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District 16 Star Award

2022 District Star Award, Unit 225 - Sandra O'Bannon


Sandra O-BannonSandra has been serving as Treasurer for Unit 225 during the past 4 years.

During this time, she undertook the arduous task of having our state tax exemption status reinstated.

This process involved hours researching archives for past income tax documents, consulting with a CPA to submit the proper documentation, and numerous phone calls with various state and federal tax entities.

Reinstating the Unit’s tax-exempt status will save the Unit thousands of dollars in the future.

Beyond the job of Treasurer, Sandra has served as Chair of Nominating Committee, Co-Chair of the 2019 Tournament of Roses, Hospitality Chair, Awards Subcommittee, and others.  Sandra’s willing spirit serves the Unit and her clubs in a myriad of ways.

She is very deserving of the  District Star Award for Unit 225.

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