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If any members are looking for partners can I refer  you to the Partner Required section of the Menu. On there you can put down if you need a partner for a specific week and if everybody has a look at it then we can, hopefully, get you a game that week. Thanks.

Welcome to Bridge at Ashley
Bridge at Ashley

Congratulations to James & Terry who recorded their first win of year 2 with a score of 60%. Phill & Ann came in second with a score of 53%.

Important Information

Bridge at Ashley works on the principle that we play bridge for fun and have fun playing bridge.

Bridge at Ashley

Welcome to Bridge at Ashley. We were formed just over a year ago and, in that time, have bulit up a small successful club. We meet every Thursday evening at the Oddfellows Hall in Ashley, Staffordshire. We start at 6:45 pm and finish at 9:45 pm. New members are always welcome and we do our very best to accommodate those who may not have a playing partner.


Special Message

Whilst I am happy to put out the tables and set up the room I am conscious that the new tables we acquired are a bit heavier and I am concerned that Joan is helping me to get them out of the store room. When Penny is playing she arrives early and helps which is brilliant but I think it would be nice if a couple more could come by, say, 6:35 pm just so I can try and stop Joan from lifting and carrying. Many thanks for this and I don't intend to upset anyone or make demands on people.

Another Message

James has very kindly put together the minutes of the AGM last week. I intend to circulate them this weekend and I apologise for the delay but, as most of you know, we have been having fun with Social Services over Jan's Mum. Thank you for your patience.