2018

The competition for Married and Mixed Pairs this season was played 15th October 2018. Nancy & Ed Scerri retained the Married Pairs title, (the Flitch), and Syb Bob Beath were the worthy winners of the Mixed Pairs trophy, (Brenda Bolton), though married, (to each other). Well done all four and Congratulations to you all!

Butler Scored Pairs 2018

The winners of the Butler Scored Pairs Trophy 2018 played on 6th August were Richard Holt & Grant Masom. Well Done and Congratulations to both!

Monday Teams
Director: Tim Lawrence
Scorer: Anders Wallen
Director: Richard
Scorer: Tim
Pairs Championship Heat - Waller Bowl Heat
Director: Keith
Scorer: Keith
Director: David
Scorer: David
Teams - Committee Cup Heat
Director: Anders
Scorer: Anders Wallen
Director: Richard
Scorer: Anders
Pairs Championship Heat
Director: Keith
Scorer: Keith
Director: Tim
Scorer: Tim
Director: Anders
Scorer: Anders Wallen
Director: David
Scorer: David
15th Jun 2020
19:10 AGM followed by Pairs
Director: Tim Lawrence
Scorer: Tim Lawrence
22nd Jun 2020
Director: David Cadwallader
Scorer: David Cadwallader
29th Jun 2020
Pairs Championship Heat
Director: Keith Jones
Scorer: Keith Jones