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10th Jul 2020 16:23 BST
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10th Jul 2020 16:22 BST
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Welcome to Allendale Bridge Club

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New Online Pairs Tournaments at Allendale

Allendale Bridge Club is running regular Online Pairs Tournaments every week on the BBO platform. These events are open to all players in Dorset.

We will be running one event in the afternoon and one in the evening as follows :-

Tuesdays at 7pm.

Fridays at 2pm.

Players should be familiar with BBO before entering Tournaments. If you need help to get started, please let us know.

Click ABC Online Pairs Regulations.pdf to view detailed information about the pairs events.

As these events are restricted to local players, you must advise the club of your BBO ID before BBO will accept your registration. 

Players may play with Guests. If you need help in finding a partner, please let us know – we will fix you up.

Online Bridge IDs

Online Bridge IDs for BBO and BCL (where known) have now been included in the membership database. These can be viewed in the Members Only section of the web site. You can add and amend these details within your membership record or advise us of any changes needed.

Would you like to learn how to play Online Bridge ?

If any member would like to learn how to play your favourite game online, let us know. We will get one of our experienced online members to talk you through it. Write to Allendale Bridge Club to request help.

Bridge - Online Sites

Whilst the club is closed, you may wish to consider the following online sites in order to keep playing Bridge :-

BridgeClubLive. A UK based service with payment for full access. Can earn EBU Masterpoints. Allendale has now been registered as a club on BCL, so that you can see other members who are online, arrange matches and compare results with other members.

Bridge Base Online. A US based service, mainly free with paid extras. EBU run tournaments where you can earn masterpoints.

Funbridge. A European service, with payment for access. Playing with 3 robots. Can earn EBU masterpoints.

See EBU for details of EBU tournaments.

If you have any questions or comments, please write to

Allendale Bridge Club - All Sessions Cancelled

All sessions at Allendale Bridge Club are cancelled until further notice. 

Keep safe.

Competitive and friendly Bridge
Competitive and friendly Bridge


Novice Friendly

Duplicate, Teams and Rubber Bridge

EBU Affiliated

Visitors and new members welcome

Partners found

Large Car Park (Free after 6pm)

The Allendale Bridge Club combines friendly bridge with competitive bridge. So we welcome all bridge players, from the most experienced to the keen beginner. We have about 200 members – some are extremely competent, others are relatively new to the game.


The Club actively discourages any aggressive behaviour. Our qualified tournament directors ensure that bridge is played by the EBU laws in a friendly atmosphere. We support the EBU's BB&B code - Best Behaviour @ Bridge.

Duplicate is played on Monday and Thursday evenings and Rubber bridge is on Tuesday afternoons. We also run various teams events. 

2020 AGM

The committee has met online to decide on our plans for the 2020 AGM.

Although, we could run the AGM online, the committee has decided there is no compelling need to do so.

In addition the following was agreed :-

  • The accounts will be closed as usual on the 30th June and draft accounts will be published on the web site.
  • Current 2019/20 members will continue to be members into 2020/21.
  • No subscription fee will be charged at this time.
  • The current officers and committee of the club will continue in place until we are able to hold an AGM. All current committee members have agreed to continue.
  • We will schedule an AGM as soon as it is safe to do so.

Congratulations to members who have achieved an EBU rank promotion this month :-

Geoff Bell                Premier National Master

Richard Denning     Premier Master

Dick Hyde                Area Master

Click Title to view who has achieved an EBU rank promotion during the last year.

Click to view the Masterpoint ranks .

Online Pairs
Director: Robin Wright
Scorer: John Gardner
Online Pairs
Director: Mike Jackson
Scorer: Robin Wright
Online Pairs
Director: Mark Hooper
Scorer: John Gardner
Online Pairs
Director: Mke Hornung
Scorer: Robin Wright
14th Jul 2020
Online Pairs
6:50 for 7pm
16th Jul 2020
Online Pairs
6:50 for 7pm
17th Jul 2020
Online Pairs
1:50 for 2pm
21st Jul 2020
Online Pairs
6:50 for 7pm
23rd Jul 2020
Online Pairs
6:50 for 7pm
24th Jul 2020
Online Pairs
1:50 for 2pm