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Westmorland County Contract Bridge Association
Swiss Weekend

This green-pointed Swiss weekend is organised jointly by Cumbria and Westmorland Bridge Associations

Saturday 15th September 2018 (Swiss Teams)
Sunday 16th September 2018 (Swiss Pairs)

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Saturday 23rd September 2017 (Swiss Teams)
Sunday 24th September 2017 (Swiss Pairs)

The photos show the Swiss Teams winners being presented by Trevor Ward (Cumbria chairman) and the Swiss Pairs winners being presented by John Ellwood (Westmorland chairman)


  Swiss Teams Swiss Pairs
2017 Clive and Chris Owen, Charles and Vi Outred Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield
2016 David and Margaret Thompson, Jill and Roger Hancock Bob Loveridge and Helen Montgomery
2015 Jeff Smith, Jackie Pye, Rhona and Bernard Goldenfield Rodney Lighton and Neil Thomas
2014 John Whitaker, Keith Stewart, John Halliwell, Linda Smith Catherine Draper and Andrew Petrie
Westmorland Green-Pointed Swiss Pairs

Westmorland Green-Pointed Swiss Pairs
(This competition ran from 2010 to 2013 but is now incorporated into the Cumbria/Westmorland joint weekend)

2013 Peter Richmond and Roger Allison
2012 David Strawbridge and John Farmer
2011 Ross Shine and John Brearley
2010 Clive and Margaret Owen