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Bridge assistance

We are very fortunate to have a member that teaches bridge, Andrew Sobell (1Drew1) - further information is available in Useful Links  - or - direct from Andrew.

Welcome to The English Acol Club
About the Club
About the Club

       The club started early in 2020, eventually evolving into its present format. There is no cost involved to play.   New members can register here -> Email (please include your BBO Alias).


Tournaments times are:  Sunday and Monday at 7.30pm.

                            and:  Thursday and Friday at 2.15pm.

It is preferable to arrive 10-15 minutes early in case of problems.


    TEA Club is a Members Only Club and is a registered host with Bridgbase Online. (Bridgebase). Look, say, 15 minutes before for the Hostname in Free Tournaments.

    Periodically the membership list is updated - to remove 'dormant' members. 

    If - for any reason - you find yourself unable to join any tournament - please contact the club  here -> Email


Admin: Vesian.


Every Tuesday evening at 7.45pm UK time, CEDAR (Alan) ably assisted by POCO1 (Colin) are running very popular sessions. Players will be invited to play random hands. Cedar will comment on points of interests after each hand. Zoom will be used, a link being provided on the day for players and kibitzers. To join in each session goto 'Casual'  - then 'Private and Public Clubs' and select 'LESSON'. Alternatively find Cedar and join his table. (you may wish to use 'follow' for future reference).

The session will last approximately one hour and maybe extended if there is the demand.

These sessions are looked after by Poco1 (Colin) and Cedar (Alan). Please contact them if you need further information.

League Tables

In the Menu there is a label, 'Competitions' where you can check how well you are doing. For individual days (and for the October to December period 2023). You may find your name mentioned more than once in a tourney - this is based on playing with different partners.

Make your link more stable

    When you're playing on BBO - how often does your link drop out for no apparent reason? To reduce the number of times you find yourself out of the tournament or game there are couple of things you may like to try. Firstly - in a quiet time - turn off you router for about five minutes. After turning it back on, your router has to re-sync with your service provider. The second thing to try is to reset your chosen browser. Remove all saved data - this is achieved via' Settings'. These changes should help you to stay connected for longer. The feeling is BBO may be suspect to minor issues from the local end.

Playing Rules

This notice is reviewed regularly. Any new notes will be added as needed.

All members will be expected to follow the EBU rule book whilst playing in this club.

Highly unusual methods and psychic bids are not allowed !

  The following is to ensure there is no misunderstanding.  

Please remember 1NT is 12-14 and balanced  - ANY variation must to be alerted. (Holding a five card suit still enables you to open 1NT but also must be alerted).

Using the Rule of 19 to open a suit is allowed. Plenty of info, about this, on the Web.

Opening a weak 2 must be SIX cards with a points range of 6-10. (Any variation must be alerted).

Anything less will be considered a psyche and appropriate action will be taken!

Replay a hand

This video clip shows how to replay a hand via the club website.

Click on this link

Getting in touch

To contact the club - about ideas or queries please use Main Email Address

Personal Analysis

We all like to think we play a steady game - most of the time.

There is a way of showing how well you are playing individually. In the main menu select Results then Personal Analysis.

Below the main group of names are all the others you have played with. If you click on players it will re-order the list to show how many times you have played and with which player.

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