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3rd Aug 2021 19:47 BST
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Welcome to All Saints' Bridge Club
ASBC is closed at the present time.
ASBC is closed at the present time.
All members will be notifed when the Bridge Club is to open.
The chuch committee is working with all groups. Risk assessment has to be agreed on a group by group basis. You may know by now that approval has been reached for the bar to open on Friday evenings with film nights being considered in the near future. 
As for ASBC there may be some who may wish to wait a while longer.
(Very much a personal view!!)
There may be a 'set of rules' for your safety.
♠   ♣                                        ♠   ♣ 
Government Guidance

Wash and dry hands thoroughly or, use a hand sanitiser.

 ONLY dial 111 if very unwell or 119 if tested positive.  Lateral flow tests are now freely available.

 All restriction are now relaxed. Stay aware - infection rate is still high.

(Having had both jabs the new symptoms, of infection, may seem much like a very heavy cold).

Remain mindful. (Keep you mask handy!)

Tony F.

Duplicate Bridge conventions

This club bases its rules on the Laws of Duplicate Bridge (ACOL) as laid out by the E.B.U. with some minor adjustments. In the main, it follows the Simplified Rules of Duplicate Bridge as defined in the “Yellow Book”.  Any unusual convention should be alerted. Non-ACOL should also  be alerted and described on a convention card for all to read.

The Rules of bridge were updated August 2017.

Playing Bridge Online

  Bridge Base Online  

Assistance is always available.

Vu-Bridge is a fine website where you can practice your bidding and play to your hearts content. There is no software to download and there is no subscription fee.

So, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player there is always room for futher development of the bridge skills.  

 Above is the link to VU-Bridge.. Have fun !

New: Vu-Bridge Defender

Click here to play free hands

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