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Olive Hayes Shield won by David Tomlin and Peter Lutter.

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Tricky 6 NT Hand

30/08/23 - Hand 7

East leads 6.

You have 10 winners off-the-top.  A squeeze play looks hard to manufacture so where can the other two tricks come from?

One option might be to develop the 5th spade, provided that the suit breaks 4-3.  The other trick could come from trying the diamond finesse - unsuccessful this time.  There's also a chance that East would have the four spades and no more than two hearts, meaning they would be forced to lead up to Ace-Queen in one of your minor suits.

Another option is to aim for three tricks in diamonds.  To give yourself the best chance, lead  8 from dummy and cover whatever West plays.  You are fortunate to just lose to the King but you may need to return to dummy to finesse again against West's Jack (or Ten).  Be sure to have enough heart entries to dummy to do that and cash your spade winners!  When the diamonds break 3-3 you are home and dry!

(10th Sep 2023)