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Welcome to Unit 190
🏖 Best excuse to head to the beach 🏖
🏖 Best excuse to head to the beach 🏖

Sun and Fun

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Tuesday 07/03 Board 17 VF Bridge Club

Bridge experts will tell you its usually a good idea to cash your winners first before starting a crossruff.  Apparently, only one declarer heeded that advice on this hand.  After ruffing the opening heart lead, declarer tests trumps, and south shows out.  Your turn.  Making seven earns all the matchpoints.

Drawing trump is out of the question! Declarer may need all three trump in hand to ruff 2 and one♠ .  To find out cash three rounds of spades ending in dummy.  When they break life gets easier.  But be careful.  If you play the last spade now, north will discard a diamond and then be able to ruff the second round of diamonds.  So before playing the 13th spade, cash the A then K , then lead the last spade. Now north cannot discard usefully and and declarer easily comes to 13 tricks on a crossruff.


There are many resources available to assist bridge players in improving their game. Some of the best are available free and online.  This month we highlight learning resources provided by "LEARNBRIDGE.NYC".  Whether your interest is declarer play, conventions, defense, or strategy, LEARNBRIDGE.NYC can help.  Click on the link image below to go directly to their site.

More learning links are available in the library

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