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Looking for a partner?

We have an Antrobus Bridge Club WhatsApp Group that can be used to post messages about needing a bridge partner for an upcoming Wednesday evening. You need a Smart phone to be a member of the group. If you are not already a member of the group and wish to become a member please speak to Simon Barber at the club..

Welcome to Antrobus Bridge Club
Formerly known as Whitley Bridge Club
Autumn Social

This year the Autumn Social will be held on Wednesday 4th October. Please arrive at 6:45pm for a prompt start at 7:00pm. Food will be taken between 8:00pm and 8:15pm.

The cost will be £20 for members and £25 for non-members (whether taking food or not).

The menu choices are:

Main courses:

- Beef Bourguignon

- Fish Pie (no shell fish)

- Mushroom, Pesto and Spinach Lasagne (v)


- Chocolate, Pear and Ginger Trifle

- Tropical Fruit Salad

- Strawberry cream Gateau

Lists will be provided in the weeks leading up to the social for you to indicate your choice

Red wine, white wine and soft drinks will also be available within the price



Welcome to Antrobus Bridge Club web site.

We meet on Wednesday evenings at Antrobus Village Hall, Cheshire, CW9 6LB - members are asked to arrive  by 7:00pm for a prompt start at 7:15pm. 

We play duplicate bridge. We generally have 10+ tables and play around 21-24 hands, with a tea/coffee break half way through. The Club always aims for a friendly atmosphere, where less experienced players can enjoy their bridge alongside those of a good standard.

We also have a number of social evenings during the year and a Christmas Party evening.

See the "Information" page for more details including how to find us and costs.

We also have a RealBridge session online on a Tuesday Evening. Please send an email to the club's Tournament director (Richard Clegg) on for further details if you are interested.

We have now been playing in Antrobus Village Hall for over a year and we believe that it is now safe to reduce our previous advice with regard to COVID. The timing of the session is as before (see below), i.e. please arrive by 7:00pm so that we can make a prompt start at 7:15pm.

We have welcomed some new members and many of our normal members are now returning so we have been experiencing a return to about 10 tables. We have decided to change the COVID guidance partly due to the safer nature now that most people have had their booster jab. We are concerned about the risk of people using the hot water geyser themselves and would ask people to NOT use the geyser themselves but rather take the coffees/teas provided.

These are our current COVID guidelines:

  • We recommend you only come to the club if you have had the requisite vaccinations plus the booster jabs. This is for your own safety.
  • Do not come to the club if you have tested positive or have any of the symptoms of COVID (temperature, cough etc)
  • Do not come to the club if you have been in contact with anyone with COVID symptoms or has had a confirmed positive test for COVID in the preceding 7 days.
  • You do not need to wear a mask but feel free to do so if you prefer.
  • Bidding boxes and cards will be placed on each table as normal. You do not need to take the bidding boxes with you to the next table. If you prefer you can bring your own bidding box and keep that with you all evening.
  • The club will provide a bottle of sanitiser if you would like to use this. You are welcome to take the club bottle with you as you go round the tables. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can bring your own bottle and use this when moving tables.
  • We believe that the main room is large compared to the number of people playing so we do not intend increasing the level of ventilation and we will return to the normal spacing of tables.
  • Tea/coffee will be served in the kitchen during the break. The kitchen is small and we would ask members to pick up their drink and leave the room as quickly as possible and do not obstruct the entrance.  We would ask members to keep socially distanced from other members while in the queue and to keep the queue moving by minimising any social interaction until back in the main room.

The Monday afternoon RealBridge session has now been moved to Tuesday Evening and this will continue for the foreseeable future.



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Tue 26th September 2023
Director: Richard Clegg
Scorer: Richard Clegg
Wed 27th September 2023
Director: Barbara French
Scorer: David Pearson
Tue 3rd October 2023
Director: Richard Clegg
Scorer: Richard Clegg
Director: Richard Clegg
Scorer: Simon Barber
Director: David Pearson
Scorer: David Pearson
Director: Richard Clegg
Scorer: Richard Clegg