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Bridge Center past news
Bridge Center Board Meeting

The Bridge Center Board of Directors will meet on Monday July 12 at 1:30 PM at the Bridge Center to establish post pandemic policies/procedures and to evaluate the future of the Bridge Center.

  The Bridge Center(BC) Board of Directors held a special board meeting on July 12, 2021. Following is a summary of the decisions the board made that effect clubs that hold games at the BC.
    With two exceptions all special BC policies and procedures put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic are cancelled effective July 13, 2021. Remaining in effect is that all players in club games must be fully vaccinated, with no exceptions.Also remaining in effect is that clubs can't provide food. Players may bring there own snacks but none will be provided. Coffee may be served as was previously authorized.
    Effective August 1, 2021 the BC will increase the table rent/fee charged clubs from $14/table to $16/table for their club games. All club owner/managers at the meeting (six in attendance) agreed that effective August 1, 2021 the card playing fee they charge players will be raised from $7/player to $8/Player.
    Policies and procedures that will be in used for ACBL sanctioned tournaments will be up to Unit 146 to put in place.
    Any questions, give me a call.
                                Jim Vroom

Masks not required in Bridge Center

With both the CDC and Virginia lifting the mandate for the fully vaccinated to wear masks indoors the Bridge Center will no longer require the wearing of masks in the building. Still only the fully vaccinated may enter the Bridge Center and temps will be taken on arrival.

Bridge Center Reopening Pause
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Reopening - Note from the Unit President
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Bridge Center Grand Reopening
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Virginia will enter Phase 3 of the coronavirus reopening on July 1. The Bridge Center will reopen for club bridge games on Monday July 6. ..........

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