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Olive Hayes Shield will be held on 6th June.

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Winter Teams
Winter Teams

The Winter Teams competition for 2023-24 

The 2023-24 Competition is now complete. The winners were "Wildcards".  If there is sufficient interest we shall run another competition in Autumn 2024.

This year we have 5 teams.  As we did last time, we have tried to equalize the teams, with a balance of pairs, so that all have a chance to do well. 

The teams are:
Diamond Delights (T1):Richard W & Michael Jones with April & Mick
Not Cardboard (T2):Andrew & Richard F + Annette with Tony & Pam
Top Trumps (T3): John & Iain with Felicity & Carolyn
Grand Slam (T4): Andy & Tony with Peter & Paddy
Wildcards (T5): Rex & Michael A with Lee & Brenig

The high-lighted name is the team captain 

Please think of a catchy name for your team.  You can re-use a name from last year or think up a new one!

Playing sequence is:
Round 1 (Oct/Nov) - T2 v T5 & T3 v T4
Round 2 (Nov/Dec)- T3 v T1 & T4 & T5
Round 3 (Jan) - T4 v T2 & T5 v T1
Round 4 (Feb) - T5 v T3 & T1 v T2
Round 5 (Mar) - T1 v T4 & T2 v T3

The competition would be run over several months on RealBridge.  Each team to play each month at a time to be arranged to suit both teams.

Each team will have a team captain who manages arrangements for their team members and co-ordinates with the other team captain of a match.  They will also liaise with the match organiser/director. 

Matches should avoid a clash with Abergavenny, Brecon and Crickhowell events.  When the match date has been agreed we shall set up the session and send the RealBridge links to the captains.  Where required a director will be appointed for each match. 

Matches will be played over 20 boards, swapping at the half point, and scoring to be converted to Victory Points.  No master-points to be awarded. 

There will be a prize for the overall winning team!




Victory Point Scale - 20 boards

  • Imps           VPs
  • 0-1             10-10
  • 2-5             11-9
  • 6-9             12-8
  • 10-14         13-7
  • 15-19         14-6
  • 20-25         15-5
  • 26-31         16-4
  • 32-39         17-3
  • 40-48         18-2
  • 49-60         19-1
  • 61+            20-0