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Annandale Competitions and Trophies

Annandale Bridge Club – Trophies and Competitions

Tanner Trophy (1951)  Pairs competition played over three nights. All three scores count. May play on one or two nights but scores won’t count. No prior entry required.

Tanner Shield (1955) Perfect Teams competition played on one night. Members enter beforehand individually and are drawn in teams of four. Prior entry essential.

Both these trophies were presented to the club by the family of founder member David Tanner. The Tanners lived at Annandale where the club began.


Nursery Plate (1961) Our Individual competition played on only one night.. Prior entry essential.

In 1961 Annandale held a fund-raising night for a proposed nursery school in Newport. Plans for the nursery fell through, and the money raised was used to buy the Nursery Plate.


MacDonald Trophy (1964)    Teams competition, played on one night only. Members enter beforehand in pairs and are drawn with another pair to form teams of four. Prior entry essential.

This trophy competition was started by the club in 1964 in memory of Miss Jean MacDonald, a Founder Life Member. Prizes were provided from a fund donated by Miss MacDonald’s sister, Mrs. Babs Murray. In 1990 the club used the remaining money in the fund to purchase a trophy.


Easter Pairs Trophy (1982) Pairs competition played on one night.  No prior entry required. Our Easter Pairs trophy was presented to the club in 1982 by Mr. David Tanner (jun) in memory of his mother.


Laura Cunningham Trophy (1988) Pairs competition played over seven nights. Best four scores count. Qualifying competition for Central District Pairs and is named on the programme card as such. No prior entry required.

The trophy was gifted to the club in 1988 by the family of Laura Cunningham, a Life Member, in memory of their mother.


Morton-Gordon Rosebowl (1990) Originally a Swiss Teams competition played over two nights. Now a Teams competition played on one night. Teams of four to be notified in advance.

Trophy was donated in 1989 by Jack Morton and Margaret Gordon after being granted Honorary Life Membership of the club. Jack organised the club for almost forty years and Margaret was Secretary for over twenty years.


Ina Morton Trophy (2002) Butler scored Pairs competition played over three nights. Best two scores count. Members may play even if not competing. No prior entry required.

This was gifted by Jack Morton to the club in 2002 in memory of his wife Ina. Jack and Ina were club members from the early 1950’s for almost 50 years.

Aggregate Trophy. This trophy was presented to the winners of our Change-of-Partner nights. It has not been competed for in recent years.

This trophy was first competed for in 1986. It was presented by Mrs. Winifred Murray (Shiena’s mother and then President of the club).