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A great time was had by all – especially the winners!
A great time was had by all – especially the winners!

Steve Dannell and Paul Darby triumphed overall when ABC rounded up 11 full tables for its first blue-pointed face-to-face all day extravaganza since BC – Before Covid.

“What a really pleasant day it was,” said Paul. “It was lovely to see so many people supporting the event!”

Congratulations are also due to runners-up Mervyn Scutter and Bryony Seppings - and an extremely honorable mention for third-placed Val Bobbins and Jan Pooley.

Val fitted in playing bridge between organising a little light  lunchtime catering, grace of Mr Waitrose’s finest offerings and willing assistance on the day from daughter-in-law Amy.

“ It was just so lovely to see the room buzzing again and we had a great day”, said Val.

Amy recently suffered from breast cancer and, now she is in remission, gave a short talk about her fundraising for the charity Little Lifts, which provides boxes of morale-boosting treats for patients undergoing treatment.

Big thank you also to Graham Ware for directing and keeping the day running so smoothly and to Neil Tracey for sorting out the movement and keeping score.

And, she was far too modest to mention it, but biggest thank you of all to the usually unsung hero Barbara Baker who was the inspiration behind the event and, as all too often, did more than her fair share to make it happen!

Getting Back to Bridge

It can all feel rather daunting.

Some of us, for whatever reason, didn't take to playing bridge online. With lockdown and shielding that might mean you haven't picked up a card for two years. 

We understand. And we hope we've come up with a solution to ease you back gently into the game we love. The ABC committee has members on standby to partner you and help you get your confidence back up again. It's like riding a bike. Give it a try and it will all come back to you - and we promise not to get impatient if it's a slow process!

Just go to the bottom right Find a Partner item on this page and say you need a Back to Bridge partner.

7th December 2023
Club Pairs
Costessey Centre 1.30pm
13th December 2023
Club Pairs
RealBridge 1.30pm
14th December 2023
Club Pairs
Costessey Centre 1.30pm
20th December 2023
Individual Handicap (9)
RealBridge 1.30pm
Winter Trophy (3)
Scorer: Barbara Baker
Club Pairs
Director: Graham Ware
Scorer: Michael Sabberton
Club Pairs
Director: Peter Cotes
Scorer: Jane Scarfe
Club Pairs
Director: Peter Cotes
Scorer: Michael Sabberton
Competition Winners 2023/24

Peter Falgate Trophy - Gary Putman & Karen Read

Wendy Gee Charity Pairs -  Ben Roberts & Richard Thornley

Summer Trophy - Mike Sabberton & Richard Thornley

Chairman's Trophy - 

Individual Competition - 

Pairs Competition - 

Winter Trophy - 

Individual Handicap - 

ABC Open Pairs Trophy - 




* MORE* Masterpoint promotions

Congratulations to ABC members  who are celebrating EBU masterpoint rank promotions in May. Well done to:

John Dennis Life Master
Nicki Cann 1 Star Master

Added to our existing recent roll of honour:


Paddy Seligman 3 Star Master
Graham Hardman  7 Star Regional Master

Paul Hutchings  1 Star Master

Bob Browne  Club Master
Carol Browne  Club Master

Chris Mallon  Premier National Master
Penelope Stroud  1 Star Regional Master
Gabriel Ip  Grand Master
David Gill  2 Star Master
Jane De La Tour  1 Star Master
Romesh Bandaranaike  Club Master
Rasika Karunatilake  Club Master


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The Afternoon Bridge Club is affiliated to the EBU and the NCBA (Norfolk Contract Bridge Association).