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24th Feb 2024 11:51 GMT
Stewards rota
9th Feb 2024 15:26 GMT
Stewards rota

The following rota for steward duty covers January - February 2024.   If you are unavailable on any of these dates, or need to change, please contact Diane Hunt (01725 511366).

Feb 2nd - Sarah Boydell,   Feb 9th - Michael Blandy, Feb16th - Sid Adcock,   Feb 23rd - Mike Brand.

Mar 1st - Tish Burbidge,  8th.  Wendy Butler,  15th.  Jill Carlisle, 22nd.  Jenny Coats,  29th.  Emmie Crozier.

Directors' rota


Directors' rota for:

Jan:  5th Sue Hands, 12th Breda Adcock, 19th Georgie Dalton, 26th Nigel Lewis

Feb:  2nd Sue Hands, 9th Breda Adcock, 16th Georgie Dalton, 23rd Nigel Lewis

Mar:  1st Sue Hands, 8th Breda Adcock, 15th Georgie Dalton, 22nd Nigel Lewis, 29th Sue Hands




Bridge Etiquette

Please observe the EBU rules of Conduct and Etiquette at all times, especially the parts that say "bridge is an extremely enjoyable game", "make bridge enjoyable for yourself, partner and opponents" and "enjoy the company as well as the game". 

February Handicap Competition
February Handicap Competition
Results - Handicap Competition - Friday 23 Feb 24
Position Partnership Score Handicap Diffrential
1 Sid & Breda 60.76 50.3 10.46
2 Dave & Paul 50.35 42.46 7.89
3 Beverly & John 51.39 45.27 6.12
4 Annie & Christine 60.42 54.35 6.07
5 Mike & Di 59.72 55.55 4.17
6 Nigel & Wendy 58.33 55.55 2.78
7 Sue & David 60.07 58.32 1.75
8 Mary & Penny 55.56 54.42 1.14
9 Rachael & Andrea 37.85 41.14 -3.29
10 Michael & Jenny 46.53 50.36 -3.83
11 Emma & Hilary 40.97 48.36 -7.39
12 Gavin & Diana 43.06 54.18 -11.12
13 Janet & Heather 33.68 44.89 -11.21
14 Sarah & Tish 41.32 52.64 -11.32
    The 59 Bridge Club is a cheerful club with a loyal and enthusiastic membership, where the emphasis is as much on social interaction as it is on card play. Though not a member of the English Bridge Union (EBU), the club not only follows many EBU precepts but also offers a pleasant environment in which to play with a warm welcome for visitors seeking a game. The club's home for the past few years has been the Baptist Church in Brown Street, where there is a spacious room with a kitchen for use during play, though no alcohol is permitted. Meetings are on Fridays with a 7pm start, so members are encouraged to arrive by 6.45. There are two public parking areas adjacent to the church, with limited on-street parking also available. Since the lifting of restrictions imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic, the club has been keen to promote the return of face-to-face play. A steward system is organised so newcomers and visitors can be assured of a game. Details of the club's activities are available elsewhere on this web site.
Covid protocol

Members (and guests) attending F2F sessions at the 59 club may wish to observe the following precautions even though restrictions have been lifted: it would be preferable if you do not attend unless you have been doubly vaccinated and received your booster jab. If exhibiting any sign of infection (sore throat, temperature or cough), please do not attend though that would have been true of any pre-Covid situation.

The kitchen can be used and refreshment is available though members may wish to bring their own refreshment as required 

The club cannot accept responsibility for members who may subsequently contract the virus. Everyone attends the club at their own risk.