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Kudos to All!

Read the FORUM Magazine online

Access the online Forum Magazine by clicking on the page link at the upper left of our homepage. See the latest D-22 news, Tournament information and results, Unit newsletters, helpful bridge tips and more!

Unit 533 Annual Awards

Unit 533's Annual Awards Program and Unit Game takes place every April. To see photos and a list of all 2018 Winners, click on  Awards and Races  at the upper left of this page.

Welcome to ACBL Unit 533
About our Website
About our Website


Our website has all the information you need about the duplicate bridge community in the Coachella Valley, from Palm Springs to Indio.  Please use the page links on the left side of our home page to navigate the website.

FIND YOUR GAME - Locations and Times

Clubs in the Coachella Valley offer a wide range of games for beginning to seasoned bridge players. For a complete guide to Duplicate Bridge Games, with locations and times, please use the  Game Schedule  link on the far left side of this page.

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It's STaC Week!

ACBL Districts 22 & 23, covering all of southern California, are combined for this STaC Week, November 11-17. Win big Silver points competing with players from over 40 clubs all across the southland in this Sectional Tournament at Clubs. Play at your favorite participating clubs in the Coachella Valley and take home bagsful of Silver!

For STaC Results, Click here.

The Palm Springs Regional is December 9th - 15th

Palm Springs Regional

December 9th thru 15th

Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort and Spa
in Rancho Mirage

This year's tournament kicks off with Glenna Shannahan's 2-hour lecture on "Using Attitude Signals Like an Expert" for Intermediate/Newcomer players, at 11:00 am on Monday, December 9th at the Westin - Contact Diane Jobin at for reservations. Click here for more information about the great I/N programs being offered all week.

To our Unit Members and Snowbirds - Please carpool if at all possible to the Westin. Players who carpool, 2 or more people, in a car or van, are eligible for the daily 2:00 PM Free Play Carpool Raffle Drawing.  Stop by the Hospitality Table to obtain your entry!

For complete Tournament Information, Click here

November 5th Unit Game in Clubs Winners


Unit Game in Clubs Winners
November 5


DCBC at Temple Sinai Open

1st Overall - T Chernuchin & David Segal, N/S
1st E/W - Rowena Huberman & Frank Rappaport

DCBC at Temple Sinai 399er

1st Overall - Sally Burrage & Catherine King, N/S
1st E/W - Bernice Gevurtz & Roberta Wolff, E/W

Duncan Bridge Center Open

1st Overall - Jim Weeks & Jim Darvey, E/W
1st N/S - Carol Van Court & Bill Berke

Duncan Bridge Center 0-750

1st Overall - Joni & Bill Maxwell, N/S
1st E/W - Bruce Cameron & Susan Anderson

Your 2019 Bridge Bucket List!
Your 2019 Bridge Bucket List!

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North American
Bridge Championships

San Francisco

November 28 - December 8

Click here
for Complete Schedule and Planning Information


*  *  *  *  *  *

SoCal Winter Regional

January 27 - February 2

Hilton Orange County
Costa Mesa

Click here for the flyer

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Palm Springs
Sun & Fun Sectional


February 14 -15, 2020

Duncan Bridge Center
Palm Desert


*   *   *   *   *   *

Roadrunner NLM Regional

March 5 - 8, 2020

Duncan Bridge Center
Palm Desert

For complete
Tournament Information,
Click here

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2020 Board of Directors Election


The Nominating Committee is seeking candidates to serve on the Board of Directors of Unit 533. If you are interested in being considered for one of the three (3) open positions, Click here to download the Candidate Application Form. The Form may also be obtained from any club director or by contacting a member of the Nominating Committee:

Randy Bissett, Nominating Committee Member -
Rosee Hertz, Nominating Committee Member -
Martha Jenkins, ACBL Unit 533 Board Liaison -
John Kubisty, Nominating Committee Chair -

Nance Lodge, Nominating Committee Member -
Cookie Ostrow, Nominating Committee Member -

Board Members will be elected at the Annual Meeting on January 26, 2020. They will serve for a 3-year period expiring January 31, 2023. Please give serious thought to serving our duplicate bridge community. The Nominating Committee will present the slate of candidates to the Board of Directors at the December Board Meeting. Please complete and deliver the application by Monday, December 2, 2019 to any Nominating Committee member. Delivery by Email is acceptable.

Please be advised that as required by our bylaws, ARTICLE VI - UNIT BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Section 3(b) and Section 3(c), additional nominations may be made by petition from the general membership. A nominating petition must contain the approval of the nominee and twenty- five (25) signatures of members in good standing. No nominations from the floor are permitted. Nominations made by petition from the general membership must be received by the Board of Directors by December 20, 2019. Only validated nominations shall be publicized in the Notice of the Annual Meeting and in absentee ballots requested by and mailed to members.

Tuesday Morning Session
(Duncan BC)
Director: Cookie Ostrow
Open Pairs & 399ers
(Desert Cities)
1:00 PM
Director: Scott J. Magged
Aft Open Stac
(Duncan BC)
1:00 PM
Director: Sean Lui
Tuesday Sanctioned Game
Montecito Club House 12:30
Director: Rich Rodeman
Invitational Pairs
Director: Bob Rodriguez
Director: Marie Covey
Sun Nov 17, 2019
Sunday Swiss Unit Game
A Swiss Teams Unit Game on Sunday. The Unit pays the extra sanction fees for the game as part of our "Give Back to Members" program.
Fri Nov 22, 2019
Unit-Wide Game in Clubs
Compete against all players in all participating clubs (similar to a STAC game, but only within Unit 533). The Unit pays the extra sanction fees for the game as part of our "Give Back to Members" program.
Sun Dec 1, 2019
Annual Holiday Party and Unit Game
Unit 533's Annual Holiday Party includes a full lunch followed by a Unit game. The Unit pays the extra sanction fees for the game as part of our "Give Back to Members" program.
More Games Coming this Season

With the return of more temperate weather and the expected arrival of our snowbirds over the next few months, there will be many more games offered by the various clubs here in the valley.
Visit our Game Schedule page to find all the new games becoming available - Click here!

In 2020, Unit 533 is sponsoring 22 Unit Games, including 16 Unit Games in Clubs, 3 Unit-Wide Games in Clubs and 3 Unit Games at Annual Unit events.  Play at your favorite club in our Unit Games in Clubs and Unit-Wide Games in Clubs throughout the year! For the
Schedule of all upcoming Unit Games,
Click here.

Free Pre-Game Lessons, Q&A's

Free pre-game lessons are being offered at several of our local clubs
at Duncan Bridge Center:
Tuesday w/Cookie Ostrow & Saturday w/Mick Riccio at 8:30 am,
Wednesday w/Sean Lui at 11:15 am.

at MHDBC at Joslyn:
Monday & Thursday w/Anne Lund & Gary Delestine at 12:00 noon.
at DCBC at Temple Sinai:
Saturday w/Jamie Alperin at 12:30 pm.

"Back to Bridge" - with The Monroes

Karol & Guy Monroe are offering two one-day "Back to Bridge" seminars at Marrakesh Bridge Club in Palm Desert on November 10th and 24th from 1:45 to 4:30 pm. For more information and reservations visit

Dave Cummings Teaches at MHDBC

MHDBC at The Joslyn Center announces Dave Cummings' new class for Advancing Players, Fridays from 9:30 to 11:30 am on "2-over-1," starting December 6th. Click here for the class flyer. For additional information contact Dave at or 928-301-7115.

Bill Treble's's Free Classes at DCBC

Desert Cities Bridge Club is offering a series of classes on "Defense" in January, taught by Bill Treble, on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm at Temple Sinai in Palm Desert, starting January 13.  The classes are sponsored by Desert Cities Bridge Foundation, and are offered free to all attendees. For more information, visit

Mimi David's "I Love Bridge" Classes in La Quinta

Mimi David's "I Love Bridge" series of classes are being offered at the La Quinta Wellness Center. Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced classes, with start dates in November, January and February.
Click Here
 to read the flyer. For additional information, please contact Mimi at or (760) 636-9816.

Beginner and I/N Games in the Valley

Duncan Bridge Center in Palm Desert offers a 0-20 game with supervised play on Friday and Saturday at 9:00 am, a 299er game on Tuesday and Friday at 9:00 am, a 399er game on Saturday at 9:00 am, and 0-750  games on Monday through Saturday at 1:00 pm.

MHDBC at the Joslyn Center offers 499er games on Monday, Thursday and Friday at 12:30 pm.

Desert Cities Bridge Club at Temple Sinai offers a 399er game on Tuesday at 1:00 pm and Friday at 10:00 am, and 499er games on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 1:00 pm.

All beginning and advancing players are invited to participate in these friendly games. Meet new friends and improve your bridge skills!

Classes, Seminars and Workshops

MHDBC at the Joslyn Center, Classes, Events: Click Here

Duncan Bridge Center, Classes & More: Click Here

Desert Cities Bridge Foundation, Classes, Events: Click Here

Bridge With The Monroes, Classes, Events: Click Here

Mick's DynaMick Bridge, Classes, Seminars: Click Here

70% Honor Roll
71.73% Enid Herbstman & Steve Goldstein DCBC Oct 31
71.43% T Chernuchin & Gary Solomon DCBC Oct 24
71.73% Enid Herbstman & Steve Goldstein DCBC Oct 17
73.61% Bruce Cameron & Susan Anderson DBC Oct 3
76.46% Jim Weeks & Jim Darvey DBC Oct 1
71.67% Jana McCormick & Marcy Blumstein DBC Sep 23
73.38% Mary & Fred Flegal DBC Sep 17
72.92% Mac Becket & Karen Michael PSCC Aug 23
70.13% Randy Bissett & Mac Becket DCBC Aug 6
75.00% Jack and Jeanie Bratton MBC Aug 3
76.88% Susie Layne Carr & Joyce Gannon DBC Jul 18
70.83% Taewoong Kim & Carlene Williams DBC Jul 8
71.81% Jim Weeks & Martin Blain DBC Jul 3
71.43% Enid Herbstman & Sue Blom DBC Jul 2
73.08% HoMing Yim & Joe Hopkins DBC Jun 29
70.23% Larry & Vicki Graves DBC Jun 27
70.02% Neil Stern & Martin Gellman MHDBC Jun 27
72.92% Nancy Thompsen & Jamie Alperin MHDBC Jun 24
72.08% Mary Terell & Karen Brandt PSCC May 29
71.85% Marty Martin & Arnie Landsman DBC May 29
71.69% Mary Terell & Karen Brandt PSCC May 24
75.50% Shelley Mann & Abigail Wright DCBC May 17
74.40% Lori Kiefer & Enid Herbstman DBC May 13
74.19% Jim Darvey & David Lodge DCBC May 9
72.22% Sandra & Ron Livingston MBC May 3
  As reported by Club Directors