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                                  FEB 2019 WILMINGTON SECTIONAL FLYER

Monday 08/20 Board 1 Bridge Studio

I continue to be amazed by the varied and novel experiences I encounter at the bridge table.  Most of these experiences are constructive; unusual distributions; rare card positions, unique lines of play.  But novel experiences also result from misbids, misplays, and plain old forgetfulness.  After fifty years, and over a million bridge hands, I thought I had seen every rediculous contract possible.  But....NO! 


After a curious 1NT opening, east balanced with a capalletti 2♣ , showing an unspecified one-suited hand.  West alerted, south inquired, and west explained the bid accurately.... and followed with the PASS card! North had no difficulty passing, ending the auction.  There you have it. East was left to play in a 1-1 club fit rather than a 6-5 diamond fit. A true first...hopefully never to be repeatedangry

Monday 08/27 Board 32 Bridge Studio

So you reach 6♠  with lots of chances.  As long as hearts break 3-2 there are 11 easy tricks, with the 12th coming in diamonds or spades. Assume trump are 3-2 and plan the play.

At the table 7 pairs were in hearts with 3 making 6.  Two of those 3 received a 2♠  lead solving all problems.  The third declarer decided to try for a spade ruff if spades were 3-3(36%), or if the opponent with the long spades also had the last heart(?%). This approach also wins if the Q♠ is doubleton(16%). Win the opening lead;  play AK♣ and a  to Q and east's A . Win the return discarding a spade.  Now KQ , AK♠ , and Q♣ pitching dummys last spade. When the 9♠ is lead west must follow and dummy ruffs.  A diamond back to declarer allows declarer to draw the last trump.

But nobody found the best line which is to set up the 5th diamond when diamonds break 4-3 (62%).


Tuesday 07/03 Board 17 VF Bridge Club

Bridge experts will tell you its usually a good idea to cash your winners first before starting a crossruff.  Apparently, only one declarer heeded that advice on this hand.  After ruffing the opening heart lead, declarer tests trumps, and south shows out.  Your turn.  Making seven earns all the matchpoints.

Drawing trump is out of the question! Declarer may need all three trump in hand to ruff 2 and one♠ .  To find out cash three rounds of spades ending in dummy.  When they break life gets easier.  But be careful.  If you play the last spade now, north will discard a diamond and then be able to ruff the second round of diamonds.  So before playing the 13th spade, cash the A then K , then lead the last spade. Now north cannot discard usefully and and declarer easily comes to 13 tricks on a crossruff.


There are many resources available to assist bridge players in improving their game. Some of the best are available free and online.  This month we highlight learning resources provided by "LEARNBRIDGE.NYC".  Whether your interest is declarer play, conventions, defense, or strategy, LEARNBRIDGE.NYC can help.  Click on the link image below to go directly to their site.

More learning links are available in the library

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2018-2019 DSBA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is committed to meeting the Bridge needs of all members of Unit 190.  Please let us know how we can help.

President - Harold Jordan

Vice-President - Mark Henderson

Secretary - Teresa Spicer

Treasurer - Melissa Jessup

Membership Chair North - Brenda Vogel

Membership Chair South - Scott Ferber 

Electronic Contact - Harold Jordan 

Web Master - Mark Henderson 

Disciplinary Chair - Rick Rowland

Recorder - Jess Stuart

Tournament Coordinator (ACBL Contact and North Chair) Jeff Ruben

Publicity Chair - Soley Kristjansdottir 

Hospitality Chair - Debbie Schenkel

IN Coordinator - Brenda VogelNAOP Coordinator- Caroline Hughes 

Additional Positions for Unit 190 -

State Games Chair - Karen Pollack - North and Kim Holm in the South


Constant Contact Manager - Mark Henderson 

Dummy and 4Spot Editor - Ala Hamilton-Day 

Library - Nancy Ferguson 

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