1989 Bridge Club (Reigate)

On the results  for  8th Feb Boards17&18  and Boards 19&20 are switched 

e.g. your board 17 will be scored as 19




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1989 Bridge Club (Reigate)
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Members' Guide
Members' Guide


Please if you can arrive by 7.00 and help to set out tables and chairs and also to deal cards into boards before the start of play.
In any case be seated by 7.15pm at the latest. (The movement cannot be settled until the director knows how many pairs are playing, which is difficult to count until everyone sits at a table.)
If you arrive after 7.30 pm you will be too late to join in, unless the first round is still in progress and you would enable a half table to become a full table.
If a half table is needed, the last pair to arrive may be asked to start at the half table.


If a problem arises at your table it is perfectly proper to call the Director so that the relevant rules and options can be explained. This is normal after situations such as:
        insufficient bid
        call out of turn
        change of call
        lead out of turn
        revoke, or
        penalty cards.
Calling the Director should not be looked upon as being unfriendly or aggressive.
However, it is courteous to  call "Director please."


Please restart promptly after the tea/coffee break.
Please also sign up to take a turn at organising the tea/coffee break from time to time.


Please keep voices down during play to avoid disturbing other players.
In the final round of an evening members who finish early are expected to sit quietly until the end of the round for the same reason.