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Virtual Club News June 30, 2021

The final week of July is another gold Week.  That will be July 26th through August 1st .  All of you who need gold, take this opportunity to earn gold.    $7.  All games Monday – Sunday that week.  With the prospect of Regionals returning sometime this fall, I would not be surprised if this is the last of these opportunities for a while.  Come collect gold while you can!

 Hope to see you soon.  Any questions call the director or Barbara at 757-710-6578, Dick at (757) 620-6057, Marshall at 757-348-2797 or email.

Last updated : Jul 24, 2021 11:33 EDT
Virtual Club News June 11, 2021

NAP Qualifiers are here

Barb’s Bridge Battalion will hold her first one Friday, June 18 in the 2:30 pm game. 

This game will pay out double points with half red.  Everyone with a 50% or over game will qualify, as well as ½ of the field in each strata.  It’s a little complicated as the strata are figured normally and your points are based on that stratification.  Then the ACBL re- stratifies based on the open>2,500> 500 strata breaks for the NAP.  Thus you might be the only C (under 500) pair in a game and no matter what you qualify. Note that if a field has 2 or fewer pairs, both pairs will qualify.

This is a good year to try it because the District qualifying round will be online.  You do not have to travel to Northern Virginia to further qualify.  If you win that round you qualify to play in the finals in a national event next year.  First and second get reimbursed some of the costs.  So come play.  No robots for these qualifying games.  Humans only.  You can play and qualify with whomever.  In the next round you will have to find a different partner if you qualify in our game, but your home district is not district 6.  In the district qualifying round, both members of a partnership have to be of that district.

 Neither Nansemond River (Dick Hartman) nor Barb’s Bridge Battalion (Barbara Duer) have any games that conflict with currently scheduled face to face bridge.  So come qualify.

Last updated : Jul 5, 2021 06:31 EDT
The Dummy Speaks

The Dummy Speaks

Director Calls

Thursday a player at another table noticed that even though Jennifer and I were playing at the table, we (actually Randy) had called the director – in this case Bob to our table.  She wisecracked couldn’t Jennifer and I figure it out?  Yes we could, but being directors is why we called a director to our table.  “The” director is the only one who can correct errors.  Unless there is no other director available, “the” director should not be playing at the table in question.

I had made an insufficient bid.  Depending on my answer to his first question, my left-hand opponent has options.  I am still not sure I answered correctly, but I answered and play resumed.

Calling the director does not reflect poorly on the person who erred or on the person who calls the director – assuming civil tone and volume.  Calling the director is following the rules, plain and simple.  It is the cleanest and fastest way to get the game going again.  Please call the director every time it is warranted.  There are many more player error director calls in face to face bridge.  Get used to giving your director a good workout.  That is why we have directors – use them!

Last updated : Jul 24, 2021 11:39 EDT
Virtual Games News

The final week of May is another Silver Lining Week.  All of you who need silver, take this opportunity to earn silver.  Double points all silver.  Also $7.  With the prospect of Sectionals returning sometime this fall,  would not be surprised if this is the last of these opportunities for a while.  Come collect silver while you can!

Last updated : May 29, 2021 08:51 EDT
Local player scores in regionally rated event


Last updated : Jun 7, 2021 16:20 EDT
Unit 146 Board of Directors Meeting (virtual) - May 12 @ 4PM

Unit 146 Board of Directors Meeting (virtual) - May 12 @4PM

Any Unit Member who wishes to attend, please contact Peter Haglick.

Last updated : May 14, 2021 14:25 EDT
Virtual Games News

May is a big online month because there is another Silver Linings week – double points all silver May 24th-30th.  There is a double black points weekend May 15th and 16th.  Then in June is NAP qualifying.  Details to be forthcoming.

Last updated : May 17, 2021 13:03 EDT
Charity Week April 12th - 18th

Charity Week April 12th - 18th Double points all black.  Extra fees go to ACBL Charity Fund.  All Virtual Clubs are participating. $7 per entry.

Last updated : Apr 19, 2021 08:02 EDT
Virtual Swiss Team Games

Barb’s Bridge Battalion had 8 tables for it's first virtual SWISS TEAM game on Thursday April 15th 

Last updated : Apr 25, 2021 07:24 EDT

Barbara Duer (prevous president of Unit 146)  in article on page 30 of April 2021 Bridge Bulletin.

Last updated : May 17, 2021 13:07 EDT
James Fox heads a knockout team in semi-finals NAOBC

NAOBC (North American Online Bridge Championships  March 11-21

Our own Jim Fox headed a knockout team that made it to the semi-finals in the NAOBC. The rest of his team were- Carlos Pellegrini; Neil Chambers - Allan Graves; Maximo Crusizio - Rodrigo Garcia Da Rosa. They were defeated by Levine (Mike Levine - Eddie Wold; Jeff Meckstroth - Eric Rodwell; Geir Helgemo - Tor Helness) who are playing Moss in the finals.

Last updated : Apr 2, 2021 16:42 EDT
Unit 146 Sectional Tournament Schedule

The 2021 Sectional schedule follows:
Spring Sectional May 14-16
Summer Sectional June 11-13
NLM Sectional August 21-22
Fall Sectional September 10-12

Last updated : Apr 2, 2021 16:45 EDT
Virginia Beach Winter Sectional Bridge Tournament Cancelled

Per ACBL guidance, we regret to inform you that the Virginia Beach/Norfolk Winter Sectional Bridge Tournament, scheduled for 15-17 January 2021, has been cancelled due to concern for all our players’ health and safety.

Our next Sectional is scheduled for 14-16 May 2021.  We hope to see you there.

Last updated : Apr 2, 2021 16:44 EDT
New Unit 146 BOD Members

Peter Haglich was chosen to fill a board vacancy effective immediately and Carolyn Riegle was chosen to fill a board vacancy effective 11/1/20.

Last updated : Apr 2, 2021 16:46 EDT

Check the Calendar for game times, they will appear on BBO two hours before start time. 

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The Basics for New BBO Users (PDF Guide) - Susan Powell
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Last updated : Apr 2, 2021 16:47 EDT