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Play commences at the following times. Monday - 7:30, Tuesday - 10:30 and Sunday 1:00. Please be at the clubrooms 15 minutes before these times. You may phone the clubroom on 0422 938449 if you will be delayed for some reason.

Please turn ALL Mobile phones off during the few hours of play. If you are expecting an URGENT call then let the Director know before play commences.

Contact Details

Mail - The Secretary, P.O. Box 1849, Traralgon 3844

E-mail - will be checked on Bridge days.

Web site -

Our phone number (during playing times) is 0422 938449.

Bridge Sayings
Bridge Sayings

Good Bridge etiquette means you greet opponents, praise both partner and opponents (well played), do not criticize (good try), do not make gratuitis comments (if you had bid this or led that), not gloat (we got 100%) and finally speak politely to your partner, opponents and especially the Director.


Latrobe City Council

Our council has helped us to locate and update our premesis. They have done some of the larger works on it and are most helpful when we need assistance. They can be contacted on


How to find us
How to find us

Enter Showgrounds via Howitt St.

Welcome to Traralgon Bridge Club
Play over the Christmas Period

Dear Players,

Tuesday and Thursday sessions will continue as normal over the Christmas/New Year Period, with the exception of Christmas Day.

Monday sessions will continue as normal with the exception of Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve

Regards Marion

Christmas Dinner Monday 10th Dec
Christmas Dinner Monday 10th Dec

Monday's Dinner and the evening  was a great success very similar to last Tuesday's Dinner, except the hearty rendition of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was performed by duet Helen and Heather who also danced their way through the performance.

The poor deuce prize was tossed around all night again and again finished with Ken Tierney. (Ken is considering going professional).

The pictures of all the happy winners are shown above with N/S being won by Hannah Green and Pat Still with 59.52%, E/W winners were a very happy Helen Porter and Anne Den Houting with 63.10%, the Secret Percentage (51.2%) was won by Monika Cornell and Michael Zarb with the incredibly close score of 51.19%. Hannah Green was an obvious winner of the Best Dressup prize

Christmas Dinner Tuesday 4th Dec

A great day was organised by Marion and the committee and it and the meal were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

After a rousing rendition of "Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer" by duet Geoff and Pat the following prizes were awarded:-

N/S winners Greg Nicholson and Jean Barbour with 60.47%

E/w winners Anne Den Houting and Ken Tierney with 64.09%

Mystery percentage (49.3%) winners were Bee Bodin and Liz McKenzie

Best dressed up was shared by Phil Goode and Robyn Couch and her reindeer

The deuce prize (the poor little soft elephant) was tossed from one winner to another all day but finally came to rest with the final winner and was awarded to Ken Tierney

Monday Teams Final
Monday Teams Final

After two weeks of competition the results were very close with the team as shown of Monika Cornell & Michael Zarb with Anne Howes & Heather Watt winning with 74 VPs.

Coming second were the team of Fred Kaminski & Egbert Tzoe with Rob Graham & Fred Sunderland with 70 Vps.

Third place was taken by the team of Mark & Deb Reynolds with Kevin & Marion Taylor with 68 VPs.


Congratulations must go to:-


Egbert Tzoe who has been promoted

from Graduate Master to Club Master (5+ points)


Ros McEvoy who has been promoted

from *Local Master to **Local Master (35+ points)


Jo Leslie who has been promoted

from Regional Master to State Master (50+ points)


Moira Hecker who has been promoted

from Bronze Life Master to Silver Life Master (500+ points)


Gael Feore who has been promoted

from Local Master to *Local Master (25+ points)


Mark Reynolds who has been promoted

from *Local Master to **Local Master (35+ points)


Well done all

Best Scores 2018
Best Scores 2018

Best Monday Results

Howell - 15th October - 68.52% - Helen McAdam & Don Tylee

Howell - 22nd October - 64.81% - Rhonda Van Dyke & Heather Knorr

Howell - 29th October - 66.67% - Rhonda Van Dyke & Heather Knorr

Howell - 3rd December - 67.04% - Fred Kaminski & Egbert Tzoe

Howell - 3rd December - 60.74% - Helen McAdam & Moira Hecker

E/W Pairs - 13th August - 66,67% - Fred Kaminski & Egbert Tzoe

E/W Pairs - 10th December - 63.10% - Helen Porter & Anne Den Houting

Best Tuesday Results

N/S Pairs - 25th September - 62.23% - Anne Howes & Robyn Couch

E/W Pairs - 25th September - 63.83% - Fred Sundermann & Fred Kaminski

E/W Pairs - 25th September - 63.52% - Anna Field & Marion Taylor

N/S Pairs - 9th October - 63.41% - Phillip Goode & Barbara Barr

N/S Pairs - 30th October - 66.10% - Greg nicholson & Jean Barbour

N/S Pairs - 7th November - 67.74% - Marion & Kevin Taylor

N/S Pairs - 7th November - 61.78% - Elly Carey & Angela Larsen

E/W Pairs - 7th November - 63.19% - Pieternel Griffioen & Geoff Dixon

Howell - 19th November - 68.89% - Greg Nicholson & Jean Barbour

N/S Pairs - 27th November - 61.38% - Jan Williams & Pat Davies

N/S Pairs - 27th November - 60.49% - Rob Graham & Peter Lonie

E/W Pairs - 27th November - 60.04% - Fred Sundermann & Fred Kaminski

Howell - 4th December - 60.47% - Greg Nicholson & Jean Barbour

E/W Pairs - 11th December - 60.46% - Jan Williams & Pat Davies

E/W Pairs - 11th December - 60.15% - Doreen King & Joe Taylor

Best Thursday Results

Howell - 4th October - 64.58% - Fred Kaminski & Irene Pappas

Howell - 11th October - 64.75% - Lou & Lynne Veenstra

Howell - 11th October - 60.19% - Peter Lonie & Geoff Davidson

Howell - 18th October - 64.88% - David & Anita Hawkins

Howell - 1st November - 62.50% - Anna Field & Elizabeth Morrish

Howell - 15th November - 60.74% - Glenis Lohr & Monika Cornell

Howell - 29th November - 67.13% - Peter Lonie & Geoff Davidson

Howell - 29th November - 65.28% - Lynne & lou Veenstra

Howell - 13th December - 69.74% - Glenys Lohr & Egbert Tzoe

Christmas Dinner Monday 10th Dec
Christmas Dinner Monday 10th Dec
New Silver Life Master
New Silver Life Master

Moira Hecker has recently been promoted to the rank of Sliver Life Master by the Australian Bridge Federation. Since commencing her bridge journey in 2001, Moira has accumulated over 500 Masterpoints to reach this milestone. This has included playing in State and National level competitions to gain the necessary red and gold points. Moira has contributed a great deal to the club as a Committee Member and is the current club President. She says that she has enjoyed the social and competitive side of the game and has been keen to put something back into the club and to help other people to take up this great game. She has also been President of the Eastern Region Bridge Association, a delegate to the Victorian Bridge Association and has just returned from representing the Gippsland region in a national teams competition in Tweed Heads. Traralgon Bridge Club now has six home club Silver Life Masters, which is a great achievement for a smaller rural club. 

Tuesday Teams Finals
Tuesday Teams Finals

The Tuesday Teams Final was also fought over two weeks with this team of Jan Williams & Pat Davies with Janet Woollacott & Doreen King taking the prize with 159 VPs.

The team of Ros McEvoy & Dawn Cameron with  Pieternel Griffioen & Geoff Dixon & Joe Taylor came second with 152 VPs.

Third place went to the team of Greg Nicholson & Jean Barbour with Lois & Lynne Veenstra with 151 VPs.



On Thursday 30th August, in our Inaugural Thursday event, Ken Tierney and Robyn Couch scored a magnificent 70.37% to become eligible for the over 70's club. Congratulations


Further to this Rob Graham and Glenys Lohr scored a fantastic 73.38% on Tuesday 18th September. Well Done!!!

Coming Events
Coming Events

Monday Events

December 10th - Nationwide Pairs and Christmas Party

Tuesday Events

December 25th - Christmas Day (Merry Christmas everyone)

Sunday Events

Talk 12:30, Duplicate 1 PM


Thursday - Section A
Tuesday - Section A
Monday Night - Section A
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