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W/E 6 Nov

This is a hand from the Western League - East Wales v Somerset 5/11/22.


North leads the 10  against our 4♠  contract.

Taken by the Ace and a diamond returned to the King.

North now plays 3to the Ace. 

If south now plays a club the contract is down, but she plays another heart to the Queen.

Declarer now plays three rounds of trumps to reveal the bad break.

West has to risk the King of hearts or lose it now, ditching a club.

Now we have to get back to hand to clear the outstanding trump.

I was sat watching, thinking that a club to the King looked best, but fortunately Iain was playing this and went for a diamond to hand. At the other table it started the same, but our partners continued with a second club for a ruff and contract off.

Fireworks over ......Thank you, the ladies of Somerset !

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