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The guidance document for Club players has been amended.  Click here for more details.
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19th Dec 2014 11:42 GMT
Xmas 2014
18th Dec 2014 16:54 GMT
** Hall of Fame **
29th Nov 2014 19:33 GMT
Merry Xmas
Merry Xmas

The club will be open on the 22nd and 29th December, but otherwise closed until the New Year.

Last updated : 19th Dec 2014 11:42 GMT
Host System

 The Host system will finish after Xmas. [We are short of a host for some dates in December - so check first]

The fact that only 10% of the club members volunteered to be a host might have had something to do with it.  You can continue to use the liaison system or book/request a partner using the website, I'll be sending out some instructions on how to do this by e-mail in due course.

In the meantime, check on the website (Member's Area) or Geof Losh that we have the correct e-mail address for you.  If you do not wish to disclose your e-mail address or receive e-mails from the club then you can amend your preferences there. If you have any comments, see a committee member.

Also click here for the latest committee news.

Last updated : 19th Dec 2014 11:38 GMT
** New - Improver's Bridge Session **
** New - Improver's Bridge Session **

Supervised Play - not formal lessons - just help available if required.  Starting Tuesday Dec 2.  Session will start at usual time 7.00 for 7.15. Normal price - £3 members £3.50 visitors. Partners found.

Hosted by John & Anne Seymour - for further details either phone them on 01785 814285 or by mailing them by clicking here:-

  Note: we will not be holding sessions on Tue Dec 23rd and 30th and Fri Dec 26th and Jan 2nd.


Last updated : 19th Dec 2014 11:39 GMT
** Sunday Bridge **
** Sunday Bridge **

Gentle duplicate - arrive 1:45 for 2.00 start- non members welcome - all abilities welcome - with or without partner - cost £2.50 - host Mike Beach.

For more details, contact Mike 01785 603766 on or mail him

Note: There will be a session next Sunday - 30th Nov.
Then closed right through December and 4th Jan.
Starting again on 11th Jan.

Last updated : 23rd Nov 2014 18:41 GMT

Beginner's class :  Tuesday evenings 7.30pm, £5.

Click here for more details.

Improvers Session - Tuesday evenings starting 2nd December.  7:15p.m.. £3 (£3.50 visitors).  (See Home page for more details).

Note: we will not be holding sessions on Tue Dec 23rd and 30th and Fri Dec 26th and Jan 2nd.
Last updated : 2nd Dec 2014 17:19 GMT

We offer the following attractions:

  • Stone Bridge Club is an active friendly club with membership of around 120.
  • We are currently not affiliated to the EBU as we disagreed with the pay-to-play proposal.
  • Duplicate bridge on Monday and Wednesday evenings (in your seats by 7.15 please, play commences by 7.20).
  • No Fears session also once a week to develop your game .
  • We regularly attract between 12 and 15 tables and seldom less than 9.
  • One large room with kitchen off is on the first floor accessible by stairs and chairlift.  A smaller room, generally used for competitions, is on the second floor accessible by stairs only.  Gents' toilets are on the ground floor with ladies' room and disabled toilet on the first floor.
  • Good (free) car parking facilities.
  • Cost per night - £3.00 each (money refunded if you win) - visitors £3.50.
  • Small membership charge of £10 per annum.
  • Tea, coffee or squash and biscuits provided free of charge during a short interval. 
  • Up to date large size tables with bidding boxes.
  • Real time scoring using Bridgemates kindly funded by a donation from Brewin Dolphin
  • Fully random hands dealt using the Duplimate dealing machine.
  • Analysis of hands with optimum contracts available when session finished.
  • Computerised board and competition results available on this site within 24 hours.
  • Several trophies to play for throughout the winter and separately for the summer.
  • Men's, ladies' and mixed pairs competitions.
  • Participation in non EBU simultaneous pairs competitions.
  • Information available within the club about other bridge activities.
  • Library of bridge reference books available - free on loan.
  • Christmas party - fun supper with progressive bridge - lots of prizes.
  • An annual dinner is held mid to late April at attractive venues.
  • Group tuition available by arrangement (See Bridge Classes Page for further details).
Last updated : 29th Nov 2014 16:22 GMT
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An Unchristmassy Quiz
An Unchristmassy Quiz

'It's too late!', the maiden cried.

However if you want to know about the quiz and find out all the answers, just click here.

Don't blame me if you don't agree, I didn't set it - it was that geeky bloke on the TV.


Xmas Party
Xmas Party
The before and after (wine) photos at the party.
May also refer to the soft focus pictures as well!
Want to make your voice heard?
♠  For the Latest Committee News Click here. ♠ 
The scheduled dates of the COMMITTEE MEETING FOR 2014/5.
Meetings start at 7-00pm and are held at the Clubhouse. Should any member wish to raise an item, I'd be grateful if they would let Aidan know at least 10 days before the meeting.
Sept. 18;  Nov 20;  Jan 22;  Mar 19;  may 21;  July 16.
Should there be insufficient business, the meeting will be cancelled.
Vera Ferrie Trophy
Vera Ferrie Trophy
Vera Ferrie at the club presenting the trophy.
There were no bribes, so here are the pictures!  (You can add/suggest the appropriate captions).
If you want to know what your approximate handicap is, click here and take the difference from 50%.  (It will open in a new window). Partnerships are calculated as the average of the two handicaps.
Vu-Bridge Beginner's Corner

New! Quiz Beginner
Bidding and opening lead pratice
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Provided by the Vu-Bridge Team

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Saturday December 6th:
Clear Message
by Paul Bowyer

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V-Blue - The beginners e-newsletter: 20 hands to play every two weeks - ACOL and Standard American versions available

Vu-Bridge Hand of the Week

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Saturday December 6th:
Don't turn winners into losers!

by Marti Ronemus

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V-Green e-Newsletter: 24 hands to play every two weeks

Mon 15th Dec 2014
Director: Richard Adams
Host: Brian Wiggins
Wed 10th Dec 2014
Director: Gordon Baldwin
Host: TBA
Mon 22nd Dec 2014
Director: Terry May
Host: Nick Thorne
Wed 24th Dec 2014
Club Closed
Mon 29th Dec 2014
Club Open
Director: Terry May
Host: Alison Brind
Wed 31st Dec 2014
Club Closed
Mon 5th Jan 2015
Director: Nick Cheadle
Wed 7th Jan 2015
Director: Mike Beach
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