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27th Jan 2023 23:41 GMT
Stewards rota
15th Jan 2023 14:09 GMT
Stewards rota

The following rota for steward duty covers January-April 2023. If you are unavailable on any of these dates, or need to change, please contact Jenny Coats.

January 2023: 6 Janet McDougall; 13 Mike O'Sullivan; 20 Gillian Nolan; 27 Breda Adcock

February: 3 Glynis Currie; 10 Diana Salisbury; 17 Hilary Smith; 24 Gavin Walker

March: 3 Paul Warran; 10 Robert West; 17 Brian Whittaker; 24 Mary Walker; 31 Rachel Osborne

April: 7 Sid Adcock; 14 Christine Andrew; 21 Michael Blandy; 28 Richard Bradley

Directors' rota


Directors' rota for January-March 2023: January: 6 Sue Hands; 13 Georgie Dalton; 20 Breda Adcock; 27 Nigel Lewis. February: 3 Sue Hands; 10 Georgie Dalton; 17 Nigel Lewis; 24 Sue Hands. March: 3 Breda Adcock; 10 Georgie Dalton; 17 Nigel Lewis; 24 Sue Hands; 31 Breda Adcock

Bridge Etiquette

Please observe the EBU rules of Conduct and Etiquette at all times, especially the parts that say "bridge is an extremely enjoyable game", "make bridge enjoyable for yourself, partner and opponents" and "enjoy the company as well as the game". 

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