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No Fear Bridge Website
No Fear Bridge Website

Many students like to use the No Fear Bridge Website to practice. If you attend regular bridge lessons with Abbey and are interested in No Fear Bridge then email as you may be entitled to a discount wink

Winter Weather
Winter Weather

If there are any cancellations due to bad weather during the winter months then there will be a notice on the website, please check just in case! Decisions for the club will be made by 5pm unless weather suddenly deteriorates after that. 

Wessex League
Wessex League - Match Dates

The Abbey Smith Bridge Club has entered a team in the Wessex League Division 4.

Match Dates are;

Wednesday 25th September 2019  -Away Wantage

Tuesday 8th October 2019 - Home Oxford G

Tuesday 19th Novembe 2019 - Away Oxford F

Monday 20th January 2020 - Away Wallingford E

Tuesday 10th March 2020 - Home (Gawcott) Bicester B

Tuesday 24th March 2020 - Home (Gawcott) Oxford E


Results so far
Results so far

Match 1 AWAY versus Wantage (25/09/2019)

It was a lovely friendly match for our first match in the league. There were many players completely new to the league, Mark and Patty Geaves, Fiona Hilsdon and Anne Savage. New players were joined by Paul Miller, Chris Ainley, Sarah Gregory and Abbey Smith. Very pleased to win the first match

VPs 11.86 - 8.14 (103Imps to 92imps)

Well played team smiley


Match 2 HOME versus Oxford G (08/10/2019)

Again a lovely friendly match. Lovely to try and new venue of Gawcott Village Hall. There were many new players to the league in both teams. Debuts for Ann and David Lynch, Avril Bates, Gina Crouch and Myra Tipping and Lynda and David Riecken.  Great to see a whole new set of players for the second match which highlights the interest shown to play for the club. 

VPs 17 - 3 (98imps to 43imps)

Well played team yes


Macth 3 AWAY versus Oxford F (19/11/2019)

Once again a lovely friendly match, great to see Oxford's new venue - hardly recognised the place! Again, a few new players in the team, Martin Flynn, Dave Basham, Jo Raven, Susan Mosier and Alan Leach. Rest of the team was Abbey Smith, Chris Ainley and Sarah Gregory.

VPs 19.18 - 0.81 (132 imps to 45imps)

Excellent Result - Well played team laugh

Match 4 AWAY versus Wallingford E (20/01/2020)

Nice friendly match again! A few new players to the team again, Nikki Geelan and Eddi Banks as a pair and Jane Milne. Rest of the team, Alan Leach and Chris Ainley, Lynda and David Riecken and Abbey Smith. 

VPs 11.7 - 8.3 (82 imps to 72imps) 

A decent win to add to the 3 previous wins yes

NEXT MATCH 10th March - HOME at Gawcott Village Hall, team announced shortly.