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Westmorland County Contract Bridge Association
2017 Final

The final was played on Sunday 23 April 2017 at Keswick Conservative Club at 12.45.

Congratulations to the winning team - Kendal Upstarts who were presented with the trophy.

See the Westmorland results for full results of the final.

Many thanks to Mike Rothwell for setting up the computer, to Kendal BC for use of their equipment,

to Chris Walker for dealing the boards and to Leo and Philip for organising the day.

(Keswick Conservative Club

14 Penrith Road

Keswick CA12 4HF

Penrith Road is the main road into Keswick coming from the south and the Conservative Club is more or less opposite the park.

There is some parking there or in the surrounding streets.


The bridge was preceded by a short meeting at which it was decided that the handicaps would be amended for the 2017/8 season.


2016 Final

The 2016 final was played on Sunday 17 April 2016. The results were:

Position Team Players IMPs Score after handicap
1 Arnside 2 Tim Farmer, Phil Hine
Keith Livingstone, Janet Reid
21 +21

Penrith Crossfell

Johnathan Begg, Peter Smith
Barbara Burgoyne, Martin Brimmer
11 +11
3 Fawlty Bower Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell
Vanessa and David Cordwell
34 -3
4 Worker Bees Paul Davies, Wad Davies
Phil Walker, Terry McCarron
19 -18
5 Kendal Upstarts Sally and Philip Wraight
rian Smith, Tim Harrison
5 -26

Keswick Codlings

John Robinson, David Latimer
Leo Lehninger, Peter Ford
2 -41
7 Deep South Mike Patefield, Jeremy Harris
Chris Wilkinson, Chris Walker
-23 -44
8 Penrith Old Squares John Upson, Jenny Caruthers
Vicki Simpson, Noel Pearson
-50 -50
9 Fourth Bridge John MacLachlan, Robin Rose
Pat Downes, Ina G
-20 -57

The Trophy was therefore won by Arnside 2 pictured below being presented with the trophy by Mike Patefield.
Click here for the detailed results.

Thank you to Mike Rothwell for organising the movement and scoring and to Chris Walker for dealing the boards.

2016 Final