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18th Jan 2021 15:05 CADT
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Welcome to Adelaide Bridge Centre
Beginners Class

The Adelaide Bridge Centre will be holding it's next Beginners Class on Sunday the 28th of March at 10am.

If you have any interest in the Session, contact David at 0417 460 221 or at



Membership is now due!

We will be sorting Membership out during January, if you wish to pay in person talk to one of our directors during the session. If you want to pay via bank transfer, text or call David on 0417 460 221.


Thank you very much!

Back to 22 tables!

With the Restrictions easing, The Adelaide Bridge Centre can go back to having the 22 tables as like before lockdown.

Meaning that those busier sessions no longer need to book. Look forward to seeing you at the club!

26th January 2021
Tuesday Afternoon Supervised
Abergeldie House
Director: David Gue
26th January 2021
Tuesday Night Supervised
Abergeldie House
Director: David Gue
27th January 2021
Wednesday Afternoon Supervised
Abergeldie House
Director: David Gue
Tuesday Morning Duplicate
Director: Philip Cheney
Scorer: Peter Busch
Monday Morning Duplicate
Director: Edi Sfreddo
Scorer: Peter Busch
Monday Afternoon Supervised
Director: David Gue
Scorer: Peter Busch