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Welcome to ACBLunit364
Colorado West Unit 364

American Contract Bridge League, Colorado West Unit 364 
Our previous domain address ( has been retrieved and will point every user to this site ( The present site will be developed as our new source of information.
To Contact the Unit 364 Board of Directors please email:
Board of Directors
Board of Directors
New Unit 364 Board of Directors as of November 20th, 2023:
Heidi Schoenstein - President
Cara-Lyn Lappen - Vice President
Joe Heideman - Secretary
Greg Westerwick - Treasurer
Tim Ellis 
Mitch Hayne
Stephen Huber
George Fuller - Unit Tournament Chair/Coordinator
Mike Lynch
Appointed and non-voting Unit Webmaster: Thomas A. McCalden
2024 Unit 364 Sectional Tournaments

The Doc Holliday Sectional Tournament in Glenwood Springs, CO May 3-5, 2024. Glenwood Springs Community Center.  Hotel blocks at the Courtyard Marriott & Residence Inn. Annual Business Meeting!

The Four Corners Sectional Tournament in Durango, CO June 7-9, 2024. VFW # 4031 on Main Ave.

The Vail Summer Sectional Tournament in Avon, CO August 2-4, 2024. Homestake Peak School on Eagle Rd.

The Peach Sectional Tournament in Grand Junction, CO August 23-25, 2024. Courtyard Marriott on Horizon Dr.  Hotel blocks at the Courtyard Marriott.

♠ Mark your calendars!  Get a partner!  Plan to be there! ♣

bridge photos!
bridge photos!

CADDY PLEASE!   2018 Peach

Aspen Bridge Club

The Aspen Bridge Club is located in (where else!) Aspen.The club plays at the Colorado Mountain College. The campus is on CO highway 82 just opposite the Aspen regional airport. Colorado Mountain College, Aspen Campus
0255 Sage Way, Aspen, CO 81611
(970) 925-7740

GAMES: In-person bridge 1:00 PM Tuesdays at Aspen CMC Room 126.

Director in charge is Richard Paxton. For more information, contact Richard at (270) 210-3311 or at email Note that reservations are required!
Black Canyon Bridge Club

Lions Clubhouse

602 North Nevada Ave.

Montrose, CO  81401

Contact via email:

(970) 240-1602

Tom Koehler, director

Tues 12:30pm

Crested Butte Bridge Club

Manager is Leah Williams

Phone 970-349-1862

Contact Leah for information about times and locations.

The Durango Duplicate Bridge Club is the most Southern club in our Unit and is located in Durango, CO.
Club's website -- Durango
Contact Wayne Caplan for more information 970-749-7590 or

Grand Junction - Bookcliffs Bridge Club
The Bookcliffs Bridge Club is located in Grand Junction.

The club plays at 3103 Pine Cone Ct, Grand Junction.   

Games:  Fridays at 12:30PM

Contact Marilyn McLaughlin at 970-244-9989

Grand Junction - Grand Slam Bridge Club

Grand Slam of GJ- Duplicate Bridge Club - Grand Junction, CO
Mondays at 12:15

Redlands Community Center

2463 Broadway, Grand Junction, CO

Reservations required


Or          ACBL Live, Grand Slam of GJ

Please contact the club manager, Sharon Snyder @ 970-216-8807 or for reservations or additional information.

Telluride Bridge Club

The Telluride Bridge Club is located in beautiful Telluride, CO.  The Club plays at 12.30 pm on Monday afternoons at the Wilkinson Public Library, 100 W. Pacific in the Town of Telluride in the Summer and early Fall, and various locations at other times.

All players are welcome, but Reservations are Required. 
Contact - Charles Davidow at 703-505-7096 and
Vail Valley Bridge Club
Face-to-face Games at the Vail Christian High School 
Ditectors Marcia and Tom McCalden will be gone running bridge on a cruise ship - returning at end of April. A new game schedule will be posted at that time. Spring + Summer schedule developed later
No food or beverages are provided - bring your own for your personal consumption.

Vail Christian High School - Highway 6 - 2 miles west of the main Edwards intersection - Mondays 1-4PM throughout the Fall_Winter-Spring. Fridays return in Spring.

For up-to-date information about where and when we play and for the results of past games, see the Vail Valley Bridge Club Web

Director in charge is Marcia McCalden. Contact Marcia at (970) 926-9326, or send her an e-mail.

3rd May 2024
3rd May 2024
Doc Holliday Sectional
 More Info
4th May 2024
Doc Holliday Sectional Tournament
Glenwood Springs, CO
7th June 2024
Four Corners Sectional Tournament
Durango, CO
The Four Corners Sectional Tournament will be held June 7-9 in Durango, CO.