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28th May 2020 14:52 BST
Bridge Calendar 2019/20.
8th May 2020 19:44 BST
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Bridge Calendar 2019/20.

All competitions and social events are now cancelled.

The A.G.M. will be facilitated ,if possible ,when Bridge resumes.

Meanwhile your attention is also drawn to the CBAI homepage where many interesting items can be read.





Welcome to 2012 Club
Invite to contact us before June 15th.

Members are informed that the Committee will meet virtually late in June.

We invite any member who has a suggestion , inquiry or any item you feel we should discuss or be aware of  to communicate this to our Secretary by e-mail .


We hope everyone and your loved ones,families and friends are keeping well.   

Updates from your Committee , May 8th.

The President has consulted with our Committee .

We are of the opinion that a return to Bridge is most unlikely any time soon ,(autumn perhaps ? ).

We have cancelled therefore, the Presidents Cup Competition & our Presidents Dinner. The A.G.M is deferred until the first night on which Bridge resumes providing that we could meet whatever guidelines may be in place.


We will give a further update late in May. Meanwhile Stay Safe.

Scorer: Catherine Walsh
Scorer: Catherine Walsh
Scorer: Catherine Walsh