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Winter cold ?

    If you are feeling unwell - or - have a cold or Flu - please stay away until you are fully recovered !!     

Use Lateral Flow Tests daily to check if is more than cold !!

Playing Bridge Online

  Bridge Base Online  

Assistance is always available.

Vu-Bridge is a fine website where you can practice your bidding and play to your hearts content. There is no software to download and there is no subscription fee.

So, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player there is always room for futher development of the bridge skills.  

 Above is the link to VU-Bridge.. Have fun !

New: Vu-Bridge Defender

Click here to play free hands

V-Green e-Newsletter: improve your Bridge skills - all levels

Section 1
Scorer: Paul Codd
Tuesday Pairs
Scorer: Don Culver
Section 1
Scorer: Paul Codd
Welcome to All Saints' Bridge Club


 We are a small independant bridge club.

For location please see 'Information' in main menu.

Although not affiliated we follow the EBU rules.

All players are welcome. To join\play please contact the Club Secretary  Iris Cooper


COVID Procedures
RISK Assessment
The Club has agreed a Risk Assessment with the Church committee.
Only fully vaccinated members and visitors may attend.   

Members or their guests must not attend:

- if they have symptoms of Covid 19

- they are told to self-isolate by NHS Test & Trace

Doors and windows will be left open.

Members must wear masks in the Church Centre if not seated and observe social distancing this includes the bar area.

Any rubbish will be collected, properly bagged and disposed of hygienically.

Please use hand sanitiser on entering the Church Centre and after visiting the toilets.

Good hygiene practices will be encouraged.

Any equipment provided by Bridge Club will be cleaned regularly throughout the session.

The Club will clean light switches, tables, door handles, loo door handles etc. The church will clean the upholstered chairs.

Coffee/tea supplied only from the machine in the bar.

The NHS QR code for the Club will be displayed prominently for those that wish to make use of it.

♠   ♣                                                                                ♠   ♣ 

 Please familiarise yourselves with the COVID related instructions above.

It is anticipated that there will be only two sections. There will be no promotion, relegation or prize money for the present. 

Please fill tables as you arrive to minimise re-seating. Either bring your own bidding boxes or collect them and keep them with you all night.

The entrance fee is now £3.00 (£4.00 for visitors) to be put in the bags on tables. Please ensure that there is as little loose change as possible.

At the end of the evening please assist with cleaning down and sanitising.

With the present uncertainty it is difficult to anticipate every eventuality. Please bear with us whilst we settle into a routine which may have to be revised.

Geoff Bate-Jones
Geoff Bate-Jones

It is with great sadness to report the passing of our longstanding Chairman on Monday 10th January.

A mainstay in the club for many many years. His stentorian tones will echo round the bridge room for years to come. A larger than life man involved in many activities - an impossible act to follow!

When there is more information it will be passed on.

Tony F

Duplicate Bridge conventions

This club bases its rules on the Laws of Duplicate Bridge (ACOL) as laid out by the E.B.U. with some minor adjustments. In the main, it follows the Simplified Rules of Duplicate Bridge as defined in the “Yellow Book”.  Any unusual convention should be alerted. Non-ACOL should also  be alerted and described on a convention card for all to read.

The Rules of bridge were updated August 2017.

Develop Your Bridge
Develop Your Bridge

 For those of you that wish to learn new conventions - and maybe, brush up on the old ones - Andrew Kambites (a well know International and national player) has kindly offered some of his notes. These cover a wide range of topics. Many are quite conventional some are not. So - something for everyone.

Check Useful Links.