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WebMaster notes
New users to Unit 146 Website - Member Area
  1. Got to ACBL Unit 146 Website, use one of the following methods
    1. Use this link ACBL Unit 146
    2. Type in address field of web browser.
    3. Google ACBL Unit 146 
  2. While on the website
    1. Select Membership from the menu on the left
    2. Select Member Area
    3. Select Set/Reset Password
    4. Enter the same email address that this meessage was sent to
    5. Select Send Set Password Email
    6. Follow the instructions that are displayed
Procedures for starting up F2F bridge for directors

The following are the procdures for the directors as we move forward to F2F bridge again.

  1. Use your personal website logins to gain access to the Calendar and Competitions areas of website.
    1. Select Membership and then Member Area from menu on left side.
    2. Select WebAdmin from the horizontal menu that is displayed.
    3. Select Calendar or Competitions 
  2. Calendar
    1. Do not change : Automatic Calendar Update Required: 2 Months, Current and Next
    2. Highlight for F2F evebts restricted to first three choices
      1. No - default color for regular events
      2. 1 - F2F special; for any non regular events
      3. 2 - F2F Cancel; for cancel events
      4. This will allow F2F events to be hidden in Calendar if false start.

Contact me if any issues or problems


WebMaster notes