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13th Jun 2020 10:28 BST
Bridge Calendar 2019/20.
8th May 2020 19:44 BST
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Bridge Calendar 2019/20.

All competitions and social events are now cancelled.

The A.G.M. will be facilitated ,if possible ,when Bridge resumes.

Meanwhile your attention is also drawn to the CBAI homepage where many interesting items can be read.





Welcome to 2012 Club
Updates from your Committee ,June 12th.

We are told that the CBAI are engaging in a consultation process aimed at drawing up guidelines and protocols for a return to "live  bridge ".We will update everyone when they reach us.

Funds held by the Club will be offered to exsisting members by way of reduced Subscription or  a partial Refund on resumption of our regular Bridge night.

The Secretary recieves news updates , information about online bridge and other helpful suggestions from a variety of bodies including our Mid Leinster Region Committee and the C.B.A.I. Head Office. She kindly passes these on via e-mail. Please check your in box from time to time.

We are also in regular contact with Liz at ACOL House.

We are looking forward to the resumption of our Monday Bridge , meanwhile  Stay Safe.

Scorer: Catherine Walsh
Scorer: Catherine Walsh
Scorer: Catherine Walsh