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The following is information and news of interest to the county members. See "Results", "Calendar" and "Competitions" for details of events.
2018 Invitation Pairs
2018 Invitation Pairs

The 2018 Invitation Pairs competition has now been completed.

Congratulations to the overall winners Mike Keeping and David Benjamin who scored a total of 93.61 VPs.  They are shown here receiving their trophy from last year's winner David Galpin (with Joan Hootman).

In second place were Andy Ryder and Mike Allen with a score of 88.07 VPs and .....

..... in third place were Roger Poulter and James Hobden with a score of 85.62 VPs.

Very many congratulations to them all.

And special thanks to the five clubs who hosted the sessions and to the directors David Galpin, Julian Mitchell, Keith Norman and Jack Woodard.

Andrea Galpin, Organiser
Kremer Dersch Trophy
Kremer Dersch Trophy

The Kremer Dersch Trophy is an annual teams event for committee members of EBU-affiliated clubs in Sussex.  It's a competitive but social event which this year was held at Eastbourne Bridge Club on Sunday October 28th.

Congratulations to the Avenue team of Andrea Galpin, Julian Mitchell, Denise Boxall and Helen Dawson who were clear winners.  The runners-up were the West Sussex team of Robert Hirst, Hazel Beveridge, Neil Watts and Rob Harris who were just 1 IMP ahead of the Patcham team of Peter Langston, Ian Macgregor, Ivor Richard and Roy Greenbaum.

Many thanks to director David Galpin and scorer Andrea Galpin, who were both much busier than they expected, to organiser Gerry Stanford and to Eastbourne Bridge Club who hosted the event and, as usual, provided an excellent tea.

Special thanks to William Bourne who, during the tea break, gave a very interesting talk on the follow-up actions to the very successful Southern Counties Junior Bridge Camp at Ardingly College in July.

SCCBA Ladies Pairs
SCCBA Ladies Pairs

Congratulations to Lindsay Geddes and Sally Bugden who are pictured with the Edward Bruce Parker Trophy for winning the 2018 SCCBA Ladies Pairs on October 21st.

The runners-up were Sue Peters and Maureen Norman and .....

..... in 3rd place were Francesca Campbell and Prue Davies.

This very popular annual event was held on Sunday October 21st at Patcham Bridge Club where a delicious tea, provided by Frances and Edith, was enjoyed during the interval.  Many thanks to Peter Langston who directed the event.

Joy Mayall - Organiser

SCCBA Autumn Congress
SCCBA Autumn Congress
The Autumn Congress took place at Patcham over the weekend of October 13th/14th and attracted a few more players than in recent years.
On the Saturday, the Welcome Pairs trophy was won by Carol and Mark Randall.
Also on the Saturday, the magnificent Noel Mobbs trophy was captured by Jill Skinner and Jeremy Willans who won the Swiss Pairs by a distance while .....
..... the Broad Trophy for the Swiss Pairs was awarded by NGS stratification to Brian Kirkdale & Ian Sanderson and Margaret & Roger Chaplin who finished in a tie for 6th place overall.
On Sunday, a local team were clear winners of the Harold Lawson trophy for the Swiss Teams.  Congratulations to Marit & Peter Langston, Antony Whiteway and Will Adler on a fine win.
Thanks again to Peter Langston for providing the venue, to Ron Robins for dealing the boards, to Julian Mitchell for directing on Saturday, to Eddie Williams for providing enormous technical assistance and to Frances Wallace and Edith Jeffery for providing lunches to the hungry and refreshments to everyone.
Peter Clinch,
Tollemache Qualifier

The following team have been chosen to represent Sussex in the Tollemache Qualifier over the weekend of 17th/18th November:

Julian Mitchell & Peter Clinch
Andrew Southwell & Ian Lancaster
Andy Ryder & Mike Allen
Mike Keeping & David Benjamin
Stephen Kennedy & Oliver Powell

Reserves: Duncan Curtis & Andy Morris

Non-playing Captain: Neil Watts

We wish them the best of luck.

Chris Jepson (Chairman of Selection Committee)

Dimmie Fleming Award 2018 - Andrea Galpin

The Management Committee is delighted to announce that its nomination of Andrea Galpin for a Dimmie Fleming award this year has been successful.  Over a period of 18 years, and still counting, Andrea has made, and continues to make, one of the most significant personal contributions to the success of Sussex bridge.  In recognition of this, the EBU Board has been pleased to make this award and Andrea will be presented with it at the EBU AGM at the Imperial Hotel, Russell Square, London on 28 November, starting at 1pm.

Metropolitan Cup

Many congratulations to the Sussex C2 team of Paul Londesborough & Roger Bill, John Austin & Michael Percik, Kathy Williams & Christina Backholer and Jim Downes & Josie Allen who won the 'C' Division of the the Metropolitan Cup at East Grinstead on Sunday September 30th.

There were also very creditable performances from the A1 and B2 teams who were both 3rd in the 'A' and 'B' divisions respectively.

Full results can be seen on Ian Mitchell's Bridge page.

Le Touquet Festival of Bridge
Le Touquet Festival of Bridge

Well done to Gerry Stanford and Dave Franklin who, fresh from their joint-win in the Midweek Swiss Pairs, ventured to Le Touquet where they finished 6th overall and won the 'highest-placed non-French pair' trophy in a 3-session event over the weekend of September 1st/2nd.

SCCBA Midweek Swiss Pairs
SCCBA Midweek Swiss Pairs
This year's Blue-pointed Midweek Swiss Pairs took place at Henfield on Wednesday August 22nd and produced a tight finish.  46 pairs battled it out and in the end the result was a tie between Dave Franklin & Gerry Stanford and Peter Griffin & Richard Illingworth (all pictured).  James & Sally Bugden claimed third place.

Many thanks to the Henfield Hall (including the tireless Peter Bates), to Andrew Southwell for scoring and managing logistics, to Eddie Williams and Mervyn Wotton for sorting out legal and technical issues and to Ron Robins for preparing the hands.  Hope to see everyone next year!

Peter Clinch (Organiser/Director)

(and thanks very much to Peter for conjuring up a splendid 23 tables! - Ed.)

Metropolitan Cup Teams

The following teams have been chosen to represent Sussex in the Metropolitan Cup at East Grinstead on Sunday September 30th at noon.

Chris Jepson (Chairman of Selection Committee)


Team A1
 Julian Mitchell (C) and Peter Clinch
 Andrew Southwell and Ian Lancaster
 Mike Keeping and David Benjamin
 Stephen Kennedy and Oliver Powell
Team A2
 Gerry Stanford (C) and Dave Franklin
 Alan and James Hobden
 Cliff Vince and David Telfer
 Philip Hunt and Matt Read
Team B1
 Lindsay Geddes (C) and Liz Lancaster
 Neil Watts and Chris Jepson (res for A)
 Yves Lebrec and Peter Brown
 Duncan Curtis and Andy Morris
Team B2
 Harold (C) and Cecily Linfield
 Matt Smith and Mark Denny
 Jill and Dave Armstrong
 Dave Nastaszczuk and Philip Roxburgh

 Reserves: 1. Will Adler and Tony Whiteway, 2. Eddie Lucioni and Jean Smallwood
Team C1
 Joy Mayall (C) and Andy Willard
 Ron James and Margaret Collins
 Margaret and Roger Chaplin
 Richard Burnett and Fran Thornton

Team C2
 Malcolm (C) and Ian Wright
 Jim Downes and Josie Allen
 Paul Londesborough and Roger Bill
 John Austin and Mike Percik

 Reserves: 1. Susie and Chris Gray, 2. Christina Backholer and Alan Gardiner

(C) denotes captain
GCH Fox Championship Pairs Heat
GCH Fox Championship Pairs Heat

There were 17 tables in the heat of the GCH Fox Championship Pairs which was run at Worthing BC on August 7th as part of the EBU Summer Festival.

Congratulations to winners Richard Illingworth and David Staton who are pictured with director David Galpin.

The runners-up were Avril Strong and Lizzy Hornsey.

SCCBA/EBU Green Point Swiss Teams
SCCBA/EBU Green Point Swiss Teams

Congratulations to the team of Philip Hunt, Mike Allen, Neil Watts and Andy Ryder who won the Green Point Swiss Teams at Patcham Community Centre on Sunday July 22nd.

The runners-up were Mike Keeping, David Benjamin, Matthew Smith and Matthew Read and .....

..... in 3rd place were last year's winners Norman Inniss, Richard Creamer, Konrad Mau and Neeraj Tanna.

The event was very efficiently directed by Steve Foster and his assistant Miranda Churchill.

Truly top-notch catering was provided by Charlotte Setahul and Peter Clinch.

Joy Mayall (Organiser)

P.S. Swiss Teams events to be held in the county later this year are :-

  •  in SCCBA's Autumn Congress at Patcham on Sunday October 14th, and
  • Worthing BC's Hills Trophy at Angmering on Sunday November 25th.

 See Entry Forms section for details.

Melting in the Heat
Melting in the Heat

The hottest days of the year didn’t stop 63 juniors aged 7 to 21 from playing bridge almost non-stop at the Southern Counties Junior Bridge Camp at Ardingly College on 7th and 8th July.  The competitions took place in the impressive Ardingly Chapel - surely a first for bridge?

Highlights included the master-class on high-level competitive bidding by Espen and Helen Erichsen and .....

..... a 3-way tie for first place in the JBC's main competition, the Priday Cup, which was won by Oscar Selby and Andy Cope from Jamie and Liam Fegarty on the result of the boards played against each other.  Martin Jones and Anton Mauve (not pictured) lost out because they are not juniors.
Winners of the Saturday Pairs were Dominic Cooke and William Clennell who were the N/S winners and .....
..... Jasmine Bakshi and Henry Rose who were the E/W winners.
The Ratnesan family made a clean sweep of the Novice competitions with Radha winning on Saturday with Eliska Whitney and ......
..... Rajei and Ranesh winning on Sunday.

We wish the England U-16 team, who used the event as their final training, the best of luck at the World Cup in August.

Three juniors were awarded their EBED mini-bridge award, six their bronze award, one his gold, and four platinum.

Four brave girls opted to play rounders in 30 degrees of heat but most juniors and adults opted either to use the Ardingly swimming pool or (after a rapid programme alteration) to watch the World Cup football.

Click here to see more photos

William Bourne (Organiser)

SCCBA Venture Pairs
SCCBA Venture Pairs

Congratulations to Roger Bill and Carolyn Warry who won this year's SCCBA Venture Pairs at Worthing Bridge Club on Sunday June 24th.

The runners-up were Peter Harrison and Richard Moore.

Many thanks to organiser Eileen Perrigo and director Laurence Chiswell.

Sussex Candles
Sussex Candles

Congratulations to the winners of the Sussex (Henfield) Candles on Sunday June 3rd - Lindsay Geddes & Liz Lancaster, Andrew Southwell & Ian Lancaster, who had a good final win to capture the event emphatically.  The Non-expert shield was taken by ......

..... Jim Downes & Michael Williams, Francis Kelly and Tomasz Serkowski, who finished sixth overall.

Thanks are due to David Galpin (director), Ron Robins for duplicating the boards and Charlotte Setahul for a delicious buffet supper.  As always at Henfield, the help provided by Peter Bates was outstanding.

Peter Clinch (Organiser)

EBU Spring Bank Holiday Congress

Very well done to Stephen Kennedy who, with partner Ben Norton, came 2nd and to Eddie Lucioni who, with partner John Dakin, came 3rd in the Championship Pairs at the EBU Spring Bank Holiday Congress at Stratford on May 26th/27th.

Sussex League
Sussex League

The 2017/18 Sussex League is now almost complete and all the Divisional winners have been decided.  In an unprececented and remarkable finish to Division 1, 3 teams all finished on 75 Victory Points.  This means that the winners are decided by the results between the 3 teams and so it is congratulations to the team of Ian Lancaster and Andrew Southwell (pictured receiving the trophy), together with Kent players Jeremy Willans and Ian Draper, on winning Division 1 as they won both their matches against the other 2 tied teams.  Ian and Andrew last won the League 3 seasons ago whilst Jeremy and Ian have won the competition for the last 2 seasons in another team.  Dave Franklin's team (Gerry Stanford, Richard Fedrick and Mike Scoltock) finish second and Ken Ford's team (Ian Swanson, Andy Ryder, Mike Allen, David Dickson and Matt Read) come third.

Congratulations also to .....

..... the winners of the remaining 5 Divisions, respectively the teams captained by David Telfer, Paul Londesborough, Winnie Perry (pictured receiving the Division 4 Trophy from SCCBA President Martin Pool), .....



..... Josie Allen (pictured with team-member Jim Downes receiving the Division 5 Trophy from Martin) and Thea Sydenham.

Trophies were presented before the Sunday Swiss Teams at the recent County Congress at Uckfield.

I'll contact all current team Captains in the near future regarding entries for next season.  New teams, of whatever level of ability, are always welcome to join this Competition - please contact me by email for more information if necessary.  Entries for the new season close at the end of July with the competition getting under way shortly thereafter.

David Galpin (Organiser)

SCCBA/EBU Green Point Swiss Pairs
SCCBA/EBU Green Point Swiss Pairs

Congratulations to Michael Alishaw and Stephen Kennedy who won the Green Point Swiss Pairs at Uckfield on Saturday May 19th.  Even more congratulations to Michael and Stephen for being selected for the England Under 26 team in the World Youth Team Championships in China in August.

The runners-up were .....


..... Geoff Oldfield and Peter Crouch.

Many thanks to Organiser and Director Eddie Williams, ably assisted by Kathy Williams.


Members will be aware that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018.  The new legislation aims to tighten arrangements for the collection, storage and use of personal data, to make those arrangements more visible to those concerned and to provide facility for the amendment and removal of data if appropriate.  The county management committee has worked on understanding the requirements over recent months and has recently approved the publication of a comprehensive Privacy Notice.

Hopefully, this will provide the necessary visibility to Members regarding current arrangements but if there are any queries about this, Members should contact the Membership Secretary (Joy Mayall), copied to the Hon Secretary (Dick Wheeler).  This Privacy Notice will be permanently available on the left-hand side of the Home and other pages.

Championship Teams Final
Championship Teams Final
Congratulations to Mike Keeping's team of himself, David Benjamin, Alan and James Hobden and Matt Read (pictured minus Matt) who beat Julian Mitchell's team of himself, Peter Clinch, Andy Ryder, Mike Allen and David Dickson in this year's final in early May.  The match was played at the Avenue over 64 boards with the winning margin being reduced to 9 imps after being 46 imps in the middle of the match.  The players were very lucky that Sarah Mitchell provided superb food which helped to sustain the players in a long and tough but enjoyable match.
This tournament is probably the most prestigious in the county’s programme alongside the leagues, its congresses and the Sussex Pairs and we hope that as many teams as possible will enter it next year.  We also wish Mike Keeping's team the best of luck when they go forward to play all the other county winners in the Pachabo Cup at Bedford in June.
Congratulations also to Mark Denny's team (Roger Poulter, Tom Brogan and David Walker) who beat Dave Franklin's team (Gerry Stanford, Martin Pool and Mick Carrington) by 77-19 imps to win the Plate event.
Many, many thanks to Roger Poulter who has organised these events for goodness knows how many years and is now handing them over to David Galpin with a view to synchronising entries with the Sussex League and hence increasing the size of the Championship Teams field.
2017 Gladys Hakki Winner - Gerry Stanford
2017 Gladys Hakki Winner - Gerry Stanford

The Gladys Hakki Trophy is awarded annually to a Sussex member who has given outstanding service to county and club over a number of years.  This year's very deserving winner is Gerry Stanford, pictured being presented with the trophy by SCCBA President Martin Pool at the aborted SCCBA AGM on April 29th.

Not only has Gerry given consistently excellent performances representing the county over very many years but has worked tirelessly to help the SCCBA to deliver its objectives, e.g. as Vice-Chairman, Tournament Manager, organiser of several county events and Editor of the annual county Year Book

More recently Gerry has also played a key part in the development of youth bridge across the county, teaching at several schools and colleges and being a member of the project teams for several youth bridge festivals.


See full nomination by Dick Wheeler ( SCCBA Hon. Sec.)


SCCBA Spring Congress - Day 3
SCCBA Spring Congress - Day 3

Congratulations to Graham Pollack, Bryan Pinto, Helen Wildsmith and Tim Chanter who won the Swiss Teams on the final day of the Spring Congress which was held at Uckfield from Friday April 27th to Sunday April 29th.

The winners of the Boreham Salver for being the leading Sussex Team were Janet Cattermole, Diane Johnstone, Carolynn Maylen and Irene Gannon who were 2nd overall.

As always, the congress was extremely very well organised and directed by Eddie Williams, ably assisted by Kathy Williams.

SCCBA Spring Congress - Day 2
SCCBA Spring Congress - Day 2

Congratulations to David Stern and Howard Jennings who won the Blue-Pointed Swiss Pairs with .....

..... Katharine Kennedy and Alaine Hamilton winning the prize for the best-placed Sussex Pair and .....


..... Krystyna and John Deszberg winning the Non-Expert prize.

SCCBA Spring Congress - Day 1
SCCBA Spring Congress - Day 1

Congratulations to Carol Morison and Ray Burnett who won the Basic Bridge Pairs and to .....

..... Mark Wiggins, Susan Parkins, Mark David Harper and Helen Smithson who won the Multiple Teams and to .....

..... Katharine and Stephen Kennedy who won the Mixed Pairs, with .....

..... Margaret and Roger Chaplin winning the Mixed Pairs Flitch prize.

SCCBA Teams of Eight
SCCBA Teams of Eight

Congratulations to the West Sussex team of Yves Lebrec, Peter Brown, Andrew Southwell, Christine Jepson,  Ian Lancaster, Neil Watts, Matt Read and Philip Hunt who beat 10 other teams to win the county Teams of Eight event for the third successive time at Eastbourne on Sunday April 8th.  West Sussex will now play in the Garden Cities Regional Final.

Avenue were in 2nd place, as they were last year, and Eastbourne were 3rd.

Many thanks to organiser Gerry Stanford and director David Galpin, with Keith Norman providing much help with the Bridgemate scoring as well as playing in the Horsham team.  Many thanks also to Eastbourne BC for hosting the event.

Bill Starr

We learn that Bill Starr, the founder of Henfield Duplicate Bridge Society, has died recently in a nursing home in Wolverhampton, aged 87.  His funeral will be on Wednesday 14 March. He had been independent and active until about 6 months ago.  Bill founded the Henfield Candles, at one time the largest bridge event in Sussex Bridge, and returned a few years ago to play in the 40th running of the event.

Bill lived and played duplicate bridge at Burgess Hill, but in the early 1970s came to Henfield once a week to play rubber bridge ( for 1/2d a hundred ) at the Henfield Bridge Club, which met in the Upper Room at The George Hotel.  I played there frequently with him and when The Henfield Hall opened in October 1974, Bill offered to start duplicate bridge lessons at the Hall.  Some 70 people signed up for those lessons and classes were run at the Hall, on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

These lessons evolved into regular duplicate bridge on Monday and Wednesday evenings and the Henfield Duplicate Bridge Society was formed in the Spring of 1976, with Bill as its first chairman.  The first Henfield Candles Swiss Teams bridge tournament was held in 1976 with 44 teams competing, and local members doing the catering.  The tournament grew and one year reached a peak of 62 teams of 4, and that was before the Hall extension was built. In those days Henfield heats of county competitions sometimes attracted up to 15 tables in play, a far cry from today's world of duplicate bridge.

Bill is remembered with both affection and gratitude by older HDBS and SCCBA members.

NB. After 40 years, the Henfield Candles was taken on by SCCBA as the Candles and this year's event is scheduled for Sunday 3 June at The Henfield Hall, organised by Peter Clinch - see entry form details.

Peter J Bates

SCCBA Open Simultaneous Pairs - CONFIRMED RESULTS

123 pairs took part in the annual SCCBA Open Simultaneous Pairs in various Sussex clubs between Monday February 19th and Wednesday February 21st.

Congratulations to the confirmed winners who are Paul Bowles and Ioan Edwards who played in the Patcham heat.  The runners-up are Eileen Perrigo and Janet Cretchley who played in the Worthing heat and in 3rd place are Lindsay Geddes and Sally Bugden who played in the West Sussex heat.

The overall winners are also winners of the 'one player under 60' category and the overall runners-up are also winners of the '60 and over' category.  Peter Goldsmith and Jim McFarlane, who played in the Patcham heat and finished 6th overall, are winners of the '75 and over' category.

Many thanks to all the clubs who took part in this event.  Many thanks also to Peter Clinch who not only organised the event but selected the hands and wrote the commentary.

Roy Skelton Cup at Worthing Bridge Club
Roy Skelton Cup at Worthing Bridge Club

The inaugural Roy Skelton Cup was held at Worthing Bridge Club on Sunday February 25th in memory of their past Chairman and President who died just under a year ago.  Some of the proceeds from this event will go to the Parkinson's society.

Roy's wife Gill presented the prizes and trophy to the winners who were Marie Willey and Carol Pembrey.

In 2nd place were Bill and Barbara Gledhill. 

SCCBA Mixed Pairs Final
SCCBA Mixed Pairs Final

Many congratulations to Lindsay Geddes and Philip Hunt who won the SCCBA Mixed Pairs Final for the 3rd year running on Sunday February 18th.

Richard Shuker and Alice Thorpe were 2nd and Edith Jeffery and Nigel Osmer were 3rd.

Many thanks to director Steve Foster, organiser Gerry Stanford and to West Sussex Bridge Club who hosted the event.

Sussex Pairs Final
Sussex Pairs Final

Congratulations to Peter Clinch and Julian Mitchell (pictured with organiser Gerry Stanford and director David Galpin) who won this year's Sussex Pairs Final at Patcham BC on Sunday January 28th.

The runners-up were .....


..... Katie and Stephen Kenedy and in 3rd place were .....

..... Andy Willard and Joy Mayall.

Many thanks to director David Galpin, scorer Andrea Galpin, organiser Gerry Stanford and to Patcham BC for hosting the final, with Edith Jeffery and Frances Wallace again providing an excellent tea

David Pavey Trophy Final - Corrected Results
David Pavey Trophy Final - Corrected Results

Congratulations to Richard Fitton and John Deszberg (pictured with organiser Eileen Perrigo) who won the David Pavey Trophy Final at Worthing Bridge Club on Sunday January 28th.   The David Pavey competition is for players who have less than 10,000 master points.

Many thanks to Eileen, to director and scorer Laurence Chiswell and to Worthing Bridge Club who hosted the event.

In 2nd place were .....


..... John Mewes and David Young and in 3rd place were .....

 ..... Lilian Brodbin and Janet Potter.

SCCBA Individual Final
SCCBA Individual Final

Congratulations to John Mewes (pictured with the trophy which, by 10 years, seems to be the oldest SCCBA trophy of them all) who won the SCCBA Individual Final at Patcham Bridge Club on Sunday January 21st.  Well done also to Peter Berry who was 2nd and Jim Downes who was 3rd.

Many thanks to competition organiser and director Peter Bates (pictured on the left), to scorer Ron Robins and to Patcham BC for hosting the event with Edith Jeffery and Frances Wallace providing an excellent tea.

SCCBA Charity Simultaneous Pairs - CONFIRMED RESULTS

134 pairs took part in this year's Charity Simultaneous Pairs which was played in the week beginning January 8th in support of :-

for which it is anticipated that a total of £800 has been raised.

Congratulations to Ian Sanderson and Brian Kirkdale who played in the West Sussex heat and are the confirmed winners.  The runners-up are Tad Jasko and Leon Northeast who played in the Crawley heat and in 3rd place are Gary Inkpen and Jude Gill who played in the Thakeham heat.

Many thanks to all the clubs who took part in this event.  Many thanks also to organiser Gerry Stanford, to Andrew Southwell who selected the hands and wrote the commentary and to Ron Robins who duplimated the hands.

New Year Swiss Teams and Walk Linking Sussex Bridge Clubs (6. Henfield)
New Year Swiss Teams and Walk Linking Sussex Bridge Clubs (6.  Henfield)

The winners of the 2018 New Year Swiss Teams at Henfield on Sunday January 14th were Richard Fedrick, Peter Clinch, Liz Hoskins and Andrew Southwell (pictured with director David Galpin) who won six matches and drew their other one, finishing 9 IMPs ahead of .....

..... charity-walkers (see below) Lord Richard Newton, Matthew Smith, Andy Ryder and Mike Allen who were not too tired to finish in the runners-up position!

Lord Newton presented a trophy to the winners of the Non-Expert Prize who were Tomasz Serkowski, Jim Downes, Josie Allen and Francis Kelly.

The Ascender's Prize went to Helen Kent, Mervyn Wotton, Hazel Ogden and Wendy Keech.

An added bonus to the day was the arrival of intrepid bridge charity walkers Andy Ryder, Matt Smith, Sharon, and Lord Richard Newton (pictured minus fellow-walker Mike Allen) who had walked from Shoreham to Henfield to raise funds for Sussex Juniors and the Alzheimers Society.  NYST players kindly donated over £335 to the charity fund!  Further pictures are available on the facebook page SCCBA linkwalk.

A delicious hot supper was served by the new caterers.   Many thanks to director David Galpin, scorer Ron Robins and to Peter Bates who was an invaluable gofer.

Joy Mayall (Organiser)