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1st Jul 2019 23:07 BST
Summer Bridge.
19th Jun 2019 15:32 BST
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Summer Bridge.

Monday Night Bridge continues during July. Liz facilitates this .There are Prizes each week. This is open to all members and their friends .It is also open to our colleagues in other local clubs who would be most welcome.

2012 Club resumes then on Monday September 2nd.




Welcome to 2012 Club
Bridge Break Update 1st July.

 Dates ,Weekend Feb21-3 2020.Venue Castle Court Hotel ,Westport .Extra Single Rooms at the Plaza.

Rates for 2 B&B , 1D are E145 pps and E205 single room. There was limited availability of 14 Single Rooms  ( 7 per Club ) at the Castle Court . This has now been exceeded and we cannot promise any more Single Rooms in the Castle Court .However extra single rooms will be available at the nearby Plaza Hotel .The rate there is E265 per single room.

All bookings are through the Secretary or President only. This is to avoid over booking .

Booking is now suspended until September. To date there are places left and we are confident that we will be able to accommodate all those interested.


Scorer: Catherine Walsh
Scorer: Catherine Walsh
Scorer: Catherine Walsh