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Goodwill Nomination
Goodwill Nomination

Goodwill Members
A Goodwill member represents the best qualities of a “bridge citizen”.  This is a person that you like to see at the table or in the club, someone who observes the common courtesy and properties that make the game enjoyable.  A player who is polite to their partner and their opponents.  A person who is respectful to the Directors and caddies.  The Goodwill member represents the true spirit of bridge at the table and away from it.  While they may support the Unit through their volunteer efforts this is not a requirement.

Goodwill Nominations
This year the Goodwill Committee will select two Goodwill members.  Unit members in good standing who have not previously received this award are eligible.  (A list of previous awardees is listed below.). Please submit your nomination using the form below or in writing at the designated box at the Bridge Center.  You may nominate one or two members.  Nominations for 2020/2021 are open until September 30, 2021.

UNIT 146 Goodwill Recipients (Rev.2019)

Judy Bates Peter Haglich Molly Rubin
Susan Bowles Doris Jordan Shary Schlain
Brian Boyce Kaye Krebs Brian Schoenfeld
Beth Brown Wrus Kristiansen Alice Schultz
Gloria Brown Butch Liebler Joe Siqueira
Jennifer Christman Nancy Lowry Jim Vroom
Nancy Cook Anne Myers Joel Weintraub
Anne Duty Joe Olivier Peggy Willett
T.R. Frazier Beth Rafferty Jay Wisenauer
Carol Guy Carolyn Riegle