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20th Jan 2023 12:09 GMT
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Welcome to Annandale Bridge Club
New Year Party
New Year Party



The New Year party was a huge success. Good food, good company and superb bridge! 

A photographs as a reminder of a very pleasant evening. The winning team was France, Liz Johnston, Sandy Forbes, Irena Skowronska and Alice Auckland.

The hard work of the committee was greatly appreciated by everyone.


Welcome to Annandale Bridge Club

Annandale Bridge Club meets every Thursday evening in the small Blyth Hall in Blyth Street, Newport-on-Tay. Access to the small upper hall from the front of the hall (Blyth Street) is by the door up the path to the right side of the building. The disabled entrance to the hall is to the rear in Scott Street.The club meets from the beginning of September until the end of May. Play starts at 7 pm and members should register by 6.50 pm.

The Annandale has a reputation for its friendly atmosphere, and visitors are welcome on any night. However, for individual and team competitions names require to be registered beforehand. Details of these competitions can be found on the Competitions page. Partners are required, but if looking for a partner check the Find a Partner page, or contact the Secretary, Mairi Shiels, on 07879 677120.

Pairs competitions coming up:

Laura Cunningham (1988) Pairs competition held over seven nights September-January. Best four scores count. 

Tanner Trophy (1951)   Pairs competition held over three nights in January-February. All three scores count. 

Easter Pairs Trophy (1982) Annandale Easter Pairs held on one night in March. 

Ina Morton Trophy (2002) Pairs competition held over three nights in April-May. Butler scoring. Best two scores count. 

2021-22 Prize Winners


For winners 2021-22 click on the Competitions box on left

CD Pairs (6)
Director: Sandy
Scorer: Mairi Shiels
Tanner Trophy (1)
Director: Margaret
Scorer: Mairi Shiels
CD Pairs (5)
Director: Chris
Scorer: Mairi Shiels
2nd Feb 2023
Tanner Trophy (2)
Director: Shiena
9th Feb 2023
CD Pairs (7)
Director: Mairi
16th Feb 2023
Tanner Trophy (3)
Director: Chris