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Winter Teams competition 2nd round starting soon.  See RealBridge tab for details.

Celtic Sims on 7th December

Christmas Party - 15th December.


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Winter Teams

The 1st round matches are as follows:

1st Nov: Bridge of Sighs v April’s Shower (TD=John)

25th Nov: Odd Bods v Bridge Mates (TD=Andy)

2nd Dec: The Mavericks v Double Trouble (TD=Richard)


The 2nd round matches are as follows:

TBA: Odd Bods v Bridge of Sighs (TD=John?) 

TBA: The Mavericks v April’s Shower (TD=John) 

TBA: Double Trouble v Bridge Mates (TD=Richard)


The teams are as follows:

April's Shower: John, Iain, April, Mick

Odd Bods: Jo, Chris F, Judy, Elizabeth Th

The Mavericks: Andrew, Richard F, Peter, Paddy

Double TroubleRichard W, Michael J, Lee, Chris C

Bridge Mates: Andy, Tony, Felicity, Carolyn

Bridge of Sighs: Rex, Michael A, Pam, Tony 

Reserves:  Liz Terry, Gill, Jutta

The first person (high-lighted) is nominated as team captain.

The two team captains involved in each match should agree a date & time – but avoid clashing with regular club games. 

Please let Iain know so that he can set up the sessions.  The links will be sent to the captains for distribution to team members.


Schedule is 

Mth 1

Mth 2

Mth 3

Mth 4

Mth 5

T6 v T1

T2 v T6

T6 v T3

T4 v T6

T6 v T5

T2 v T5

T3 v T1

T4 v T2

T5 v T3

T1 v T4

T3 v T4

T4 v T5

T5 v T1

T1 v T2

T2 v T3


We shall try to keep things friendly and fairly flexible and hope that this will be a fun competition.  Here is the proposed structure:

The competition would be run over several months on RealBridge.  Each team to play each month at a time to be arranged to suit both teams.

Each team will have a team captain who manages arrangements for their team members and co-ordinates with the other team captain of a match.  They will also liaise with the match organiser/director. 

Matches should avoid a clash with Abergavenny, Brecon and Crickhowell events.  When the match date has been agreed we shall set up the session and send the RealBridge links to the captains.  Where required a director will be appointed for each match. 

Matches will be played over 20 boards, swapping at the half point, and scoring to be converted to Victory Points.  No master-points to be awarded. 

There will be a prize for the overall winning team!


Victory Point Scale - 20 boards

  • Imps           VPs
  • 0-1             10-10
  • 2-5             11-9
  • 6-9             12-8
  • 10-14         13-7
  • 15-19         14-6
  • 20-25         15-5
  • 26-31         16-4
  • 32-39         17-3
  • 40-48         18-2
  • 49-60         19-1
  • 61+            20-0