Going to be LATE?

If you are going to arrive later than 12 minutes

before the start of the session,

please call 

0208 947 0147 

so the director can include you in the numbers. 

Thank you! 



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Wimbledon Bridge Club - Where Visitors and New Members are Always Welcome!
Open Morning - Sunday 16th September

♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ 

A big Thank You to all our Staff, Teachers & Volunteers who came along to our

Open Morning on  Sunday 16th September

It was a great success

♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣

New Restricted Sessions starting September 2018

Two new Restricted systems sessions started on

Wednesday the 5th of September @ 7:30pm and Friday the 7th of September @ 1:30pm

These sessions are particularly suited to players who have played in the Supervised Duplicate sessions

and are ready to play in a Competitive Duplicate session.

Friday afternoon has a Ladder with a prize of £50.00.

Rob & Andrew will be directing on Wednesdays while Miranda will direct on Fridays.

Beginner & Intermediate Classes Autumn Term ♠ 

  New Beginners courses starting September 24th  

 Monday Evenings @ 7:30pm with Terry Hewett   

   Wednesday Mornings at 10:30am with Tim Pelling & Naomi Cohen  

  All courses start week 24th September 2018 except

Beginners Term 2 on Fridays  & Intermediate 2 on Wednesdays which will start week beginning 17th September 2018

    For more information on our full Training programme, course content and Enrolment  

♠ Please take menu option 'Classes & Seminars at WBC'  from the left hand side menu ♠ 

  For enrolments please contact the club on 0208 947 0147 or email teaching@wimbledonbridgeclub.co.uk    

Supervised Duplicate - Thursday evenings @ 7:30pm

   ♣  The Thursday evening supervised duplicate session will run from 7:30pm to 10pm until the 20th September in the teaching room.   Hilary and Calum and other helpers will be on hand to guide you through the session helping with bidding, opening leads and scoring. Suitable for students in Term 3 and above.       

Why Learn Bridge?

'Bridge is the most entertaining and intelligent card game the wit of man has so far devised'.

Bridge offers the wonderful combination of a mentally stimulating challenge in a social environment and a game  you can continue to improve at for ever!

If you are thinking about the best way to occupy  spare leisure time, then why not enrol in a term of lessons - by the end of term one you will be hooked.

By then, you will be bidding and playing in class and able to enjoy playing a social game with friends. Sometime during the second term you will be able to start coming to other sessions too, where you can practise your newfound skills and get help from experienced teachers.

You are then able to progress onto more challenging sessions as your knowledge and experience develop.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the game, or have any questions

please contact us on 

Phone: 0208 947 0147 or 07483 137 648

Email: teaching@wimbledonbridgeclub.co.uk

♥ ♥ Wimbledon Bridge Club ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ Wimbledon Bridge Club ♥ ♥

  This friendly bridge club aims to cater for all bridge players. Regardless of experience, we have a session to suit you!    

We meet at least  12 times a week, from Monday to Saturday, and we encourage players of all standards to attend these regular sessions of friendly Duplicate Bridge.  

Visitors are always made welcome; please come and join us for a session.  A "host" is often available as you will see from the Calendar.  

The Bridgemate wireless scoring system is used so that results are updated as you play.  Hand copies of each session can be taken away and are also available once the results are posted on the website. 

Special events from the EBU and Surrey calendars are held throughout the year.

  Wimbledon Bridge Club also offers a full Teaching programme of classes and practice sessions with supervision for beginners as well as for those with some experience of the game.     

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Contacting the Club

♠ Please email manager@wimbledonbridgeclub.co.uk ♠ 

  Ring Fiona or Christa on 0208 947 0147 or 07483 137 648  


  ♣ Congratulations to following Summer Ladder winners: Scott Mitchell Day, Robert Simpson Evening and Tim Pelling Friday Afternoon.  ♠   ♣ 

Wednesday Evening Restricted - Free Cheese & Glass of Wine

Please come along and join us on

Wednesday 26th of September @ 7:30

for a free glass of wine

at the new Wednesday Evening Restricted Session

British Autumn Sims

British Autumn Sims Pairs ♠ 

Thursday 4th of October @ 7:30pm

Your Director is John Dagnall   

 £10 for members; £13 for visitors

 All welcome 

Charity Pairs Event

WBC Annual Charity Pairs Event 

Sunday 28th October  from 2pm

More details & Registration to follow

Mini Swiss Pairs

Mini Swiss Pairs

Saturday 17th November from 6pm

With Cheese and Wine

Registration to follow

2018 Member's Christmas Party

Save the Date!

WBC Christmas Party Saturday 15th December from 6:15pm

There will be no afternoon session on this day

More details to follow

Morning Restricted
Afternoon Restricted
Thursday Morning Supervised Duplicate
Thursday Afternoon Unrestricted
Thursday Evening Unrestricted
Ploughmans Lunch Unrestricted
Tuesday Morning Restricted
Tuesday Evening
Evening Unrestricted
Saturday afternoon unrestricted
Morning Restricted
Afternoon Restricted
Thursday Morning Supervised Duplicate
Thursday Afternoon Unrestricted
Thursday evening unrestricted
Ploughmans Lunch Unrestricted
Wed evening restricted
Morning Restricted
Fri 21st Sep 2018
Supervised Play
Dir: Terry
Host: Wanted
Fri 21st Sep 2018
Beginners Term 1 Mini Bridge
Teaching room 10:30am
Dir: Simon Prager
Sat 22nd Sep 2018
Afternoon Unrestricted
Dir: Sati
Host: Gaynor Lewis
Sun 23rd Sep 2018
Junior Bridge
Dir: June
Mon 24th Sep 2018
Supervised Play
Dir: Martha
Mon 24th Sep 2018
Evening Unrestricted
Dir: Sati
Host: Wanted Seven
Tue 25th Sep 2018
Morning Restricted
10:00 am
Dir: Gitte
Host: Gaynor Lewis
Tue 25th Sep 2018
Evening Unrestricted
Dir: Szczepan
Host: Wanted Seven
Wed 26th Sep 2018
Ploughmans Lunch Unrestricted
Dir: Shirley
Host: Rose Dollar
Wed 26th Sep 2018
Evening Restricted - Free Cheese & Glass of Wine
Dir: Rob & Andrew
Thu 27th Sep 2018
Supervised Duplicate
Dir: Martha
Thu 27th Sep 2018
Afternoon Unrestircted
Dir: Jane
Host: G Rangarajan