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Club Championship Winners 2018

Congratulations to Anne & Brendan Flynn, Club Championship Winners 2018 - See photos on News Page

Last updated : 24th May 2018 22:35 BST
News Page

This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

President 2018/2019

Incoming President, Anne Pollock taking over office from outgoing President, Tom Brophy.

President 2018/2019
Last updated : 25th May 2018 22:34 BST
Club Championship 2018 Winners

Winners of Club Championship 2018, Anne & Brendan Flynn, being presented with their prize by Deirdre Moore, of Specsavers, who are sponsers of this event, accompanied by out going President, Tom Brophy.

Club Championship 2018 Winners
Last updated : 25th May 2018 22:34 BST
President's Prize 2018
President's Prize 2018

Congratulations to the winners of President's Prize 2018.

Picture shows Margaret Walsh and Oliver Duffy being presented with their prize by President Tom Brophy.


Last updated : 23rd Mar 2018 17:13 GMT
Presentation to Cork ARC House
Presentation to Cork ARC House

President Tom Brophy presents Joanne McCarthy, Marketing & Communications Manager, Cork ARC House - Cancer Support House - with a donation from the club.

For more information about ARC House, check out their website -

Last updated : 17th Mar 2018 22:35 GMT
Muckross Park Hotel Bridge Event

Congratulations to members of Wilton Bridge Club who did so well in this very enjoyable Bridge Weekend Event.

Last updated : 29th Jan 2018 19:57 GMT
Teams Event 2017
Teams Event 2017

Winners of Team Event with President of the Club Tom Brophy

Teams Event : 1st November 2017

1st  Dan Murray, Noreen Buckley, Ethna Pollock & Mary Kenny

2nd Ann Collins, Oliver Collins, Ena Noonan & Maureen Nott

3rd Kathleen O’Connell, Mary Murphy, Eithne O’Leary & Eithne Griffin

4th Ita O’Farrell, Mary O’Neill, Ann Keating & Mary Twomey

5th Beryl Lennon, Teresa McBarron, Ellmary Love & Anne Pollock

6th Pearl Lucey, Bernadette O’Regan, Máirín Heffernan & Eileen O’Sullivan

Last updated : 9th Nov 2017 13:57 GMT
Jo Fahy Trophy 2017
Jo Fahy Trophy 2017

Jo Fahy Trophy 2017

Congratulations to Ann Twomey and Kathleen O'Connell on winning the Jo Fahy Trophy seen here with the President of the Club, Tom Brophy

Congratulations also to the Sectional Winners:

Section 1:

1st - Rose Howard and Mary M Barrett

2nd - Ena Noonan and Maura Lane

3rd - Ellmary Love and Gary Morrin

Section 2:

1st - Marie Barrett and Eileen Moloney

2nd = - Mary Murphy and Oliver Collins

2nd = - Ann Golden and Norma Hurley



Last updated : 9th Nov 2017 11:50 GMT
New Rules of Bridge

Introducing the "Comparable Call" Law in the New Bridge Laws

Most of the changes which came into effect on the 1st September  are simply the old laws being re-written in easier to understand language, but there are a few major changes too.

The "Comparable Call" Law in the New Bridge Laws.

The biggest change takes place where players pass, bid or double out of turn.  In the old laws, one or other of the players was forced to pass and there were lead penalties also.

The New Law 23 (Comparable Call Law) suggests a solution that will allow players get to a normal bridge result after these "calls out of turn" and will also cut down on the number of lead penalties given.

As in the old law, the opponent next in turn has the option of accepting the call out of turn or not.  If the call out of turn is accepted then the auction proceeds from there.  However, before offering the option to accept the call out of turn, the TD should tell the 4 players that if the call is not accepted, the bidding will revert to the player whose turn it was to call.  The offender's partner is free to call without restriction at their turn.

The TD will address the player who called out of turn and tell him that when the bidding reaches him again, if he can find a call that means the same, or has a more precise meaning than his call out of turn, then the auction and play can continue freely without any bidding or lead penalties.   If the offender cannot find such a "comparable call", then his partner will have to pass for 1 round and there may also be lead penalties on his partner.

The new Law 23 says that a call that replaces a withdrawn call is a comparable call if it:-

1. has the same or similar meaning as that attributable to the withdrawn call, or

2. defines a subset of the possible meanings attributable to the withdrawn call, or

3. has the same purpose (e.g. an asking bid or a relay) as that attributable to the withdrawn call.


North is dealer but South passes out of turn.  West decides not to accept the pass out of turn. The bidding reverts to North.  North can do whatever he/she likes.   Say he opens IH. East passes. Now South has a number of comparable calls available to him, e.g. he can pass, he can respond 1NT, 2NT, 2H, or 3H because each of these calls show hands which are a subset of the range of hands he had shown initially by his pass out of turn.




Last updated : 25th Oct 2017 14:40 BST
40th Anniversary 1987 - 2017
40th Anniversary 1987 - 2017


Wilton Bridge Club celebrated its 40th Anniversary this year (1987-2017)

A great night was had by all in the SMA Hall, Wilton. Well done to the outgoing President Breda Conneely.

Congratulations to Máirín Heffernan & Eileen O'Sullivan winners of the Club Championship Competition 2017 - See picture of presentation to Máirín Heffernan by club President, Breda Conneely.

Runners up Rose Howard & Donal Cronin shared 2nd Place with Ethna Pollock & Mary Kenny

- - - - - - - -

Congratulations to the winners of the President's Prize 2017 - Breda Kelly & Fionnuala O'Callaghan

Eunners up in 2nd Place - Ethna Pollock & Mary Kenny

3rd Place:  Maura Lane & Donal Cronin



Last updated : 25th Oct 2017 14:43 BST
Committee 2018-2019

The following committee was elected at the Club AGM on 23rd May 2018:

President - Anne Pollock

Vice President - To be confirmed

Secretary - Jane Bracken

Treasurer - Cora Twomey

Registrar - Eithne O'Leary

Competition Secretary - Maura Lane


Last updated : 25th May 2018 10:34 BST