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Nov 23 - Dec 3  Fall NABC - Atlanta

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Dec 11 - 17  Boca Raton Regional


Jan 1-7, 2024, Orlando Regional,

Jan 8-11, 2024, Villages NLM Sectional

Jan 12-14, 2024, Vero Beach Sectional

Jan 29-31, 2024, Sarasota Sectional

Feb 1-4, Palm Coast Sectional

Feb 16-18, 2024, Jacksonville Sectional

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Three Day Announcement

Amelia Island Three-Day Tournament

Your club is offering a new type of free, weekly event organized by our Club Manager, Ben Dickens, on the Bridge Base Online platform. The game is an individual three-day tournament in which you play ten boards against robots as your defensive opponents. There is no bidding, just declarer play with everyone playing the same contract. Your results will be compared to the other players in the tournament. You can play the ten hands at your convenience anytime Friday through Sunday. Ben will be providing expert analysis on some of the hands. So, you can enjoy this event as a competition or just as a fun teaching exercise to hone your declarer play.

A more detailed description of the event can be found here: Amelia Island Three Day