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Welcome to Wymondham & District Bridge Club

Welcome to the website of the Wymondham & District Bridge Club.  We play duplicate on Tuesday evenings at the Abbey Hall, Wymondham starting promptly at 7.15pm.  Please be seated at 7.05 pm.

Tea, coffee and squash is provided and visitors, guests and new members are always welcome. We are affiliated to the EBU.   Electronic scoring with Bridgetabs.

Visitors are not eligible for Trophies.

Commentary on hand

How often does a season of Championship Pairs come down to the last board and virtually the last card played and on top of that in a direct head to head between the two leading contenders?


This was indeed the situation that arose at the end of the 2017-18 Wymondham Championship Pairs where Richard & Andrew (in first place) sat down to play Roger & Adrian (at that point in second place) for the last two boards of the evening with the result so close that the second placed pair would move ahead if they were able to win the boards well. The first board resulted in a slight gain to Adrian & Roger who stopped in 3 Spades, following the dictum that there is ‘no need to push for thin games in Pairs’. Many had pushed onto game and been an extra trick light. The very last board therefore became key and still left the overall positions as described above, albeit even closer than before.


On to the final board (2, in the hand records).  Roger and Andrew are in a tussle in the innocuous contract of Two Hearts and the room is getting noisier, as others clear away; even the call of the pub has had to be foregone!


Four cards left in each hand (in Spades, Hearts, Diamonds with all the Clubs cleared -as shown below) with Diamonds yet to be broached but after discards in the suit. Take a moment to see what you would play...




♣ -


♠ K



♣ -


♠ -



♣ -


♠ -



♣ -


Andrew on lead in his own hand has two ways to make the contract. He can play KS then throw Roger in with a Heart or he can ruff his own winning spade and lead up to the King of Diamonds. However he isn't sure where the AD is positioned.

If he takes the first option then he is going to make the contract as he has no choice but to play the KD.


If the KS holds then Andrew plays the Hx and Roger is thrown in.  Defence need to be ready (a comment on defence is that concentration and thinking ahead are just as important if not more so than when declaring...) as any hesitation will alert the opposition to the Axx position. Defence smoothly plays the x... and now Andrew has 2 options, one of them losing. Does he run this card to the J in dummy or play the K from hand?  Maybe 50:50 but this needs nerves of steel to get this right if defence play in tempo!


On both lines of play Roger needs to ruff/overruff, if possible, that is if given no choice via the Heart throw in. In both cases smoothly play a small diamond.  If left to play the suit declarer will always have to play for the ace on the right and make the contract but - a hint for all defenders everywhere - give declarer a guess when you know that without this Declarer can’t go wrong!


The whole of W’ham Championship pairs came down to a 50% guess on the last three cards of the last hand of the last round.


Adrian La Chapelle

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