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10th May 2021 17:31 BST
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Keeping touch with distant family and friends

ZOOM is amongst the many recommended methods.


Welcome to All Saints' Bridge Club
ASBC is closed until further notice
ASBC is closed until further notice
Easing of restrictions will happen 17th May but many 20+ will still need their vaccinations.
When considered safe to return all members will be contacted.
There may be a 'set of rules' for your safety.
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Government Health Guidelines

Wash your hands for 20 seconds at the start of any new activity. Dry your hands thoroughly. Use a Hand sanitiser only as an alternative.

 ONLY dial 111 if very unwell or 119 if tested positive. Local pharmacies have well-trained staff to help you.

Still observe social distancing. Wear a  face mask in public at all times, groups of six can now meet up in a park\garden. If you walk in the park you may need your own folding chairs. The advice is to 'stay local' rather than 'stay home'. Keep exercising! Even with the infection rate falling, we should still not relax

About 33% of the UK have had both jabs and about 66%% have had their first vaccination. The over '40's are being vaccinated now. It takes about three weeks for the vaccine to be effective. The projected plan at present is, by the end of July, everyone will have been offered the vaccine.  Don't forget to have your Booster! Keep your vaccination record card - it could well come in useful. A digital vaccination passport will be required to travel. Bear 21st June in mind - if on track - all restrictions may be removed ! 

If you feel unwell, headaches, fluey etc, 3 or 4 days after a vaccination, check with your doctor!

Use the precautions we have all got used to. STAY SAFE!!  Hopefully, we'll avoid anything nasty!

If the suggested target dates are met, life will become more tolerable. Onwards and upwards! 

Duplicate Bridge conventions

This club bases its rules on the Laws of Duplicate Bridge (ACOL) as laid out by the E.B.U. with some minor adjustments. In the main, it follows the Simplified Rules of Duplicate Bridge as defined in the “Yellow Book”.  Any unusual convention should be alerted. Non-ACOL should also  be alerted and described on a convention card for all to read.

The Rules of bridge have been updated from the beginning of August 2017.

Exercise for Seniors

Caution - exercise should be done in moderation.

Exercise for Seniors     Gentle Exercise for Seniors

Click on above links.

A mixture of yoga and gentle exercises for everyone.

Playing Bridge Online

After 17 May 2021 small groups from two families will be able to meet up indoors.

To entertain yourselves why not play bridge online?

 Log into Bridge Base Online  

Click on the above link to 'explore' the potential.

Should it be required - assistance is always available.