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Bridge Supplies

Bridge Supplies

Boards; metal and plastic, Cards; paper and plastic, Bridgemates, Dealing machines, paper supplies, card tables, & computer accessories.

Do you ever wonder where all the supplies go when a director retires or a club disbands???? Odds are, itís in my garage! Now it time for me to retire. (And my wife wants her half of the garage back).


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District & Unit Info
  2018 District Board Minutes - Approved

ALACBU Board Meeting (approved July 6, 2019)

July 7, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:00 by Mike Marcucci. Attendance attached.

Mitch Dunitz presented his ideas on how to help bridge improve. He is available to lecture occasionally at clubs. He will consult and help programs at colleges. In colleges best if students teach students. Clubs need to be user friendly to new players. Education foundation has money for grants. Send ideas to Mitch.

Ron Lien proposed using a D23 regional sanction for a joint 22/23 regional. D22 would guarantee no loss to D23. D23 to provide 5-6 volunteers including 1 co-chair. Profits split D22-75%, D23-25%.

Nomination of Paula Olivares as Secretary was approved on a motion by Bob Shore/John Jones. Dec 17, 2017 meeting minutes were approved by a motion Ruth Baker/Stan Holzberg.

Joe Viola reported that ALACBU has a balance of $11,762.50 and Scholarship Foundation has a balance of $11,893.65. This year there were 6 renewals and 3 new 1 year scholarships.

Kevin Lane stated that the CEO was let go and a new one is expected by early 2019. They want to split the board work: business & bridge. He wants to develop better business practices, reduce the length of the board meetings and board members. ACBL Education Foundation is a separate organization.

Peter Benjamin stated that the LB Regional is going very well (looks like profit same as last year); table count is up 39 from last year to 1375.5. Room count was 527. We had a guarantee of 428 of which we needed 80% to forestall any penalty. Last year we barely made the 80% of 410. The hotel has been good to work with. Contracts signed for 2019 and 2020 and they are negotiating 2021 contract (deposit of $1000 already made).

Penny Barberi showed the display of past patches she has gathered.

Sharon Biederman and Dalia Hernandez requested that Unit 557’s I/N Sectional planned for November 10 & 11, 2018 be sanctioned. Stan Holzberg made a motion, seconded by John Jones, to approve Long Beach Unit’s request for this sanction and the motion was approved.

Regional is planned for July 2019 in Long Beach. We have 6 months to decide to hold another Holiday Regional in Glendale in December 2019.

Bylaw changes as follows:

Changes to Article 7 Section 2 approved on a motion by John Jones/Stan Holzberg.

Changes to Article 7 Section 3 approved on a motion by John Jones/Diane Sachs.

Changes to Article 7 Section 8 approved on a motion by John Jones/Stan Holzberg.

Changes to Article 9 Section 2 approved on a motion by John Jones/Stan Holzberg.

Morris Jones reported that few NAP qualification games have been scheduled. Final will be Dec 1. Semi-finals will be Oct 21 in San Marino. Waiting for confirmation of second semi-final in Long Beach Nov 18.

Howard Einberg reported that holding GNT playoffs over one weekend worked well and saved money.

Ruth baker will be compiling STAC reports

John Jones stated that the scholarship application is online.

Current vacancies are Tournament Coordinator, Corresponding Secretary, and Scholarship Foundation Chair.

Becky Clough invited all to a memorial for Cecil Cook, Saturday, July 28 at Beverly’s house. She suggested we plan an event honoring Barbara Nessbaum in the near future.

John Jones suggested we have a District 23 Hall of Fame: players & volunteers. (??Nor sure about this??)

Bob Shore made a motion (seconded by Ruth Baker) to authorize the executive committee to negotiate and agree to a joint Regional with District 22 along the lines Ron Lien outlined tonight. Motion Passed and further board action is not required.

 It was suggested that we offer D22 another sanction to have an IN Regional in Thousand Oaks or Westlake.

Dave White is working on the web site and email system.

Meeting adjourned at 9:37pm (motion Shore/Mojo)

  History - Past D23 directors
2016-2018 Kevin Lane
2007-2015 Rand Pinsky
1998-2006 Alan LeBendig
1991-1997 Cecil Cook
1989-1990 Bob Eisenstein
1986-1988 Jan Cohen
1983-1985 Bob Eisenstein
1970-1982 Lew Mathe
1968-1969 Kelsey Peterson
1962-1967 Eilif Anderson
1955-1961 Lew Mathe