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Welcome to the Unit 216 & Des Moines Area web site. We have ACBL sanctioned duplicate bridge games running most days. (See our calendar). We also have a variety of instructional classes (See menu item) and several times a year hold ACBL Sectional tournaments at the center.

Be sure to check out the Using the Site section (under the News Page menu item) for first time users.

Important Information

Checkout ACBL's explanation for proper procedure after a skip now that Stop cards are no longer used.


Hawkeye Holiday Sectional Tournament, January 4th-7th.

Just Out:
The menu item for the Public Phone Directory now directly takes you there.
The December calendar is now out.
There's a new menu item - Articles. First article published is "Attack of the Two-Suiters", by Rich Newell.
And now Pete Wityk has added his first article.
ACBL's new Bridge Feed site has been added the Useful Links section.

The Holiday Party is Friday, December 15th.

Bridge Classes: 
Please checkout ongoing classes from menu item.

New: Free lessons by Rich Newell on Saturday mornings.

Upgraded Club Championship Open Pairs
Director: Dee Wilson
Novice Pairs (0-100)
Director: Craig Nelsen
Stratified Open Pairs
Director: Gregg Walsh
Dec 12, 2017
Stratified Pairs (0-2000)
Bridge Center 12:00 pm
Director: Nancy Wilson
Dec 13, 2017
Stratified Pairs (0-200)
Bridge Center 12:00 pm
Director: Gregg Walsh
Dec 13, 2017
ACBL Charity Pairs (0-2000)
Bridge Center 7:00 pm
Director: Gregg Walsh