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Play commences at the following times. Monday - 7:30, Tuesday - 10:30 and Sunday 1:00. Please be at the clubrooms 15 minutes before these times. You may phone the clubroom on 0422 938449 if you will be delayed for some reason.

Please turn ALL Mobile phones off during the few hours of play. If you are expecting an URGENT call then let the Director know before play commences.

Bridge Sayings
Bridge Sayings

Good Bridge etiquette means you greet opponents, praise both partner and opponents (well played), do not criticize (good try), do not make gratuitis comments (if you had bid this or led that), not gloat (we got 100%) and finally speak politely to your partner, opponents and especially the Director.

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E-mail - will be checked on Bridge days.

Web site -

Our phone number (during playing times) is 0422 938449.


Latrobe City Council

Our council has helped us to locate and update our premesis. They have done some of the larger works on it and are most helpful when we need assistance. They can be contacted on


How to find us
How to find us

Enter Showgrounds via Howitt St.

Floods June 12
Floods June 12

Bridge was played on June 11 until 11:00 pm. Overnight the Traralgon Creek flooded. By 8:00 am on June 12 all entrances to the Traralgon Recreation Reserve were closed due to flood water. The Men's Shed, Football Club and Victory Park were also inundated with water. Below are some photos taken at 3:00pm after the waters had started to recede. Rosedale was cut off at the roundabout and the Princes Hwy was closed between Rosedale and Sale. There were many other roads in the area that were also closed. The Latrobe River burst its new banks and poured into the Hazelwood coal mine destroying the coal conveyors.   

The mud was very thick up to the doorway and our poor garden was covered with debris. You cannot see where the path ends and the garden begins. 

The water had been 3cm deep throught the building. As you can see by the footsteps our blue carpet had an instant colour change to become a chocolate brown. The chairs, stools, tables and bins etc will all need a good wash down. Thank goodness our bridgemates were safe and sound as were most of our cards.   

Our nice cream lino also had an instant colour change. Once again all the kitchen equipment was up nice and high.

The height of the water is clearly evident at the steps going down to the Chook Shed.

All furniture and equipment in the main hall has been either placed in storage or stashed in the kitchen or toilet area until the new carpet is laid. This is 1 way to have a "spring clean" even if it is still winter.

Exercise equipment, books, tables and many other boxes have been stored in the kitchen whilst the hall is empty and drying out.

Many thanks to Ken Tierney for his liason work with the Latrobe Council, removalists, other contractors and our members. Moira and Robin Hecker, Don Tylee and Ken Tierney moved most of our gear. CFA, Kathleen Elkington and Ken Tierney for their cleaning of the floors. Helen McAdam and Moira Hecker for locating temporary premises. All Traralgon Bridge Club members appreciate your efforts.