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Winter Teams competition 2nd round starting soon.  See RealBridge tab for details.

Celtic Sims on 7th December

Christmas Party - 15th December.


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Winter Teams Results/Table
Winter Teams Results
Winter Teams 2022/3 April's Shower Odd Bods The Mavericks Double Trouble Bridge Mates Bridge of Sighs Total VPs
April's Shower           1 1
Odd Bods         18   18
The Mavericks              
Double Trouble              
Bridge Mates   2         2
Bridge of Sighs 19           19


November     IMPs   VPs
Bridge of Sighs v April's Shower 79 27 19 1
Odd Bods v Bridge Mates 93 51 18 2  
The Mavericks v Double Trouble          
Odd Bods v Bridge of Sighs          
The Mavericks v April's Shower          
Double Trouble v Bridge Mates          
Bridge of Sighs v The Mavericks          
Double Trouble v Odd Bods          
Bridge Mates v April's Shower          
Double Trouble v Bridge of Sighs          
Bridge Mates v The Mavericks          
April's Shower v Odd Bods          
Bridge of Sighs v Bridge Mates          
April's Shower v Double Trouble          
Odd Bods v The Mavericks