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Forthcoming SCCBA Events

The next SCCBA events are :-

  • the Basic Bridge Pairs at Bognor on Sunday August 31st,
  • the Autumn Congress - Friday September 12th to Sunday September 14th.

Entries are also invited for the 2014/15 Sussex League and Championship Teams.

You can enter any of these events using one of the new on-line entry forms plus a Bank Transfer to send the entry fee or you can print off a entry form and post it with your cheque.  Why not go the Entry Form section and make your choice now?

SCCBA Green Point Swiss Teams

Congratulations to the team of Stefan Skorchev, Alistair Kent, Steve Root and Richard Bowdery who won the Green Point Swiss Teams at East Grinstead on Sunday July 20th.  The runners-up were Dave Nastaszczuk, Philip Hunt, Nigel Urban and Neil Watts.  Dave Franklin, Gerry Stanford, David Gritt and Lindsay Geddes were in 3rd place.

Very many thanks to Steve Foster who ran the event single-handedly after an organisational mis-understanding.

Metropolitan Cup Teams

The Sussex teams for the Metropolitan Cup, to be played on Sunday September 7th starting at 1pm, at East Grinstead Sports Club have now been chosen.  This is an inter-County competition against other Counties in South-East England.  Sussex shall be represented by the following teams:

'A' Team
Julian Mitchell (c) and Peter Clinch
Irvine Caplan and Eddie Lucioni
David Dickson and Andy Ryder
Richard Fedrick and Matt Read
David Franklin and Gerry Stanford
David Nastaszczuk and Philip Roxburgh
'B' Team
Harold (c) and Cecily Linfield
Dave Armstrong and Christopher Derrick
David Benjamin and Mike Keeping
Duncan Curtis and Andrew Morris
David Galpin and Joan Hootman
Alan and James Hobden
Res: Pyers Pennant and Roger Poulter
'C1' Team
Richard Burnett (c) and Fran Thornton
Michael Campbell and David Telfer
Jonathan Derrick and Oliver Powell
Mary Lawrenson and Sarah Mitchell
Per Lindsten and Richard Newton
Jeff & Lydia Stanford
'C2' Team
Brian Gould (c) and Ray Burnett
Peter Brown and Yves Lebrec
Tom Brogan and Mark Denny
Fergus Cameron and David Gillespie
John Jackson and Leon Northeast
George Phillips and Janet Rumsey
Res: Peter Buttery and Shirley Saunter
Looking for Beginners at Crawley
Looking for Beginners at Crawley

Having successfully used the county display boards at Crawley Library 18 months ago to gain several beginners, Crawley Bridge Club borrowed the county boards again recently for a display at Copthorne Carnival.  Crawley added their own flyers and posters and a playing demo (in custom-made t-shirts!) but, unfortunately, the weather wasn't very friendly.

More success was had at Turners Hill on July 20th where the level of interest in the Club and its teaching programmes was most encouraging.  Similar interest is hoped for at Crawley Down on September 6th.

National Inter-County League Finals
National Inter-County League Finals

Two teams from Sussex did well on Sunday 6th July in the National Inter-County League Finals at Solihull, following their respective wins at the Metropolitan Cup last September.

Our C Team (pictured) did extremely well by winning their section (see Rankings and Butler scores) which Sussex has now won 3 times in the last 4 years. Congratulations to our team of David Galpin, Joan Hootman, Richard Newton, Per Lindsten, Ray Burnett, Brian Gould, David Gillespie and Fergus Cameron.

Our B Team of Harold and Cecily Linfield, Eddie Lucioni, Irvine Caplan, Dave Nastaszczuk, Philip Roxburgh, Neil Watts and County Chairman Andy Ryder finished 3rd of 5 teams in their section.

EBU Summer Seniors Congress

Many congratulations to Nigel Osmer and Vida Bingham who beat 105 other pairs to win the Swiss Pairs at the EBU Summer Seniors Congress on Saturday July 5th.

Well done also to Gerry Stanford and Dave Franklin who came 4th in the Championship Pairs A Final.

Pam Kelly

We are very sad to learn of the death of Pam Kelly who was a founder member of Henfield Duplicate Bridge Society back in the mid-1970s.  She was a much valued member and regular player at club sessions and could always be relied upon for a happy smiling face - whatever contract her partner had landed her in!  In addition, she was secretary of the Henfield Candles Congress during its ‘golden years’ and worked tirelessly towards the Society's success. She is sorely missed and our thoughts and prayers are with her family at this very difficult time. The funeral is at 10.00 am on Thursday 10 July at Corpus Christi RC Church in Henfield.

SCCBA Venture Pairs
SCCBA Venture Pairs

Congratulations to Howard Da Vall and Shirley Price who won this year's SCCBA Venture Pairs at West Sussex Bridge Club on Sunday June 29th.

SCCBA/EBU Green Point Swiss Pairs
SCCBA/EBU Green Point Swiss Pairs

Congratulations to Gerry Stanford and Dave Franklin who won the Green Point Swiss Pairs at East Grinstead on Sunday June 22nd.

Many thanks to Organiser and Chief Tournament Director Eddie Williams who was assisted by Kathy Williams and Stephen Kennedy.

Other County News
SCCBA Minutes

The draft minutes of the July 8th Tournament Committee Meeting and the draft minutes of the July 11th Selection Committee Meeting are now available for viewing.  Alternatively, click on the heading to this article to access the minutes of all available SCCBA committee meetings and AGMs.

20th Jul 2014
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15th Jul 2014
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Henfield Candles
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11th Aug 2014
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Brighton 11-14th
11th Aug 2014
EBU Seniors Congress
Brighton 11-14th
31st Aug 2014
SCCBA Basic Bridge Pairs
Bognor 11:00
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5th Sep 2014
Invitation Pairs - Round 6
Worthing 7:30 pm
7th Sep 2014
Metropolitan Cup
TBA 1:00
8th Sep 2014
EBU Simultaneous Pairs
Clubs 8-12th
10th Sep 2014
Avenue Non-Swiss Pairs
Avenue 7:30
12th Sep 2014
SCCBA Autumn Congress
Adur Indoor Bowling Club 12-14th
15th Sep 2014
Mixed Pairs Heat
St. Leonards 7:00
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