Going to be LATE?

If you are going to arrive later than 12 minutes

before the start of the session,

please call 

0208 947 0147 

so the director can include you in the numbers. 

Thank you! 



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Wimbledon Bridge Club - Where Visitors and New Members are Always Welcome!
Wednesday Evening Restricted - Free Glass of Wine & Cheese

Please come along and join us

on Wednesday 14th November for the Restricted  Systems Session @ 7:30pm

for Bridge & a free glass of wine & cheese

Andrew is your director

Friday afternoon Restricted Systems Session - Free tea & cake

Please come along and join us at our

Friday afternoon  Restricted  Systems Session @ 1:30pm

for Bridge with free tea & cake

Miranda will be delighted to welcome you!

    For  information on our full Training programme, course content and Enrolment  

♠ Please take menu option 'Classes & Seminars at WBC'  from the left hand side menu ♠ 

  For enrolments please contact the club on 0208 947 0147 or email teaching@wimbledonbridgeclub.co.uk    


Please join me in welcoming Kevin McArthur to WBC. 

Kevin will be our new Admin Assistant and will be in the office on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 9am to 1pm.

He looks forward to meeting you all!

Why Learn Bridge?

'Bridge is the most entertaining and intelligent card game the wit of man has so far devised'.

Bridge offers the wonderful combination of a mentally stimulating challenge in a social environment and a game  you can continue to improve at for ever!

If you are thinking about the best way to occupy  spare leisure time, then why not enrol in a term of lessons - by the end of term one you will be hooked.

By then, you will be bidding and playing with your class mates and able to enjoy playing a social game with friends. By the end of the first term you will be able to start playing in club supervised sessions, where you can practise your newfound skills, get help from experienced teachers and make new friends.

From there you will  progress to supervised duplicate sessions which will lead onto the more competitive restricted systems sessions.  Finally,  as your knowledge and experience develop you may want to play in our more challenging unrestricted sessions.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the game, or have any questions

please contact us on 

Phone: 0208 947 0147 or 07483 137 648

Email: teaching@wimbledonbridgeclub.co.uk

♥ ♥ Wimbledon Bridge Club ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ Wimbledon Bridge Club ♥ ♥

  This friendly bridge club aims to cater for all bridge players. Regardless of experience, we have a session to suit you!    

We meet at least  13 times a week, from Monday to Saturday, including Junior bridge on a Sunday, and we encourage players of all standards to attend these regular sessions of friendly Duplicate Bridge.  

Visitors are always made welcome; please come and join us for a session.  A "host" is often available as you will see from the Calendar.  

The Bridgemate wireless scoring system is used so that results are updated as you play.  Hand copies of each session can be taken away and are also available once the results are posted on the website. 

Special events from the EBU and Surrey calendars are held throughout the year.

  Wimbledon Bridge Club also offers a full Teaching programme of classes and practice sessions with supervision for beginners as well as for those with some experience of the game.     

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Contacting the Club

♠ Please email manager@wimbledonbridgeclub.co.uk ♠ 

  Ring Fiona or Kevin on 0208 947 0147 or 07483 137 648  

Junior Bridge Event @ WBC - 25th November 2018
Wimbledon Bridge Club is delighted to be hosting a South East Counties Junior Bridge Event on Sunday 25th November.  10:00am for a 10:30am start. 
Teaching sessions in the morning will be followed by competitions in the afternoon.  All levels welcome from MiniBridge to Junior Experts. 
Cost is just £10 to cover light lunch and refreshments.
Dorin Salver Sims

Dorin Salver Charity Sims Pairs ♠ 

Monday 3rd December  @ 7:30pm

 £10 for members; £13 for visitors

 All welcome 

Club Championships


 6th Jan 2019 - Ladies & Men's Pairs  

♣ 10th Feb 2019 - Mixed Pairs ♣ 

♠ 17th March 2019 - Championship Pairs Blue Pointed closed event ♠ 

  14th April 2019 - Teams of 4  

WBC Teams of 8
The Committee has decided to send two teams to represent Wimbledon Bridge Club
at the Surrey Teams of Eight competition to be held at Richmond Bridge Club on Jan 13th, 2019
The following players have been selected:
Blue Team
Andrew Mann         Gerard Thompson
Barry Stoker           Jim Laker
Jeffrey Allerton      Frances Hinden
Tim Pelling              Naomi Cohen
Red Team
Roger Pratt              Maciej Pilecki
Geoffrey Peel          Joan Peel
Norrie Buxton.         Malcolm Bricknell
John Adams            June Middleton
These players will be sponsored by Wimbledon Bridge Club
but any player can put together a Team of Eight and register,
via Surrey County Bridge Association, to play in the competition. 
Saturday afternoon unrestricted
Mini Swiss Pairs
Morning Restricted
Friday afternoon
Thursday Morning Supervised Duplicate
Thursday Afternoon
Thursday Evening Unrestricted
Wednesday Evening
Tuesday Morning Restricted
Tuesday Evening
Evening Unrestricted
Saturday afternoon
Afternoon Restricted
Children in Need Sims
Thursday Morning Supervised Duplicate
Thursday Afternoon Unrestricted
Thursday Evening Unrestricted
Sun 18th Nov 2018
Junior Bridge
Dir: June
Mon 19th Nov 2018
Supervised Play
Dir: Martha
Mon 19th Nov 2018
Evening Unrestricted
Dir: Calum
Host: John Samuels
Tue 20th Nov 2018
Morning Restricted
10:00 am
Dir: Gitte
Host: Julia Phillips
Tue 20th Nov 2018
Evening Unrestricted
Dir: Szczepan
Host: Easter David
Wed 21st Nov 2018
Ploughmans Lunch Unrestricted
Dir: Shirley
Host: Eric Humphrey
Wed 21st Nov 2018
Evening Restricted
Dir: Rob/Andrew
Host: Ulrich Prutz
Thu 22nd Nov 2018
Supervised Duplicate
Dir: Martha
Thu 22nd Nov 2018
Afternoon Unrestricted
Dir: Calum
Host: Bhuma Rangarajan
Thu 22nd Nov 2018
Evening Unrestricted
Dir: John D
Host: Aisha Akram
Fri 23rd Nov 2018
Morning Restricted
Dir: Steve
Host: Pramila Muthiah
Fri 23rd Nov 2018
Afternoon Restricted
Dir: Miranda
Host: Nathan Nathan