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Bridge Center past news
Selected Williamsburg Regional Results for Unit 146 Members

Monday 2/26

  • Open Pairs
    • 5th in A:  Brian Schoenfeld and Joel Weintraub
    • 6th in A:  Muh-Sha Crawford (with Kent Massie of Lexington, VA)
    • 5th in C:  Hazel White (with JoAnn Olson of Suffolk)

Tuesday 2/27

  • Open Bracketed Teams Bracket 2
    • 1st: Beth Reshefsky, Martha Dennis, Lynnette Regan, Shary Schlain
  • Open Bracketed Teams Bracket 3
    • 1st: Doug Lahammer (playing with Bill Grewe of Front Royal, VA, Sheryl McEwan of Summit Point, WV, and Brenda Egeland of Haymarket, VA)

Wednesday 2/28

  • Mid-Flight Pairs
    • 1st Barbara Duer and Fred Kovner
  • Gold Rush Pairs
    • 1st  Deborah Line and Stephen Rose
  • Online Gold Rush
    •  2nd Teresa and Dennis Haynes
  • Open Bracketed Teams Bracket 3
    • 1st: Doug Lahammer (playing with Bill Grewe of Front Royal, VA, Sheryl McEwan of Summit Point, WV, and Brenda Egeland of Haymarket, VA)​​​​​​

Thursday 2/29

  • Open Pairs 
    • 2nd in B  Barbara Duer and JoAnn Tucker
  • Online Gold Rush
    • 2nd  in B Teresa and Dennis Haynes
  • Open Bracketed Teams Bracket 2
    • 3rd Peter and Kathy Haglich, Maureen Brines, and Allen Moon of Carroliton, VA

Friday 3/1

  • A/X Swiss
    • 4th  H. Joel Weintraub, Brian Shoenfeld, Muh-Sha Crawford, with Charles Sadowski of Yorktown, VA
    •  3/4 in B Tracy Brines with Joyce Nevell of White Marsh, VA, Maureen Brines with Allen Moon of Carroliton, VA
  • Bracketed Swiss Teams 1
    • 1st  Barbara Duer, JoAnn Tucker, Linda Ankers, and George Holliday
  • Bracketed Teams Bracket 2
    • 1st   Doug Lahammer (playing with Bill Grewe of Front Royal, VA, Sheryl McEwan of Summit Point, WV, and Brenda Egeland of Haymarket, VA)​​​​​​

Unit 146 Members winning significant masterpoints



Barbara Duer Virginia Beach, VA 


Douglas Lahammer Chesapeake, VA 


Brian Schoenfeld Virginia Beach, VA 


Muh-Sha Crawford Hampton, VA 


Maureen Brines Smithfield, VA 


Frederick Kovner Virginia Beach, VA 


H Joel Weintraub Norfolk, VA 


Joann Tucker Norfolk, VA 


Tracy Brines Smithfield, VA 


Shary Schlain Virginia Beach, VA 


Lynnette Regan Norfolk, VA 


Martha Dennis Virginia Beach, VA 


Beth Reshefsky Virginia Beach, VA 


Linda Ankers Virginia Beach, VA 


George Holliday Chesapeake, VA 


Peter Haglich Virginia Beach, VA 


Kathleen Haglich Virginia Beach, VA 



Alll Williamsburg results can be found on ACBL Live:

Bridge Center Board of Directors Meeting

The Bridge Center Board of Directors will meet at 1:30 Wednesday February 23 at the Bridge Center.

Bridge Center Reopening


As fortunately no more Covid cases have been reported among members of Unit 146 the Bridge Center will reopen Tuesday December 28 as previously scheduled. All club games will restart that week with the exception of the Friday game which will restart on January 6. The requirement that all players must be fully vaccinated to play remains in effect. Fully vaccinated still is defined as two shots of the Modernar or Pfizer vaccine and one shot of the J&J. The wearing of masks is each players own decision. Have a very Merry Christmas and we will see you at the bridge table.


Bridge Center Closure

Bridge Center Closure

In order to give time to insure the known Covid infection of a player who played in the games on December 5 and 7 has not spread to other players in the Unit, the Bridge Center is closed effective Sunday December 12 and will reopen on Tuesday December 28.

Covid Case In The Unit

Covid Case In The Unit

We have been notified that a bridge player who played at the Holiday Party Unit Championship game on December 5 and the club game on December 7th at the Bridge Center has tested positive for COVID-19 and is hospitalized.

If you played in that event, please follow the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) by notifying your healthcare provider about possible exposure and to seek medical advice.

We cannot release the private health information of our members, including the names of players who have tested positive for the virus. It is up to the discretion of the player to self-identify as being diagnosed with COVID-19. However, we do want you to be well informed, and you may have been exposed. 

Your health – and the health of your friends and family – is of primary concern. Please refer to the CDC for additional information regarding the pandemic.

The Unit 146 bridge community is a strong one, and we will get through this together.
Thank you, Peter Haglich, Unit President


Bridge Center Board Meeting

The Bridge Center Board of Directors will meet on Monday July 12 at 1:30 PM at the Bridge Center to establish post pandemic policies/procedures and to evaluate the future of the Bridge Center.

  The Bridge Center(BC) Board of Directors held a special board meeting on July 12, 2021. Following is a summary of the decisions the board made that effect clubs that hold games at the BC.
    With two exceptions all special BC policies and procedures put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic are cancelled effective July 13, 2021. Remaining in effect is that all players in club games must be fully vaccinated, with no exceptions.Also remaining in effect is that clubs can't provide food. Players may bring there own snacks but none will be provided. Coffee may be served as was previously authorized.
    Effective August 1, 2021 the BC will increase the table rent/fee charged clubs from $14/table to $16/table for their club games. All club owner/managers at the meeting (six in attendance) agreed that effective August 1, 2021 the card playing fee they charge players will be raised from $7/player to $8/Player.
    Policies and procedures that will be in used for ACBL sanctioned tournaments will be up to Unit 146 to put in place.
    Any questions, give me a call.
                                Jim Vroom

Masks not required in Bridge Center

With both the CDC and Virginia lifting the mandate for the fully vaccinated to wear masks indoors the Bridge Center will no longer require the wearing of masks in the building. Still only the fully vaccinated may enter the Bridge Center and temps will be taken on arrival.

Bridge Center Reopening Pause
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          Although those who have played in the Club ga ..........

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Reopening - Note from the Unit President
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     Given the number of phone calls and emails on this subject, there is still signi ..........

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Bridge Center Grand Reopening
..... see less

Virginia will enter Phase 3 of the coronavirus reopening on July 1. The Bridge Center will reopen for club bridge games on Monday July 6. ..........

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